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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

8 policemen die in Sinaloa ambush

Five Sinaloa State Preventive Police (PEP) officers and three Navolato Municipal Police officers were murdered in an ambush by gunmen as they drove from south to north on the “La Costera”, or Coastal, Highway outside of the state capitol of Culiacan.

Four other officers survived the attack that occurred Monday at 10:30 am at kilometer 85 of the Coastal Highway within the municipality of Salvador Alvarado, during a routine state and municipal police patrol of the highway.

The joint patrols, sometimes including Federal Police agents, were started several months ago to deter robberies and hijackings of citizen’s motor vehicles at false police checkpoints operated by organized criminal groups.

The authorities believe that the perpetrators were traveling in several trucks and SUV’s marked with the letter "X", as a similarly marked red Jeep Commander was found abandoned at kilometer 104 of the Coastal Highway. The Jeep Commander had multiple bullet holes in the bodywork, but it is unknown if any dead or injured suspects were found within.

Just a week ago on Thursday night, gunmen in a convoy of 27 trucks marked with the letter "X" held the town of Guamuchil during an hour long reign of terror, during which a local business was blasted with hundreds of rounds of rifle fire and one man was abducted and killed.

Bands of criminals and hitmen loyal to the Sinaloa cartel, such as the “Grupo Antrax”, are known to use the letter “X” to mark their vehicles during operations.

68 People murdered in 10 days

From the first to the tenth of October 68 murders linked to organized crime have already been recorded in Sinaloa, which will make this month the deadliest so far this year if the wave of shootouts between rival criminal groups, abductions and executions continue unabated.

This past Sunday 10 murders occurred in this state of a little over 2 million inhabitants. In the resort and port city Mazatlan, for example, 7 men were killed in 4 separate shooutouts. Two other men were killed in Culiacan and one person was killed in Navolato.

In September, 146 murders linked to organized crime occurred in Sinaloa, and for 2010there have already been almost 1900 deaths recorded during this wave of violence. The total so far in 2010 amounts to 600 more deaths than the entire year of 2009.

During the administration of the PRI governor of Sinaloa, Jesus Aguilar Padilla, that began in 2005, approximately 6,240 murders have already been recorded.

A cell or cells loyal to “La Linea”, a branch of the Juarez cartel, have been identified in Mazatlan. The attack on the Mazatlan offices of the El Noroeste newspaper in September were reportedly carried out by La Linea gunmen after the newspaper refused to publish stories stating that the federal government protects “El Chapo” Guzman and the Sinaloa cartel.

In northern Sinaloa, criminal groups that are still loyal to Alfredo Beltran Leyva, “El Mochomo”, who was arrested in January 2008, remain active.

According to Sinaloa media sources, in the hard hit municipality of Navolato that saw 18 murders in September, and 6 so far in October, local authorities have already given up and no longer arrive at the locations of crimes and killings.

The State Ministerial Police, tasked with investigative functions, in most cases no longer arrive until after the Army is present at crime scenes.

However, even with the presence of soldiers, the killings did not cease.

It has been reported that the left of center PRD governor –elect, Mario Lopez Valdez, has been unable to find a qualified candidate willing to serve as Attorney General or state Public Security Secretariat due to the high levels of fear and insecurity prevalent in Sinaloa.

Rumors also persist that Manuel Torres Felix “M-1” or “El Ondeado”, a top lieutenant in the Sinaloa Cartel, has put a contract out for the murder of Lopez Valdez.

Sources used for this story:
El Noroeste



  1. @ Buggs & All...
    There is an increasing conclusion of many that some blogs work for the cartels, & do not exist to inform citizens rather by posting graphic stories & photos in effect terrorize the people and government workers in Mexico. BDN is one blog whose name is always singled out in the hypothesis.

    Whereas I am conflicted between reality reporting being a necessary evil..I think too much visual places the blogs smack in bed with the enemy....I saw the story of the 8 slaughtered police and was amazed how lickedy split the story was breaking news on BDN...

    My dos centavos of course...I refer you to the english language article link I dug out from my OCD amount of Narco Info to express this thought
    scroll down to the BDN


  3. "Cargan una X pintado en los vidrios,pa no confundirse con los enimgos..Salvage estrategia matar or morrir,son como 50 k paracen 1000" 100% ANTRAX LIMPIANDO LA PLAZA

  4. El Debate newspaper (Sinaloa newspaper)....on the comments section; the rumor is that these state cops were murdered because they wanted doubled the amount for protection.They had a pre arranged meeting.

