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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Estemos Unidos Mexicanos"

On the morning of Sunday, October 24, ‘Estemos Unidos Mexicanos’, a national coalition of Mexican citizens dedicated to the struggle against violence, insecurity and corruption through the medium of non-violence, hung 30 mantas (or banners) in Mexico City and 2 in Monterrey with slogans aimed at raising awareness among the population.

The movement copied the method used by organized crime to communicate threats and spread fear against criminal rivals and society at large.

In Mexico City the authorities brought down the banners within a couple of hours to which the coalition responded with:

Pueden quitarnos las mantas, pero sólo gritaremos más fuerte. ¿A qué le tienen miedo?

(You can take the banners down, we will only roar louder. What is there to fear?)

In Monterrey the authorities, whether through decency or plain laziness, let the banners fly all day long.

Convert your neighbor into an ally

We are the majority. That makes us stronger. United against the violence

There are more good people than bad

It is time to do something and unite against the violence

Our apathy is the best weapon of any criminal

If crime is organized, why aren't we?


Estemos Unidos Mexicanos is a movement started by a group of citizens fed up with a small group of criminals and corrupt officials that have kidnapped the country. We are anonymous because the nature and effectiveness of our actions require it. Things can not continue as before. Violence, impunity and corruption are destroying our country. People are suffering atrocities and fear.

We in this organization have reached a decision: we will work to rescue our Mexico and have a plan that aims to restore the peace.

We call on our fellow citizens to make the decision to join our non-violent movement. We are more in number than the criminals and the fact that we do not use violence does not mean we lack resources and strategies to combat those who threaten Mexico.

Our organization has identified that the first enemy to overcome is the apathy of citizens and that is why we call on to stand up, organize and make the right decision.

Mexicans wake up!

There are only two choices: to continue witnessing the destruction of Mexico, or do something to organize and fight without violence but with determination, courage and effectiveness to recover our country from crime, impunity and corruption.

Our movement is not for or against political parties or ideology. Here is a place for all citizens who want to live in peace and are willing to fight for it. We recognize that there are authorities who are doing their job but there are those who help the criminals. We know how to identify them and they will get what they deserve.

So we are taking the first step. No more apathy, no more fear! Let's work together! Identify, among our neighbors and friends, women and men of good will, talk to them about it and identify who will help organize the security and peace. Let's do it without delay.

link to the Estemos Unidos Website:

If any reader doubts the courage and determination required to commit to a non-violent struggle against the criminal forces in Mexico or is unaware of the consequences of being identified by these forces, then read the following article that appeared Monday in the Mexican blogsite “Blog del Narco”

Zetas decapitate a woman for betraying them to the military Monday October 25, 2010

The decapitated body of a woman was found early Monday morning in the colonia La Concordia area of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. The location of the body was reported to authorities approximately 4:00 AM.

The body was found laying face up with the head between it’s legs and a dismembered finger from its right hand was inserted in the mouth, a symbol for a “snitch”.

The woman’s body remained unidentified as there were no documents or I.D. present and nobody came forward to identify her.

Behind the body was found a message which said. "We killed this fucking woman for being a snitch. She put the finger with the “mean ones” the day of the battle at La Concordia. This is going to happen to all the fucking snitches. Sincerely The Z".

(there was heavy fighting reported last week in Nuevo Laredo between gunmen and the military on at least 2 occasions. 5 gunmen were reported killed)

The content of the message are seen as a warning to all those who might have the initiative to report any events happening in the city.

The police forces also conducted a thorough review of the home where the woman’s body was found. It was unknown if any other people had been inside the house and were abducted at the time of the murder.

The public prosecutor at the scene authorized the removal of the body for an autopsy and to wait for a relative to identify the body.


  1. What pisses me off most about los zetas is that many of them are not even mexican. Many of them are from guatemala or el salvador and they are terrorizing a country that isn't even theirs.

  2. Wrong. You must organize and 'arm' yourselves! The cartels will only respect what you have to say or do when you become more powerful than they are. The goal of this armed and organized group should be focused on A. protecting self and the group B. making business and life for the cartels a living hell. You cannot do either of these with words or signs.

    The cartel should not view society as a safe haven anymore, and the only way to turn it into an expensive hell for the cartels is to turn to organized violence. Anything else, and the cartels will just laugh at you, and continue to commit crimes against society.

