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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interrogation reveals information on the 20 missing tourists from Michoacan

Original article in Spanish by Proceso.

A municipal police officer of Acapulco has revealed the names of his bosses and the police officers who are operating within the criminal structure that is led by Edgar Valdez Villarreal, also known as the notorious La Barbie. In addition to this, he has also given some clues as to who may be responsible for the disappearance of 20 tourists from the neighboring state of Michoacan. That incident occurred this year on Sept 30th, it was prepertrated by armed commandos, operating in the area known as Costa Azul.

In the video titled DECLARACION DE LOS 20 MICHOACANOS y SALOMON GAXIOLA POLICIA DE ACAPULCO DELATA A SUS COMPAÑEROS, a visibly beaten and tortured man is interrogated by three subjects who coerce the man to admit he is from colonia Emiliano Zapata and that he works for La Barbie.

Captor: Who kidnapped the 20 Michoacanos?

Gaxiola: El Melon, along with police officers Radilla, El Chema and Manzanarez, and also Juan and Julio Contreras. And lieutenant colonel De la Paz of the Public Security office.

In the 1772 edition of Proceso, an article appears titled Mexican Style: The Kidnapping, which is about the war in Guerrero over the disputed territories of former boss Arturo Beltran Leyva. The conflict is between the the faction of Hector 'El H' Beltran Leyva which has formed an alliance with Los Zetas, against the remnants of the organization led by La Barbie. Meanwhile, La Familia Michoacana has expanded and dominated the region of Tierra Caliente in its entirety, taking advantage of the chaos within the Beltran Leyva cartel.

It is in the context of this extreme violence that the 20-22 Michoacanos were abducted almost immediately upon their arrival in Acapulco. This incident generated a series of police and military operations in search of the missing men. It also led to a verbal confrontation between the governor of Michoacan, Leonel Godoy, and the governor of Guerrero, Zeferino Torreblanca.

In the case of the 20 missing men, State Prosecutor David Sotelo Rosas says he has found no evidence of any criminal records for any of the men. This past Friday he revealed his office was pursuing four lines of investigation and planned to elaborate at a press conference scheduled for Thursday, Oct 21rst.

Last week, official documents revealed that the missing men had reservations at Hotel Palapa, located in Costa Azul, the same area in which they had been kidnapped. Yesterday, an interrogation video posted by a user named mitzi8609 appeared on YouTube, its about 4 minutes long, and its purpose is to reveal a criminal network of corrupt police and their commandantes who work for the SSP (Secretary of Public Security) for the state and also take money and kidnap people under the orders of La Barbie's organization

Sample of the interrogation:

Captor: You sons of bitches know where these Michoacanos are. Well, maybe you do, maybe you don't. But such an act would require the blessing of some high ranking cops; who took them?

Gaxiola: It happened here in Costa Azul, Commandante Anaclo, he supported his men operating here. He is the one in charge, but this situation caused many problems for him.

Captor: Where are the Michoacanos?

Gaxiola: In the Zapata service, we heard a report...

Captor: Whats the name of your director?

Gaxiola: Director De La Paz, lieutenant coronel

Captor: Where do they eat?

Gaxiola: The commandantes eat at Las Chanecas

Captor: Who do you think took the Michoacanos?

Gaxiola: The people who run this place, who else?

Captor: Where are they or where did they throw away the bodies? Be quick and don't give me any shit.

Gaxiola: If I knew I would tell you sir.

Captor: Well, can you tell me where I can find someone who does know?

Gaxiola: Juan and Julio Contreras.

After minute 3:41 one of the armed men orders the camera to stop recording and presumably, the man is murdered.

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  1. These interrogation/murder videos are disgusting and make me feel like a scumbag for watching, I made the mistake of watching that one, where a Sinaloa sicario got beaten to death with a bat, and I'll never watch another one. That being said, I hope the 20 abducted are safe, and released, defintiley sounds like overzealousness/paranoid cartel gunmen. But, for whom? I don't think La Familia would refer to the people as 'michoacanos'.

  2. Still no information on the seven men from Michoacan who have been missing for about a month????They were last seen and their car was found near Tecoman, Colima. Please investgate!

  3. Mexico must begin at the municipal police level where corruption/collusion is most rampant. This man was municipal police.

    Yesterday I saw this article which was actually from 2 weeks ago. I am delighted and fully support this proposal from Calderon. This is an important step I hope it passes.

    "Mexican president wants to do away with local police"

  4. I hate to say it but, I told you guys. My theory all along. These videos are pretty gruesome. Well, it is the reality of things.

  5. He hits that head with the finger as though it was a doorbell...ring,ring,ring.

  6. why cut the video when there gonna kill him why.......

  7. I travel to Aca often...That guy actually looked familiar. It's upsetting to see my favorite destination spiral downward. It used to be the best spot to relax and party with out fear. Walking around at night now is eerie and it's infested with narcos

  8. "These interrogation/murder videos are disgusting and make me feel like a scumbag for watching"

    I feel the same way about certain horror movies. I can't watch any of those Saw movies or anything else with graphic torture scenes. The awful reality of these videos make it seem obscene to watch that type of thing as entertainment. Not trying to preach, but it really does get to me as well.

  9. Man I love watching these vids, fuck the story, just lemme see some gore........aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhgggggggggghghghggggggggggggggggggghghgh......burp........fart.............choke.............vomit.

    nah,but seriously, something needs to be done.


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