  5. Here's the way I see it Buela,

    Whether or not the intent of the owners of those particular blogs is promote one cartel or another is less relevant than the fact these horrific murders happen on a daily basis. For that matter, most of the violent images we get for these articles come from online newspapers, not the narco blogs themselves. The only thing they get directly from the cartels are the interrogation and execution videos, which are unfortunately part of the story. Choosing NOT to cover those videos would be a disservice to anyone who reads this blog to get news about the drug war in Mexico.

    When I flip through my news bookmarks, I am constantly confronted with violent images and stories about kidnappings, rapes, murders, assassinations, all with full color photos and details. When people look at text they see words, but pictures grab a person and make them really think about what they are reading about.

    If I have to look at them, its only fair the rest of the readers of BB should have to lakk at them as well. This is about the lack of serious coverage by the mainstream news media. There is probably more disinformation and news blackouts on this side of the border than in Mexico, even with its problems of narco-censorship.

    Its ugly, its real, and we should not stick our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn't happen. I know you don't do that Buela, but we must not water down the news for the sake of those who don't have the stomach to see the face of America and Mexico's drug war for what it is.

  6. I agree with Smurf I am currently going to school in the mideast, and if it wasnt for BB I wouldnt know what exactly is happening in Mexico. Hell even TV Azteca and Televisa try to stay away from it, so thanks BB....

  7. A convoy of 27 trucks!!! Why is the Mexican military not using helicopter attacks on these convoys? You wont destroy all 27 vehicles, but you will sure send a signal saying "If you travel in large groups, we will bomb you from the sky". I something ask myself how bad Calderon wants to win this war? The US is sending millions, and police officers are driving normal civilian trucks. THey should be driving bulletproof hummers with .50 machine guns or M60 on top. I am sure alot of these guerilla tactics will be futile when your convoy is getting blasted with .50 rounds and getting hit with some rockets from a nearby helicopter.

  8. I'm guessing they were working maybe with the Beltrans, Juarez, or Zeta's, or maybe the protection money theory, fits too.

  9. Mira buelita, I'm not sure if your criticism is also levelled at Borderland Beat but whatever the case may be let me explain the purpose of this particular post.

    This story is based on various articles from valid, reliable Sinaloa newspapers and media sources. Links to the articles were also posted. The graphic images used in this post had already appeared on these newspaper websites and have been circulated among the Mexican public.

    The images and text used on this story are not there to glorify violence or support particular groups. They are there to provide context, background and setting to attempt to explain the tragic deaths of 8 policemen. Hopefully they died for a higher cause.

    Our postings are not meant to instill fear but to provide information to our English speaking readership that finds the tragedy that is befalling Mexico important in their lives. Although I may ocassionally fall short of the mark, that is my only intention.

    Su servidor.....Gerardo

  10. Arming the local police with better equipment would only help the cartels because the local and state police are already corrupt. These officers were probably killed because the were working with another cartel or broke the agreement if they were working for the CDS. Mexico needs to find a way to reduce corruption.

  11. This group works for El MAYO, they used to be security for his son. Currently, they are doing some cleaning of the state.

  12. looks like buela chivis is growing a conscience or wants to take over borderland beat. like i said, you cant please everyone. that's the way it is. you just keep being you. there are many more loyal viewers who are very happy with your coverage. there are many worse blog sites about this kind of news. in my opinion, this one is the best when it comes to covering mexican politics. its not perfect but then again, nothing is...just my dos centavos.

  13. I now it's a hard balancing act, and there are those who want us to produce a more filtered mild report, but we must not and should not sensor our reports, it is our duty and obligation to show it for what it is.

    Is it really fair to only show the beautiful side of the face to the light of society while at the same time hiding the ugly side in the shadows of darkness?

    I say no, we must expose it all, no matter how painful it is. It’s not the reports who terrorize the people but actually living amongst the mayhem, impunity and insecurity in a once promising country. No one seems to be paying attention, or feeling the heart beat of the misery and tragic consequences of a state that to this point has failed to bring control.

    When we see the result of this brutal wave of violence that is engulfing Mexico we should be concerned, saddened and appalled, after all it is the human thing to do.

  14. So, not telling the people of Mexico and the world what is happening will help stop the CartelCarnage?

    What is it going to take to cause the populous to rise in the streets with pitchforks and torches storming the gated walls of the politicans?

    Carnage will continue until the politicians fear the people more than they fear the thugs.

    Viva BB!!!

