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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Federal Police shoot Student during March against Violence in Juarez

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Federal police shot and injured a student after an exchange of insults with a group of university students who were marching and demonstrating for peace in front of the Ciudad Juárez Autonomous University (UACJ) Institute for Biomedical Sciences.

According to early reports, the students were holding a “March against Death” on their way to the International Forum against Militarization and Violence being held at the ICB. On the way they came across federal agents and insults were exchanged until the dispute intensified and soon shots were heard.


Photo by Twitter user morfeo007: the moment the student was shot by Federal Police:

"The students had just arrived at the entrance of ICB when a federal police patrol came through. As the patrol approached them, the protesters began to shout their demonstration slogans, such as "Leave Juarez", "Go back to your barracks", "We don't want you here" and "You are to blame for the extortions, rapes, and kidnappings". When the police heard what they were saying, they stopped in the middle of street and one of the agents fired two shots." -anonymous witness

One of the bullets hit 19 year old, first semester sociology student Darío Alvarez Orrantia. Although Alvarez Orrantia survived surgery, his future may be grim. The high caliber bullet entered his body in the upper part of his buttocks and exited through his gut, exposing his intestines. His intestines have been perforated in multiple places. Doctors are confident he will recover, but he will likely have permanent complications and may require dialysis for life due to the damage caused to his intestines and other internal organs.

Other witnesses confirm verbal confrontations did take place between protesters and police, but not until after Dario was shot.

Accounts by students accuse of patrol #12428 of firing the shots and agents of patrol #20401 of also taking aim at the students protesters.

Although the federal police involved told their superiors that “a shot accidently got away from” one of the policemen, an official statement released by the Secretary of Federal Public Security on Saturday, October 30, claims after detecting a group of young men, some with their faces covered, in front of ICB, agents fired two warning shots into the air to disperse the masked crowd.



Photos by Twitter user Renato

The 11th Walk Against Death was part of the International Forum Against Militarization and Violence, which is underway this weekend in Ciudad Juarez. Alvarez Orrantia was shot just before a scheduled roundtable discussion entitled "Youthicide."

Juarez has been a laboratory where government officials have experimented new tactics and strategies in the Mexico's increasingly violent drug war. The military occupied Juarez and relieved local police of their duties from March 2008 to April 2010, when Federal Police took over policing duties from the soldiers. Juarez's mayor and the governor of Chihuahua, where Juarez is located, have sought advice and training from Colombian mayors and police. Furthermore, a new phase of the US drug war aid package the Merida Initiative will focus on "institution building" and "rule of law" in Ciudad Juarez.



Sources: Kristin Bricker, El Universal, La Polaka, Milenio, Twitter, Youtube


  1. El Arbol De La Libertad tiene que ser regado de tiempo a tiempo con la sangre de los patriotas y la de los tiranos. Es el abono natural...

    Thomas Jefferson...

    Se va necesitar otra revolucion para sacar la basura del gobierno, para terminar con el crimen organizado, y con la corrupcion... Necesitamos otro Pancho Villa, otro Emiliano Zapata... Por eso el ejercito Mexicano saco todas las armas de la gente particular, sabian que el pueblo se hiba enojar.

  2. I salute you Dario. You are a brave young man to risk your life for something that you believe. Mexico needs more people like you to stand up against this cold hearted government. This coward who shot you should be prosecuted to the highest level but we all know that nothing will be done, as usual. I hope an uprise against this incompetent government grows. This is the beginning.

  3. So sad - the Federal Police are the ones supposed to be protecting its citizens.

    With so many Federal police joining the cartels and kidnapping rings, it wouldn't be surprising if the policeman who pulled the trigger is a cartel henchman.

    Just as it might appear we have seen the worst, this happens in broad daylight and that too against citizens marching for peace.

  4. Dario you piece of shit. That's what you get. First of all they weren't marching for peace they were marching to end the so called militarization of mexico, fuckin students instead of complaining about this and that. How about you start doing something to help out your country. So easy to criticize, but how many of you even dare to put on a uniform and risk your life for people you don't even know or for a lil piece of shit who only insults you and throws rocks at you. Taught you a lesson didn't it. Good riddance.

    "Ask not, what your country can do for you. Ask what, you can do for your country."


  5. Were the Federales trained by the LAPD?

  6. Students are always at the forefront to protest against injustice. WHen I first saw this story I thought wow, why the hell are they wearing masks, as I thought that in of its self was provoking. This is so sad and agonizingly painful to view.

    It is reminiscent of other deaths of young protestors...remember the Ohio Stae Massacre resulting in the deaths of 4 students by the hands of the Ohio national guard? in the 70s? and more recently Neda of Iran killed in the election corruption protest?
    don't paint the fed policia with a wide brush they are by far more good than bad. Ignorance says otherwise. there are differences in the municipal, state, and federal police. there are rotten apples in every barrel.

