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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Than 100 Tons of Marijuana Siezed in Tijuana

Tijuana Municipal police forces, backed by the Mexican military and the Baja California State Preventive Police, seized more than 100 tons of marijuana in an operation that began at dawn Monday and continued for several hours.

The commander of the Second Military Zone, Alfonso Duarte Mujica, confirmed the seizure, which would be the single most devasting blow to Mexican drug cartels in recent years.

Duarte Mujica estimated that the amount siezed, which is estimated at between 103 and 105 tons according to the latest infornation available, would have a street value of 4 billion, 719 million pesos or 709 million U.S. dollars.

According to the Tijuana police chief, Army coronel Julian Perez Leyzaola, municipal police officers stopped a suspicious convoy of 6 vehicles including several tractor trailers in the Centenario area of the municipality at 3:00 AM Monday.

A confrontation ensued in which several police officers and gangsters were wounded by gunfire after authorities began searching the vehicles and found a large amount of marijuana.

After the detention of the suspects at Centenario, a joint force of Municipal and State authorities together with a detachment of Army troops raided a warehouse in the Arroyo Alamar area where they located and siezed a huge cache of the drug along with several other tractor trailors.

A location in the neighboring municipality of Rosarito was also raided.

So far 12 suspected drug traffickers have been arrested as a result of the operation.

It is thought that the marijuana was owned by the Sinaloa cartel and other bands such as the “Mochomo” faction of the Beltran Leyva Cartel and was being smuggled through the Tijuana “plaza” under arrangements with the ruling local Arrellano Felix gang.

Sources for this article:
AFN news agency


  1. Whoa! No shitting!! What are they going to do with those tons of marijuana? Burn them, I assume.

  2. Heads may roll after this one, depending on the circumstances. The last paragraph was confusing though, the Sinaloa Cartel and the Mochomo factor of the Beltran Leyva Cartel? They don't work together at all, right? Also, the last sentence implies that Sinaloa and Tijuana are cooperating in the city.

    Sinaloa may blame El Inginero for the loss if they guaranteed the safety of it, and someone made a mistake. Hopefully, this doesn't set up a wave of violence, if it was a Sinaloa load they can certainly afford the loss, although why they were moving such a large shipment thru one of the tightest ports of entry in the country is slightly suspicious.

  3. Where there is a demand, there's is going to be a supply. Donde hay demanda, va a haber provisiones. Increible la cantidad de marihuana. Odio las drogas. I get high on life. Pinches gringos pendejos con su addicion a las drogas.

  4. The homer simpson on the packages cracked me up!


  6. "Fame was like a drug. But what was even more like a drug were the drugs." - Homer Simpson

  7. They could have a fire sale across the border if that Prop.goes through in California

  8. Here's more pics from the bust

  9. Los Japoneses son ingenieros progressivos he inventivos, Los Alemanes son ingenieros inventivos, Los Chinos lla le pisan los talones technologicos de E.U. y nosotros los Mexicanos somos de cultura muy baja y no progressiva,estamos retrocediendo a ideales macheteros de gente indegena viviendo todavia con the ley the la jungla - en vez de traer lanza y flechas, nomas les falta andar encuerados. De todo esto cuanta gente ha estado evolucrada en granja y processar la mariguana? Por eso estamos como estamos, y nunca progressamos demos gastar nuestras enegias en cosas positivas para progressar como cultura Mexicana.

  10. Everyone knows this was the cargo that took the fall..When there is a bust something else down the line passed thru. 100 Tons down 300 went thru...Cartel is celebrating popping bottles and snorting lines...I call it Scareface syndrome... And it's not a dream it's a nightmare...

  11. I was told to bring a ton of weed to chicago would cost from 90-120,000. But that was someone that was out of the game for a while. Does that sound right.

  12. I really doubt this was a 'cargo that took the fall', a cargo of 105 TONS, that's serious weight, a record seizure, a fall load would be maybe 5 tons at the most, and that's overkill, 100 pounds at the border will make a headline. No one willingly loses a load like that, to suggest so is ludicrous.

  13. No way that was the fall load. NO WAY!! But I gotta agree with the supply and demand thing. Who in the hell is smoking all this stuff??? Is the U.S. just a bunch of pot heads???? Unbelievable!!!