  15. i use borderland beat for two things: to get my daily mexican news on the drug war and on politics (in english) and to vent out my frustrations or give my point of view afterwards. it feels good to share my opinions with other people who are also concerned about mexico's situation. no matter how much i find this website intruiging, i personally would give up borderland beat for a peaceful mexico. but the truth is, mexico is like a very complicated and dangerous but beautiful woman that you cant take your eyes off of. she steals from you, lies to you, cheats on you...but you keep coming back for more.

  16. @ Buggs

    I agree you know this..the only reason I sent the link was the BDN angle which is the only blog I ever hear mentioned with respect to this.
    You hit the nail on the head...a balancing act..damn if you do...damn if you don't. It must be real to impress, to the US in particular, because they know so little and what they do see is filtered many times. on the other hand it does effectively terrorize the Mexican public, and the children are being totally desensitized.. The point made was the cartels are behind SOME of the blogs, which I have noticed how fast some of the stuff gets probably true. Then again, those same blogs that are being accused of this are the same blogs hailed as heros in the same way the underground press of WWII. I was not speaking of BB and neither was the article, you know Buela loves you all!

    @ Gerado
    no, not at all. What had happened Buggs and I discussed this subject a few days back and I read this article again stressing BDN being a conduit of terror from cartel. I felt that explains how some news posts seemingly before the body falls. So it gave clarity, for me anyway. I actually think you at BB really do a perfect balance, text and pics with not a disengenious amount of graphic stuff. No, the article and buela was not talking about BB. I went back to see what I posted after reading the feedback to see if I inadvertantly mixed BB with BDN at my age that can happen...jaja but no I got it right

    Yep we are visual learners us humans, 90% of what we learn is visual, but text is very important with this explain, exceedingly important. I never complained about the graphic stuff and sadly it no longer bothers me, the one time I did...well you know it was your cabeza du jour fotos. But honestly I think BB does a great job of balancing, I was simply putting out into the universe the cartel angle of terrorizing. & BDN


    WHo are you? You brave little anon. fellow that critizes a person you do not know, attacking the person and the message? Where are your manners?..disagree with my op all ya want...but to say I do not have a conscience..where did that come from? I will be honest I have no clue what you speak of..
    if it is note worthy give it a shot..I will keep an open mind

  17. Buela, I was speaking in general terms not really directed toward you but the issue itself. I do know where you stand and I we share a common bond when it comes to the reports we publish. We enjoy your provoking insight, as usual, thank you!

  18. buela chivis, I don't want to add another slap on your hand. But I have to say: remember Zola, Dickens, Steinbeck, ... They were very graphic for their time, and very effective at stimulating some sense of fairness in their contemporary readers. That made their society progress towards human rights. Don't do you BB reporters dare comparing yourselves with those mentioned before! But you are doing a very decent job in a sad time when Lindsay gets more coverage than Lucila.

  19. @Matanzas

    I will try once more...
    The point is...and only is
    that it is suspect that cartels use certain blogs e.g. to promote terror in Mx not only to its citizens but to honest gov workers..the name most mentioned is BDN..

    If your gentle slap, tho misguided my friend, brought forth your last sentence then, "baby hit me one more time". The Lindsay coverage makes me want toss my cookies...who the hell cares about this person? I honestly do not think it is what Americans want, at least those in my world...wouldn't it be awesome if the US media would create the same frenzy about something relevant & important such as the violence in Mx?

    @ Buggs

    Thanks my friend..

  20. i will admit, wether you agree with buela chivis or not. her opinions and point of views are usually interesting and thought provoking. she's knowledgable and knows how to create interesting discussions or debates. i read mostly all of her comments. i myself, just wouldnt have the audacity to tell borderland beat how to manage their website.

  21. Thank you! I think...jeje me out here amigo...did I try to tell BB how to manage the site? I don't mind a slap down and deserve it for sure at times, but I did not intend to have the "audacity" to tell BB how to manage the site...jaja

    But it shows how much BB is loved..and that I like a whole bunch...

  22. "Buela Chivis said... October 13, 2010 3:25 AM"

    I did not take it as such.

  23. @ Buela,
    You actually deserve a kiss on the hand. I should have better followed the thread and read all your posts. My mistake.
    Yes, there is no doubt that some BDN postings come directly from the narcos and they didn't invite a CNN crew to film a beheading. CNN is too busy with Lindsay.