    I mean wake up. Look what they just did in a drug rehab center? They went in and massacred them like cattle. They are animals and deserve death. Plant IEDs and blow them up. Blast them away via sniper fire. Burn their homes and cars, and sink their boats. Steal anything of value from them, buy more weapons, and continue to kill and take from them.

    Or Mexicans can continue to wait for the government or whatever to save them.

    1. Number one Mexican gun laws are ridiculous they ain't allowed to bear arms which sucks cause we live in a low crime area and are armed to the teeth. Let them have access to cheap AKs they probably will get those DTOs togeather but to sit back n wait for thier weak ass army to stand up will be a cold day in hell

  3. Jesus, is 'The mean ones' slang for CDG?

  4. Guachos means Soldiers

  5. So doeas this show that the soldiers told who had reported the narcos?

  6. Puro Pinche Petho Guey! This will never be stopped, it's just something in the Mexican people, machismo, money, drug, y viejas.

  7. You dont need an armed Society,
    what you need is for trust between the people and its government, something which has never Existed.

  8. Ajuilo is correct, most of the scum running a muck in Mexico are people from Central America. With them they bring a whole different mentality and accustoms. For one, they are way more gruesome and bloody where they come from. Where do you think beheading tradition came from? Years ago Narcos were not that gruesome. The Zetas employ nothing but weak garbage of people and most of the " elite " Zetas the ones who were trained for combat a few and far between. Most have been killed or busted... There day will come, but people do need to stand up for whats right. The devil has been let loose in Mexico and it's time for Mexican people to take back their country.

  9. in USA is "crimestoppers" . Citizens can anonymously provide tips to law enforcement. Is there such a thing in Mexico?
    Of course any information would need to be distributed to all law enforcement since so many are corrupt and work for the cartels.

  10. Is it illegal to own a hunting rifle or shotgun in Mexico?

  11. This is what it will take for Mexicans to get their country back. If Mexicans continue to cling to the "blame game" and a fatalistic attitude they will be ruled by drug cartels, corruption and central american criminals. If they get organized, they will win.


  12. Just wanted to say that "wacho" or guacho is slang and pejorative for "soldier".

  13. I agree with Matt. Anything less than complete and utter violence against these animals is laughable. They need to set up a bounty of 10 pesos a head, that way the only way to make some money would be to kill many of them. Of course the Mexicans are incapable of this because they've disarmed all their citizens...and apparently the majority of them are ok with it. Oh, well. Everybody loves a victim.

  14. Guacho is slang but not necessarily pejorative.
    Guacho =/ gacho

  15. Guacho can be used as in "hay te guacho" "Ill be seeing you". Gacho is nowhere close to it cuz that means bad or cruel. as in "eso si esta gacho""that is really mean"

  16. Why did the authorities take down the banners? Is it an offense to put them up in the public? Any other banners that is not involved in drug criminal can be put up in the public? If yes, I understand.

  17. Funny narco banners are left up for hours where as the very first Estemos Unidos Mexicanos banner was up for 3 minutes before authorities took it down.

    "Un mensaje de paz, un llamado a la no violencia, sólo dura 3 minutos."

  18. Motivate the country to unite and fight while asking the U.S. for help. Convert your neighbor into your ally indeed. We will come as soon as we are let off of our leash. I know plenty of armed civilians that would drop their day jobs to come help. This scum upsets every decent person I know.

  19. obviously the mex gob dosen't want the people to unite and fight back...that is why they disarmed the people in the first you are not allowed to own ANY GUN, and can even get in big trouble for having a pocket knife...the gob wants to protect their narco profits...any tonto can see they don't want to really hurt the narcos, just help put their favoritas in power

  20. Would they get arrested if caught posting up the banners?

  21. I have a bad feeling about this. I think now the level of violence will increase even more.

  22. The photo of the woman is so fucking disgusting. I saw it a few days ago and I don't know why I found it worse than most.

  23. Why cant people understand there is nothing that can be done? US will never let their military go in, this is a situation that is out of hand. All this has been done intentionally, Mexico is going to shit and everyone else is just watching from the other side... lauging of course, cuz this is what a certain society wants, they want to see Mexico go to pieces, torned apart until there is no Mexicans left. Dont you know some people are threatened by the Mexicans, due to the mass amount of population in the US side>? So why not hit them where it hurts the most? Is anyone going to do anything about it? I dont see how people can be so blinded by who is causing all this bullshit...blame it on the Narcos? nah... I dont think so, they are just a factor being used to destroy the country and what best to kill each other while on the other side, the gringo is laughing with enjoyment cuz he doesnt have to get his hands dirty..que no? Call me what u want, but I hope my theory is wrong...Mexico really needs help and no one is doing a thing about it...WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  24. Well with those signs talking about going against the violence all sounds wonderful but seriously if you are not planning to use violence against the cartels then what the hell can you do!? do a leaflet campaign?!! lol!! a lot of fuckin good that's going to do.

