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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"The Government Has Failed"

Families of the victims retrieve the bodies for funeral services.
The savagery of the ‘narco-terrorists’ was on display as the families of the deceased reportedly received death threats, specifically attacks on churches and cemeteries if the victims were not buried within one hour of starting funeral services.

Citizens of Juarez condemn slaughter, demand decisive action from authorities

Juarez residents and representatives of civil society condemned the slaughter that occurred Friday in the colonia Horizontes del Sur in which 14 young people died and 15 people remain hospitalized.

Voices of family members, citizens and leaders rose up to demand justice for the victims who were mostly students and members of religious groups.

Through of social networking sites and comments on the on-line site of the El Diario de Juarez newspaper, outrage and cynicism was expressed and almost universal agreement was reached that security strategies implemented in the City by federal, state and municipal authorities "are a failure."

"This is no feud between drug gangs, this is genocide”

"Poor Ciudad Juárez, the bloodbath you have endured from narcos, federales, special forces or whatever they call themselves”


"Now what Calderón? Are you going to build us another stadium?”

Were some of the comments posted by readers of the newspaper.

The director of “Strategic Plan Juárez”, the civic group dedicated to the social and economic development of Juarez, Miguel Fernández Iturriza admitted “I have no doubt that we have not found a way to correct this situation, the strategies have failed."

Leticia Chavarria, a member of the Citizen’s Medical Comittee, said that if there is no real work to correct the strategies against the violence from the ground up, these acts will continue.

Almada Hugo Mireles, professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez (UACJ), added it is difficult to make a comment because there are so many terrible incidents that there is little left to say. "There are so many massacres ...It is clear that the strategy has failed. "

They were members of the Church

At least five of the 14 victims of the slaughter were active parishoners of the Catholic Church Lord of Miracles (Señor de los Milagros) and one of them even coordinated the program for confirmations.

According to Father Roberto Ramos, Luis Alberto Vital Maximiano victim, aged 17, had for months prepared other young people for confirmation and, indeed, had expressed a desire to enter the seminary next year.

Luis Alberto Vital, his brother Roberto, and his friends Luis Angel Chavira Lopez and Sotero and Ismael Reyes Ricario, also brothers, were members of the church sponsored “matachines” Native American based religious dance group “Juan Pablo Segundo”.

"They're all good guys ... always danced in the festivities, in the feasts of the church, some of them were catechists, members of our youth ministry," said father Ramos.

"They were in circumstances beyond their control...innocent blood was shed," added the pastor.

Church Vigil

On Sunday, vigils were held in different places for the the remains of the 14 victims of the slaughter. All family members tearfully demanded justice by the authorities and clamored for action.

The bodies of the two pairs of brothers killed in the slaughter arrived shortly after nine o'clock Sunday morning outside the church of the Lord of Miracles, in the Riveras del Bravo area of Juarez.

The silence that had elapsed in the opening minutes was broken by the cries as the bodies entered the church.

Once inside the church, the four coffins were opened and as each body was viewed, families and friends fell and broke into lamentations.

Vincente, the elder brother of Luis Alberto and Roberto Vital Maximian, fell beside the coffins of his brothers. "They left me alone!" He screamed.

"I want justice ... my kids were good kids, they did not deserve to end up like this ... they never even went out," said Austreberta Vital, 47, employee of a maquiladora in Juarez who arrived 15 years ago from Morelia. She is the mother of Luis Alberto and Roberto.

Vincent, the only son left for Austreberta, wept and writhed against the bodies of his two brothers. "How I wish that the government had feelings, that they at least do something. That they feel what we’re feeling right now," he said.

Burial amidst the fear

The bodies of eight of the 14 victims of the slaughter that took place this weekend in South Horizons were buried Sunday afternoon amid fears caused by a series of threats.

Family and friends came to the cemetery of El Sauzal for the burial of Roberto and Luis Alberto Vital Maximian, 17 and 14 years respectively; Sotero and Ismael Reyes, 22 and 19, and Luis Angel Chavira Lopez 20, and Claudia Camargo Aylin Aguilera, 13.