    It happened in the you think the actions of a few national guard represents corruption in the entire force? I say of course not.

  7. Stupid,
    People are turning against each other now.
    Ministerio publico against federales,
    federales against Soldados
    Soldados against Narcos, Narcos against everybody.
    and the winner is?
    the people behind the scenes, the ones that stand to gain money from it all after the dust clears, before anyone notices it.
    while everyone is enraged and not paying attention
    Mexico becomes the next global "It" country for investments, so goes the life
    of Disaster Capitalism.

  8. ya callense no mas para esos sirven para criticar eso les pasa por andar de revoltosos como siempre los porros no mas para eso sirven ese que esta tirado en el suelo tiene finta de cholo no mas con verle los pantalones a media nalgas dejen al gobierno en paz y dejenlo que haga su trabajo mejor ensenenle a suus hijos a respetar a la jente o quieren vivir de rodillas todo el tiempo recuerden que dijo zapata es mejor morir peleando que vivir de rodillas toda la vida y con esas acciones eso es lo que estan buscando vivir de rodillas ante la delincuencia organisada

  9. Many of the policia federales in juarez work for the sinaloa cartel and are bad even their captains take bribes all the time. I myself, will always be on the the side of the people. I am so happy to see that the people are reaching their boiling point. They are starting to fight back. I hope this continues throughout mexico.

  10. You are right. Only juarenses know what its really like because they actually live there. I can't argue with that. Its easy to give an opinion when you live from a distance. I just get frustrated when i hear about more mexicans getting killed for no reason and the government does absolutely nothing. But i feel the anger that these people feel and i feel the hurt too. And i luckily live in a country where a person has the freedom to say what he feels and if you can't respect that than you can kiss my ass.

  11. Thats just terrific. If there is not enough already to worry about now the federal police are going to take pot shots at protesters. Seriously why did he do that?! on what grounds!? he could had ruined that kids life over just some mere protest chants.

  12. @October 30, 2010 10:58 PM

    Look I respect freedom of speech but you need to live here in order to know what we live with everyday. I have lost an uncle and cousin to the violence already. But im sick and tired of ppl who don't even live here, act like they know what they talking about when they far off in the distance safe across the border and give some BS solutions or reasons why this is happening when they really don't know.

    signed. October 30, 2010 8:14 PM

  13. Get out dude. Seriously. Just leave!!! Mexico is finished.

  14. @1:07 AM

    Forgive me for jumping in here, however I wanted you to know feel your frustration. I am sorry for you, my heart aches for the good people of Juarez, especially its children. How horrific it must be to go about day to day walking around in fear not knowing if you or your loved one will lose at the Russian Roulette that exists in Juareaz, being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I cannot imagine what level of fear the children carry with them in their every moment, fears that chase them into their dreams and shield against any semblance of security, even while in their own homes. You are right, we cannot know what it "feels" like, but we can care, can gather information that can create outrage that demands change. One can view history, it tells us so. The outrage of the Viet Nam war is an example, those of us who protested and demanded change, did not know how it "felt" we just knew it was wrong. Historians do not have to know how some period of time felt, or because they did not live in that time that in of its self precludes them from studying and formulating and opinion of what existed.

    Ajulio does not need me to defend him, but I read his posts and he his passionate and caring about what is happening in Mx, he is your friend, your friends in the US will spread the story that is yours. Only through acknowledgement that something exists can change come.

    I also get frustrated at those folks saying ignorant things, but I weigh their intent and if I feel they care but are uninformed I try to reply to those people and provide links to greater information so they have become well informed and tell others. This is far more effective than attacking someone that may seem cavalier in response but truly cares about Mx.

    I am not in Juarez, but we have had violence in the city I have my offices in and no doubt will see more. Yet, still I do not know what it feels like to live in Juarez. Forgive us when we misspeak, but in place of chewing someones ass, teach us, write of wht your life is like, day to day, write about your uncle, and cousin, tell us so we can tell the world your story.

    I am so sorry for your loss and pray your family suffers no more losses, know there are good people, some of us ignorant of what exists but many of us care.,

  15. @ 2:02 PM..thanks for the reminder...

    This is a strong message you have quoted I thought it deserved the entire thought of are the words prior to the quote you posted.......

    The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty.... And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two?

    and the last sentence in english:
    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.

    and this:
    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep & bear armsis, as the last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government..

    and I think the most relevant:
    Laws that forbide the carrying of arms ...disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crime..

    all from Thomas President my favorite US president of all time

  16. Reeks of a setup to me, they waited for a patrol, had all their anti-military slogans ready to shout and their cameras ready to snap.