    The one thing, the ONLY thing the citizens can do is ALL arm themselves and shoot in SELF defence. That way the cartels will not prey on the public.

    With the issue about carrying weapons in Mexico being illegal, what could the cops do if a few hundred thousand people did this? send them ALL to jail? yeah rite.

  25. The government fears an uprising. They know that if the people all got together that it would be complete madness. If an uprising did happen though, it would force the mexican government to choose a side and they would have to choose the side of the people. But the government assumes that the people are too scared to force an uprise.

    I agree with you, those signs are not strong enough. Infact they are weak. These people should spread the word of an uprising but this would mean complete chaos. But its obvious that the government is on the side of the cartels because of money. This government only allows its criminals to carry arms and without any capital punishment. This government is full of scumbags.

    This is a testament to the people's complacency. They are not organized because they have no leadership. They don't understand that they possess more power than they could ever imagine.

  26. and as usual we have another pendejo who is totally ignorant of Mexico, blaming Americans...BORING...SOPHOMORIC analysis..just shut up moron

    and the Z says sticks and stones wont break MY bones , and senales will never hurt me, and i am safe because the people have no guns and the ricos y the gob are on my side....

    some smart guy once said ...a well armed militia is necessary for the preservation of a free people...

    and the gobierno de mexico says , si esta es verdad, and that is why we took the guns away from our people

    and men with guns make the rules

  27. @'lito 'brito
    'lito 'brito has always said that the people should have the right to arm themselves because without the opportunity to protect yourself, all you have is words and in mexico words don't mean shit. Its money and guns that talk in mexico. So the people should arm themselves with or without the consent of the pinche mexican government. Then we have an even game.

  28. When will the folks in Washington pay attention to what is happening. Does any one really think training the Municipal Police will make a difference. How many State Judges have been accused of taking bribes? How many in the district attorneys office(Ministerio Publico)? Doing the three monkees(see no evil hear no evil speak no evil), or the ostrich(put your head in the sand and wait for the danger to pass) is making it worse not better. Those banners are hung because the people know better than to trust the courts where sharing information with the authorities is a death sentence. If Calderon was serious about his war he would create a safe way for the public to share information, and maybe some video surveillance, machines do not lie, only people. The way this narco war is going, how long before other countries also suffer the same fate?

  29. Gringos sitting back and laughing?

    "WAKE UP" at 10:09 post

    Think about what you said....

    fear of mexicans in the states..

    hmmm, should this continue, break out into a real war...there would be a max exodus of Mexicans crossing the border

    exactly conflicting your argument

    so I think the Grino is not laughing

    Im one of them and I can't go down there and spend money and enjoy the beauty that I enjoyed the last 40 years

  30. I am glad that this organization exists and i hope that it does help to bring the bloodbaths to an end, it makes me really proud to know that this is finally coming up, and I will say "PRESENT!" porque soy Mexicana! Ya era hora, it was about time. What can one person do? But it is true there are more good people than bad and we need to unite!
    Hitler said "What luck for the leaders, that the masses do not think" and "When a man is starving in the streets he is not thinking of bread and water, but of caviar and champagne!" so the best way to help is to educate the people and provide them with the daily basic necessities and ways to get them themselves so that they wont fall pray to these coward organizations that instill fear because they know nothing else, the people battling them will have more than that-KNOWLEDGE!
    and a firearm ;)
    Con dios todo es posible, pero a Dios orando y con el maso dando...

  31. What do you mean non-violence wake up and smell the coca leaves don't you fools see what's going on here this ain't India ain't no Gandhi's going to stop what is going on in Mexico what needs to be done is what was done back in revolution days or during the fight for independence rise up and take to the streets to the hills to the seas and take control of the nation or else all those who fought for it's liberty died in vain.

    Viva Mexico Libre !!!

    Frente Popular De La Revolucion

  32. is men with guns who will shape the destiny of which men should shape the destiny...the narcoculeros...or the men who stand against choose...

    hey thanks aujlio...good to hear from another sane person

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