Meanwhile, in San Rafael cemetery loved ones buried the sisters Perla and Daniela Figueroa Garcia, 22 and 16 years, in the midst of pain and tears.

Strangers threatened to attack the mourners if all the victims were not buried within one hour, which accelerated the burials because of the possibility that the act of intimidation was real.

Too much innocent blood was shed on Friday.

Investigation update:

The State of Chihuahua Prosecutor's Office has reported that an individual known as "El Raton" (the mouse), alledgedly a member of the Artistas Asesinos gang, was the person being targeted by the gunmen involved in Friday's mass homicide.

According to witnesses "El Raton" was present at the party and was wounded in the shooting. He is being sought by authorities on both sides of the border as a "person of interest" who may have information on the identity of the killers.

Thew Artistas Asesinos gang is affiliated with the Sinaloa Cartel. According to witnesses, the gunmen responsible for the murders Friday night were dressed in the "gangbanger" style popular with the Barrio Azteca gang that serve as soldiers for the Juarez Cartel

Police drawing of "el Raton"


  1. kill the children at partys...kill the old people at church and funerals...kill innocent people on the street....time for another revolution...Mexico needs a good cleaning...the rats and roaches have gotten on the table...time for extermination

  2. Borderland Beat should moderate and vet out this openly racist and vile commentator fascist like the first poster on this thread is. It is not censorship to do so, but just good table manners.

    If a commentator wants to throw his racist puke out on all the rest of us he should simply be made to leave the discussion table we are at, until he behaves a little better. Mexico is not full of 'rats and roaches' supposedly needing a good extermination, no doubt coming from the supposed Land of Saints, the USA, in the mind of this totally sick, fascist individual.


  3. @ fuk n kill em all..

    can you clairfy your post? Is it a facetious statement with the underlining intention of saying extermination of the murdering rodents meaning org crime that kill the innocents? That is how I took your I wrong?

  4. I think the first poster is making a statement that these narcos/gangbangers are killing everything in sight and we should do the same to them. He was not advocating killing innocents...merely venting his rage at what is going on.

  5. @ Fuk em kill em
    @ Kevin

    yes, that is what I thought at first glance, a crude way of getting that point across but I understood the writer was being facetious, but after Ernest 1 went nuts, again, I thought maybe I was wrong and the poster was advocating something evil, a long the lines of Nazi ideology.

    I would really like the poster to say what they meant, only he/she can speak to their intentions.

    Having said that, in my city when the narco war began fighting over territory and their burning and killing a few months back...they actually hung the narco banner saying those exact words...
    they went on to warn the citizens not to drive in certain vehicles wear black and to stay in doors at night while they were there fighting. They printed flyers saying the same and placed on windshields of vehicles downtown.

    I really don't think BB should edit anything, it is good to understand the thinking of everyone. It is the reality, ignorant/stupid people should have freedom of speech

  6. Mexico is at this time without a meaningful effective govt, the narcos are still in control of major elements of the govt all my life 60 yrs I have watched and experienced to this day people with power abuse take advantage of any circumstance in which they can profit,it is accepted and will never change there has never been a ethical balance, as time has passed it has gotten out of control for the good people in Mexico I am very sorry, crime is now a every day reality will it ever change, I hope so, but the people of Mexico can not continue to be passive.

  7. Even the poorest and most passive of societies can rise to revolution if abused, tortured and oppressed to an intolerable level. A non aggressive animal can become violent and dangerous when cornered. Humans with the ability to think and plan even more so. The Mexican government has been corrupt and incapable of solving anything. Is there no hope? Or...........

  8. I dont understand how the authorities are aware of the perpetrators reason for entering the home(and by alias "el raton") but do not know who the perpertrators are? This is odd? How can a "witness" give a motive for "unkown" assailants? This is ludacris...please federal and muncipal agents clarify yourselves. You are all worthless...not one murder solved by any of your investigative tactics but you only seem to be able to give motives...Stop protecting these people!!!


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