    Anyway, you guys see the similarities between what is developing in the northern states of Mexico and what has been going on in Af-Pak for a while? For the beheading video, remember Daniel Pearl. Same with the grenades in the crowd, the car bombs etc ... Same methods. Same disenfranchised people turning thugs for money or respect.
    And the objective is again the same: Taking control of a territory by eliminating law and justice then create a social environment where people are jaded and just lower their eyes when crossing the path of a narco. This is not politics, it's drug business in both places.
    Welcome back to the stone ages, when brute force or absolute submission were the only ways to survive.

    You can see that the war in Af-Pak is being lost by the West. There will be soon a de-facto independent tribal area including parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan, with the export of heroin (why bothering exporting poppies when you can open industrial scale labs and create the added value in the country) the main source of revenue.
    And we are letting the same story happening south of the border. In our backyard. To our friends. Do we ever learn? Or may be it is true the mighty US is becoming a nation of selfish populist morons and should be passing the baton of leadership to China.

    Indeed, if BDN serves as a intimation media for the narcos, it also can back-fire for them. Not only their foes are scared -and incensed to push the limits a little further, why not the pal?- but citizens outside the killing fields are outraged (the level of outrage on BB is only par to the passion of the bloggers.) The more attention BDN gets, the more the international opinion will become sensible to the plight of Mexican citizens. This has an influence on national debates, whether immigration reform or prop.19 (vote YES). Would the Nazis have broadcast the persecution of Jews to scare them, it would also have prevented Chamberlain to cowardly negotiate peace with Adolf, of for the US to selfishly turn back to Europe a ship loaded with Jewish refugees. We ended up having a war anyway, but on Adolf's terms.

    Those who don't learn from history, ...

    BB you rock!

  24. @Mantanzas

    Thank you for that.
    and to be clear I am not in the opinion the BDN should not exist, just pointing out the irony that they are seen literally in the world press as heros. much like the underground press in WWII, and in my op clearly they are not, in fact probably quite the opposite.
    I really enjoyed reading your thoughtful post.
    and the answer is ...YES! maybe a month ago I proposed the thought that perhaps these islamic terror tactics suggest there is collusion of sorts between them and the cartels. It makes perfect sense, what better way to bypass airport security than to craw thru a tunnel or other cartel route. As for Afg & Pak I agree, I just don't see how we can "win" not by the statics we are using, it is time to poop or get off the pot.

    ..word is it is Hezbollah w/Mx cartels, & there is a growing presence in Colombia & Central Am, as well as Mx. That sure takes us into a whole different level of bad, verdad? You know, as bad/evil the cartels are they still have not reach the level of bad the Chinese or Russian Org Crime..a horrific thought is; they have room to grow..

    Here are some links I just dug out for you with respect to islamic terorrism & cartels...,7340,L-3693129,00.html

    and this one however it is a paid sub only... they have an abundance of stuff on Mx Cartels

  25. @ Buela,

    well, I didn't intend to suggest a common GOAL between the cartels and the middle east terror groups. I differentiate business from political objectives. I was stressing on the similarities of terror METHODS around the world.

    I believe the drug trafficking organizations are only interested in gaining local control on their turf, and they don't care of infiltrating bomb throwers in the US. That's against business. The cartels have no interest for gaining attention from the sleepy bear. So are the poppy guys in Af-Pak, just waiting for the business to resume.

    Now, you are right to suggest that a narco-gang can feed $$$ to a political terror group, we have seen that in Chechnya, in Albania, in Russia and in Ireland.

    Would we have taken care of Af-Pak as soon as the Russians got kicked out, we wouldn't have a narco and political quagmire down there to deal with.

    Now, what do WE do with MX?

  26. @Matanzas
    Nor did I..there would be no common goal ideology, business etc. What I am suggesting that Islamic terroist groups and one or more cartels can assist each other to attain separate goals. It is logical.

    I believe that the interest of the cartels has evolved to a great degree of terrorism and fear, much like the Islamic groups. There is no denying that this alredy exists in Central & So Am. As Mx cartels shift their routes to landbases to C A...this will become more apparent. CA will be the landbase for Mx Cartels in the future. Fragile governments easily destablized and control for a pragmatic route systems on land and water.

    I think you missed my point and obviously did not read the links I posted; no common goal..unite for separate goals..

  27. I heard this was El Peinado's doing, since he is the main figurehead over the armed cells for El Chapo. Any truth to this? Also heard it was one of El Mayo's guys.

  28. no son los antrax el grupo que pintan las x en sus carros son un commando de sinaloa conosidos como commando x


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