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Friday, October 15, 2010

Family of Kidnapped Mexican Politician Has Paid $20 Million

Source: Universal
The family of kidnapped Mexican politician Diego Fernandez de Cevallos has paid the abductors a ransom of more than $20 million, capital daily El Universal said Thursday.

The former lawmaker and 1994 presidential candidate is to be released within the next 40 days, the newspaper said, citing unnamed family sources.

While depressed and ailing after five months in captivity, Fernandez de Cevallos is not in any imminent danger, El Universal said, adding that the family apparently turned to “some friends” for help in raising the ransom.

Fernandez de Cevallos remains an important figure in Mexico’s ruling National Action Party, or PAN, 16 years after his failed presidential bid.

The man known as “Boss Diego” disappeared May 14 from his La Cabaña ranch near San Clemente, a town in the central state of Queretaro.

The politician’s vehicle was found at the entrance to the ranch’s garage, with traces of blood inside.

The case was initially handled by the Queretaro Attorney General’s Office, with support from federal prosecutors.

But the federal AG’s office said on May 22 that it was suspending its investigation in accordance with the wishes of the politician’s family.

Neither authorities nor the media have been able to obtain any reliable information about the kidnappers, who have referred to themselves as the “Mysterious Disappearers” in several public statements.

In their latest message, e-mailed last month to media outlets, the Disappearers accused the captive’s family of forgetting about him and claimed that Fernandez de Cevallos’ “own friends don’t care what his fate is.”

A fiery orator, Boss Diego served in the lower house of Congress from 1991 to 1994 and in the Senate from 2000 to 2006.

He also runs a successful law firm that has represented both Mexico’s elite corporations and reputed drug kingpins.


  1. This is great news for the family of Don Diego. Now lets see if the kidnappers actually release him.

  2. Who has $20 million in liquid assets? Oh well, it's not like that money was clean to begin with. Since he was a politician, we know where that money came from. A relative of mine has a family friend that worked for six years as a politician in Mexico City and never worked a day in his life after that. Not only that, but my relative says he was swimming in money when he got into politics, buying a monstrous house, luxury cars, etc. He went into politics middle class, and came out a multimillionaire six years later. How ironic that the shittiest government in the western hemisphere is where politicians make the most money.

  3. Why 40 days? I guess that will give his kidnappers time to cover their asses and get the hell out of dodge..

    The big thing, like Smurf says, is lets see if he gets returned.

    There was a similar case of a wealthy DF banker quite a few years ago. He was held for almost 9 months, kidnappers demanded $30+ U.S. million delivered in cash in egg cartons over months time.

    Who knows who has Don Diego,there are rumors of South American kidnappers, Mexican cartels, etc etc are.The only thing for certain is $20 million can do alot of damage!

  4. Now, something smells fishy here. They got the money but will take them 40 days to release him...
    Oh, well! maybe they don't trust Diego's family and will take 40 days to count the money and make sure it's not counterfeit money...



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