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Saturday, October 23, 2010

AK-Pulco: The plaza heats up

On October 22nd, former PRI candidate for the municipal presidency Antonio Valdez Andrade was found dead along with three other men on the side of the road in the resort city of Acapulco. They police found the victims in a garbage heap in the community of EL Bejuco.

Along with the corpses, investigators found a message that read: This happened to us for supporting La Barbie. Atte - Hector Beltran Leyva and friends.

Valdez Andrade had a whole financial empire that was built on his career in the public sector. He held various commercial and economic positions; he was a former local deputy, a regional director, former PRI candidate for the municipal presidency, He was a well known community leader and fundraiser for the Co­lo­nia Leo­nar­do Ro­drí­guez Al­cai­ne, and owned a local seminary.

His duties included the planning of labor logistics in the city for mayor Ma­nuel Añor­ve, who is posturing himself to make a run for the governors office under the banner of the PRI.

Among the dead was Antonio Tapia Solis and Rosario Val­dez Con­tre­ras, both worked in the financial sector of Coloso in the public ministry.

All the corpses had visible signs of torture, including wounds consistent with the use of a bayonet. Valdez Andrade specifically, had an enormous gash on his abdomen, as well as viscous stab wound to the face and neck area.

The Facts Known about this case.

Valdez Andadre left his offices in Aca Tianguis, which is near the boulevard of Vi­cen­te Gue­rre­ro in Co­lo­nia Pos­tal, presumably with the men he was found with. They were abducted off the street by armed commandos, who abandoned the initial vehicle they used to commit the crime and transferred the victims to another awaiting truck. The bodies were found hours later on the side of the road.

Same Day, more bodies found.

Six more people were found murdered and dumped on the side of the road, this time in near the intersection of San Isidro Gallinero and El Salto streets. The details are scarce, all were found this Friday, with visible signs of torture. Investigators recovered over 40 shell casings of firearms that ranged in caliber. Again, the corpses were found with a familiar calling card: This happened to us for working with La Barbie. We want your heads, KOREANO and METRO. Atte - Hector Beltran Leyva and friends.

The 20 missing tourists and the interrogation video

That same afternoon, the families of the 20 missing tourists from Michoacan, who disappeared in Acapulco, requested an audience with president, Felipe Calderón.

The local news outlet, Yuriria Sierra, based in Cadenatres, broke the video that included a confession that claimed the mastermind behind this kidnapping was none other than Edgar Valdés Villareal, La Barbie.

The families of the disappeared men say only the intervention of the highest authority in the land can insure a solid investigation in Guerrero.

"We want him (Calderon) to turn his blind eye to his fellow countrymen and help us find our missing family members" Many of those are pregnant or are left to care for the families by themselves.

What this all means

In the context of the war between the former forces of La Barbie and those of El H, many of those on the losing side are finding themselves left in the cold in the coming winter season. There have been rumors circulating the the Beltran's have formed an alliance with Los Zetas and the Juarez cartel, in a bid to hold onto their territories and regain those that had been lost to La Barbie's faction, which was very strong in the states of Guerrero and Mexico. More than likely, the remnants of La Barbie's operators and sicarios well flee to the other side, namely the federation of Sinaloa, Gulf and La Familia cartels.

The Beltran's have been running amok recently, trying to viciously stamp out anyone who had ties to Edgar Valdez Villarreal in a campaign of beheadings and gangland murders. Once the accounts have been settled, and new territories lines are drawn up, look for the violence to decrease in that area. (hopefully)

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  1. The officials in Mexico should live their live's as if they had swallowed a 1000 MG capsule of paranoia and act accordingly . They should always be armed to the teeth , wherever they go . They should never go to work the same route or return home the same route..they should trust no one . Everyone of them should move on to a military base and live in an underground bunker until all Mexico's psychopaths are burned alive on national television or shot once in the head and heart .

    They take no precautions ..they live their live's as though nothing would ever happen to them and they are murdered day after day , night after night because they're not paranoid .

    I understand that goes against the Mexican principle of die stupid's .

  2. That's great pontificating Bohunk, but you don't know Shit from Shinola or Sinaloa. Bend over, grab your ankles and quack like a duck and while you're at it, how about taking out US psychopaths? or Gringos are not part of the problem pissgums?
    The Butt Kisser

  3. in mexico it is like this ...before your time comes no one can harm you, pero cuando su time comes , no one can save you , it is all in the hands of god....that is why people don't take so many precations


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