  14. That wasn't a "fall load" that was the fall harvest. I'm not sure who it belonged to exactly. But the weed was from Michocan. It was ok for regs...
    Heads will roll over this one. We just had a spite of killings in baja. This might be worse then Teo's reign.

  15. TJ-MJ Final Tally........

    134 Tons or Over 700M...USD

    It will take 2 days to burn..begans tomorrow.
    SInce I am 2 hrs up the coast and with the winds we had today.JEJE JK..Here is AFN link

  16. If they'd legalize it, there would be no need for this kind of shit.
    What a waste.
    I hope they give it to the major pharmaceutical companies for medicinal purpose prescriptions for all who suffer from cancer, aids/hiv, glaucoma and chronic pain.
    Why burn something that has been scientifically proven to heal and keep allowing the dr's to write out prescriptions for vicodin and other synthetically made drugs that kill us?
    I've never heard of ANYONE who died as a direct result of smoking herb unless it was laced with something else. Have you?

  17. Rumor is that the MJ was supposedly belonged to El Chapo. Police officers are receiving death threats over the incident.

  18. Here's the link for claiming it was Chapo and Mayo's MJ

  19. "Donde hay demanda, va a haber provisiones. Increible la cantidad de marihuana. Odio las drogas. I get high on life. Pinches gringos pendejos con su addicion a las drogas."
    We gringos aren't the only ones using. In fact every gringo I know prefers the stuff that's grown here instead of that dry, dirty, compact crap that gets shipped across the border.

    The only people I know who purchase those drugs are actually immigrants. I'm not saying no gringo DOES, but to say it's all the gringos fault is pretty stupid.

    Trust me. We Americans agree.

  20. you r all wrong, hillary said last week, its time to take down the cartels, the general who found the weed has money invested in the u.s. and he doesnt want it frozon, so he got the call from the d.e.a. to get it. the d.e.a. has satalites to spy on the fields of weed then watch it getting harvested, then watched it arrive in t.j. we been doing it for years, they should not have killed that american at lake falcon, its only the begining, the cartels,all of them will pay for that americans life , next the leaders will fall, we have to much tecnoligies.

  21. a ton cost more or less around 500,000 u.s.

  22. smoke the weed... solve all the problems at first hand

  23. Why is it that last month everyone seemed to think that el chapo was going to bring war to tj? Now, everyone is trying to say that the weed was his? Either way, this spells bad news for TJ. The worst thing in the world is a drug cartel with no drugs. Especially if part of the load wasn't paid for (which is the tradition in Mexico) and another cartel is owed for the shipment. I expect it to get more violent in Baja. What about all of the poor people out of work? All of the packagers, and drivers, and body shop stash spot workers? I would bet that kidnappings are gonna go back up again.

  24. It's not a big loss as you would think is my guess, it's fall, which is harvest time, I think the load was probably from Michocan, or 'Golden Triangle'. And it belonged to Chapo, Mayo, and Inge, probably like 40 tons apiece, that's my theory anyway. I think TJ and Sinaloa are working together/cooperating very low key and under the radar.

  25. Tons more of MJ found in tunnel...30-50 Tons! Millions USD value
    DO NOT BELIEVE US MEDIA! This was NOT found by the was found by Mx police, they contacted the US, where half was on the US side half on the TJ side.

  26. It would be easier to harm yourself and others with too much Caffeine and certainly alcohol. I have tried them all and know for sure. The social impact of legalizing marijuana would be.....less STRESS in America and a better way to relax than alcohol and tobacco. So many are addicted to Oxy and overdosing on the Pharmlords' drugs that this is hardly worth worrying over. Marijuana is not like other drugs and if you use it properly vaporizing or ingested, without breathing in the carbon ashes(carcinogens), it is very safe or ill patients wouldn't be able to tolerate it. Alcohol companies, tobacco companies and pharmaceutical companies see legalization as a threat to their industries and they control the scariest and most harmful drugs of all.

  27. Alcohol-related deaths number in the thousands every year across the United States and certainly other countries. Tobacco kills millions and nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man. Yet, pot has NEVER been documented to CAUSE the death of ANYONE who ever used it and the drug policies of the U.S. government are directly resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Mexico. This is evil, pure and simple. When are Americans going to wake up to the fact that their government is a murderous regime with total disregard for human life and demand CHANGE?


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