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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grenade attacks in Monterrey

The weekend has seen four grenade attacks in Nuevo Leon. The attacks began on Friday night in the city of Monterrey. The first was against the penal institution of Topo Chico, the second exploded 100 meters from the U.S. Consulate office and another near the Judicial building of the city. Although the attacks resulted in vehicle and property damage only one person was reported injured. Mexican Army units secured the area for investigation. On September 30th governor Rodrigo Medina de la Cruz had claimed that violence was down in the state of Nuevo Leon.

Saturday evening grenades were thrown by armed men driving a late model truck at the Municipal Palace of Guadalupe, also located in the metropolitan district of Monterrey, leaving 14 people wounded in the attack including 4 minors, one of which was an 8 year old girl. For security reasons, the names of the victims have not been released.

Allegedly, the sicario's escaped with help from the transit police who formed a blockade of cars in the wake of the attack. Units from the Municipal police confronted the blockade of at least 10 units of the transit authority. This blockade lasted 45 minutes and was eventually dismantled by the Mexican Army however it was too late, by then the perpetrators had escaped.


  1. can always count on los ratas...they are on the bad side everytime....whatta fuckn shame ...monterrey was so much fun you can feel the fear...pinche granadas are not fair...what the fuck ...fuckn bastards even will kill the kids....everybody needs a gun...who is gonna protect is gonna come the car bombs...there was a big shootout over in the tec ...and no police ...nobody came to see...just the narcos rule the calle...

  2. The grenade attack will be blamed on the USA I know I'm going down tomorow to buy a few cases of grenades at the local gun store. Maybe here is a sale if you buy more than a case at one time.

  3. Hmmm Grenades that are not duds and an armory (Mexico)raided just days (a week?) ago reported right here at BB.

    Pinche Gringos.

    Thank you BB for your hard work and good reporting.


    May the Mexican government wake up and kill all these bastards.


  4. only in beautiful Mexico! pinche policias culeros! k se maten a la v#$%a entre ellos!

  5. Those cheap shots are really pretty low. There isn't some huge coalition of Mexicans against the US buying/selling guns, no one is trying ti take away your weapons, no one is suggesting grenades come from the US, besides stories here and there, which mostly aren't true, or at best exaggerated. Obviously, the cartels can buy large amounts of weapons from other crime syndicates in Europe, or Asia, but there is documented evidence that some of the weapons come from the US. Stop playing the victim.

  6. Why aren't the Transit Police immediately arrested? Report after report backs up that the sicarios are being protected and fed targets by the police.

    This is why the President must start cleaning house from the top down. The PRI created this monster and the PAN does not have the political will to take on the corruption in all areas. All police, military and politicians must be investigated. Slowly but surely, they will rid the institutions of much of the corruption and send a message that if you help the cartels or take money, you will pay the price.

    The Monterrey Transit Police need to be immediately investigated and arrest any that participate. This police participation is getting ridiculous!

  7. A says... the U.S. gave one billion dollars to arms. The U.S. always puts their dirty lil' hands in everything. They are very responsible for the many deaths that have happened in mexico. The U.S. government has too much blood in its hands and its the poor mexicans who are paying the price.

  8. "its the poor mexicans who are paying the price."

    And doing the actual, you know, murdering...

  9. "And doing the actual, you know, murdering..."

    The US govt give them guns, smuggle plane loads of drugs into the US, redistribute the profit from the drug smuggling into things like foreign terrorism/political destablization... and you don't think the US are responsible for it all?

    You think poor people are responsible? Rich people aren't going to do the killings, are they? No, the rich pay the poor to do their bidding.

    The poor have to eat, and in some parts, narco is all they know. It is their bread and butter.

    The Mx govt don't care about their poor. In some parts of Mx, communities have been ignored completely. No power, water, gas, etc, in those parts. Selling drugs is like a family tradition there. And kill or be killed is their only choice.

    And trust me, some rogue US govt organization will be behind everything. Probably C.I.A., as usual. I bet every drug lord is a C.I.A. agent.


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