  17. I DON'T BELIEVE I WOULD MASKED MY HEAD AND POP UP IN FRONT OF ANYONE WEARING A UNIFORM THESE DAYS.As tense as the situation is in Juarez it isn't very smart.Some of those soldiers are no older than those students that are heckleing them and may be scared to death themselves.It's a shame that the students just assume the people that come to help are no better than the problem itself.I would hate to be a young soldier and be sent to Juarez to have the populance insult and put me down.Where is it going to end?.Jerry,in Virginia PS I do have grand children serving their country.

  18. @ 9:07AM
    I thought the same thing and posted as such in my first post. But the point is both parties are so young and act before thinking, one should have never worn the mask and taunted the soldiers and the soldiers also reacted impulsively only they had weapons. A tragic situation both sides did not take time to weigh the repercussions to their actions. Both sides, I am sure feel they were in the right.

    One question that I have a poster mentioned the pants being wron low slung like the cholos wear and that is something I also noticed, students do not dress like that in Mx, at least where I travel to it is naca style, cholos. Are we sure these were all students? Perhaps a mix? And cholos in the mix went with the agenda of causing some trouble, though no way am I saying they thought this would be the outcome. I could be wrong, but I noticed the style of clothing was not student like.

  19. About the "cholo" appearance of Dario, look at the first picture, before he was shot. His pants were not hanging down around his knees. I think his pants were probably taken down to release pressure on his intestines that were exposed.

    I don't even know what to think about the actual shooting. On one side you've got a group of people (not just students) who are marching every week seeking end end to violence. On the other side you've got soldiers, police fighting and risking their lives for the exact reason.

    At the same time these two groups are attacking eachother in the name of stopping the violence, you've got narcos roaming the city at free will, killing whoever they please.

    What is the solution?

  20. For me I was not speaking of him, look at the video and see two of the others in video and still shots def baggy pants. Spanish lan blogs have been commenting. could mean nothing but I noticed it also. something was a little off. but I do stand firm they were in error to wear the masks and began taunting, there is nothing peaceful in that type of protest. I thik they were there to harass and succeeded in doing so.

  21. @buela
    Once again, you put things in perspective. Better than i could have. I do care for my mexican people. A lot. But i will pay more attention next time. Thanx buela

  22. They were wearing masks because they were scared. No matter how angry they were, they were still scared of dying. That to me shows how brave these young men really were and how fed up they were too. I don't think that dario thought that he would be shot by a police man though. I've seen these policias federales. They are just kids, holding very big guns. If they are not properly trained emotionally, they can be dangerous. Still, what happened to just arresting someone. In mexico, it just seems like everything ends up in shooting. I feel that every bad situation should be a learning experience. I hope...i pray that this police man is prosecuted and that proper actions are taken to avoid this from happening again. But if the government, once again, just let's it slide, then nothing will ever change. Then i get another # $%&* grey hair. But more importantly, more good people will die and that is another tragedy.

  23. No me sorprenderia que los manifestantes "pacificos" estubieran pagados por algun cartel. Dario,parece que tienes la barita magica para solucionar los problemas, porque no la usas genio?

  24. @ 4:47

    I would not go so far as to support your notion that the protestors were paid by the cartel. I think both parties were simply kids, immature, quick to react. There are no bads guys in this scenario. Just foolish choices with grave consequences. Think about the police, young seeing "protestors" being anything but peaceful, taunting, yelling, wearing masks, the fed was probably ready to shit his pants thinking somewhere close by someone was going to pull out guns, it looked like a set up, an ambush. One can not imagine the fear these guys live with. Then the other side, tontos, really dumb they took a chance push the limit and it became explosive. No bad guys here, this is not black and white, in my opinion.

  25. if u really watch the video it speak 4 itself there is no peaceful protestors in this video
    sadly they got what they started a violent confrontation

  26. Look at the video that is 2:48 long. At 1:06 there is a person that clearly throws something at the police. About two seconds later there is the distinct sound of a shot and then a few screams.

  27. The person throwing is shown in the second photo on this page wearing a blue short sleeve t-shirt with a backpack and something pink around his neck. Right after he makes a throwing motion there is a thud like he hit his target. Actually there is that same thud a few seconds earlier around 1:02 so more than one object was thrown at the police.

  28. The cop was stupid for shooting and should go to prison.

    The protesters should have been rounded up and had their asses kicked.

    Protesting against law and order is protesting for no-law and no-order. Therefore whether willingly or unwittingly, they were protesting for the narcoterroristas.


  29. Why don't the Brown berets go get militant with these cops if they want to help their brown brothers?? Chickens!!


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