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Monday, October 4, 2010

Cuidad Juarez violence resumes

A proprietor of a hamburger stand was murdered on Friday night in front of the intersection of Hipodromo and Galgodromo street. The man with his arms crossed and laying in the street was known as El Chili and died at down the street from the previously mentioned homicide at the corner of Vicente Guerrero and Florida street. Neighbors confirm the gunmen called him out by name before firing with their large caliber weapons.

On another corner on Margarita Flores and Atras Quedo la Huella in colonia carlos vhavira, another man was gunned down a short distance from a church. The gunmen injured two other men who are in grave condition. 20 cartridges were found at the scene.

In another violent episode, a women age 25 – 30 years old was executed on a street in colonia Che Guevara. She was the wife, taken from the vehicle at the corner of October 8th and Batalla de Santa Cruz and there she was given 9 rounds, point blank.

This man was shot on Friday on the streets of colonia Santa Anita. Identified as Victor Perea Delgado, age 43, he was murdered at approximately 4:30 pm by armed men in a pick-up truck.

A man was found calcinado or burned to a crisp in the streets of colonia Granjas de Chapultepec. Although the body was found in the middle of the street , neighbors deny having seen or heard anything.

An incursion by armed men leaves three empoyees dead at an establishment in colonia Municipio Libre. The names of the victims were not released. Police combed the area for hours but no sign was found of the assailants.

A ministry agent was executed Monday morning outside of his home in colonia Lomas del Rey. His family and neighbors were home to hear the man being murdered but were unable to provide characteristics or details of the men responsible for the crime. The mother, overcome with grief had to be taken away in a state of shock.

A young woman is found murdered by armed men on Sunday in the streets of colonia Division del Norte. Again, no suspects have been identified.

A man dies on a street corner in colonia postal. Police have yet to identify the victim or motives.

This person was found shot dead near viviendia K-20. A woman was found strangled in an abandoned car nearby.

Source: Nota Roja


  1. Violence resumes in juarez?? When did it ever stop? The juarez cartel is causing most of this violence but if el chapo believes that he'll destroy the juarez cartel as easily as he destroyed the tijuana cartel, he's horribly wrong. These guys fight dirty. Out of all the wars, this one will last the longest. There is no way these two cartels can be allies again. Too much bloodshed has happened. But where is vicente carillo fuentes?

  2. I'd guess VCF is out of the country, maybe, he's been laying too low for him to be anywhere near Juarez in my opinion. Why do you say Sinaloa destroyed the CAF? That never happened, Sinaloa never 'invaded' Tijuana the way Sinaloa went into Juarez. I hear rumors Sinloa is passing work thru Tijuana now, but it's hardly comparable to Juarez and Sinaloa. Not that I doubt Sinaloa is a lot more powerful then Tijuana right now, but it wasn't always that way.

  3. Mexico needs a regime change like Columbia's when all seemed lost to the drug cartels and violence. A regime that believes in exterminating every last one of the criminals. Forget jail. The country needs to be COMPLETELY expunged of the vermin.

  4. I wonder if it would be better if they destroyed el chapo? He is mainly responsible for all of the wars afterall. Many say that it would be worse if he died. I just can't see the logic in that.

  5. Its just a matter of time till the juarez violence spills over to el paso. The juarez cartel's tactics are too reckless. Just like in colombia, the juarez cartel is already using bombs. Charles bowden said that the war would reach a more devastating level of violence once bombs became commonly used. The juarez cartel is showing signs of desperation. It feels like they are killing just so the public believes that the war is still going strong and to disguise the cartels weakening situation. Borderland beat even had an article explaining that the juarez cartel is possibly committing reckless violence to pursaude the U.S. to enter juarez and to kind of work as a referee between the juarez cartel vs the sinaloa cartel and the sinaloa cartel's allies, the policias federales. I wouldn't be surprised if the cartel started sniping people in el paso from juarez. This war holds many more surprises in the future.

  6. The sinaloa cartel didn't destroy the AFO themselves, the mexican government did it for them. One brother who bears the name is dead. The other is captured. The afo's relationship with logan heights is weak. The tijuana cartel is not as strong. Sinaloa owns tijuana right now. But i guess calderon wanted that.

  7. Yeah, but the brothers died/captured 8 years ago. CAF's relationship with Logan is weak? That's irrelevant, those dudes were low level shooters, with a few that actually ran crews of assasins. No leadership. Sinaloa does not 'own' Tijuana, I'm not getting into a whole heated debate with you, but that's not true. They may be operating in the city, but thats been going on for years, and CAF isn't anywhere near Sinaloa in terms of strength or soldiers, but that's been true for years too.

  8. A says... that anyone who goes against the sinaloa cartel, is destined for destruction. El chapo has too much money, too much power and has protection from the mexican government. The tijuana cartel, the beltran leyva cartel, the juarez cartel are all dismembered. And soon los zetas will be destroyed. The gulf cartel made a smart move by befriending el chapo. The last narco by malcom beith explains how intelligent and elusive el chapo is. But i think that he's the devil in disguise. He's as evil as they come.


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