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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Writing on the Wall

Narco banners that were hung in the state of Sinaloa today accused mayor Fernando Garcia Hernandez of allowing ex-municipal chief of police German Ceniceros to operate a kidnapping and extortion ring with impunity in the town of Navolato.

The message claims this group of kidnappers is responsible for several murders in the area and has the full support of the local police, who allow them to come and go as they please.

The banners indicate that the calls for help often fall on “deaf ears” and the local authorities protect the former police chief, who is being escorted by a detail of officers from the office of the Director of Public Security for the Munipality. It goes further to give the patrol numbers of the officers who serve as his personal bodyguards. Authorities in the area claim they are investigating the matter.

Update on La Linea banner

Two commanders and one high level official for the office of the Secretary of Public Security (SSP) are under investigation for protecting groups of sicarios from the Sinaloa cartel who are operating in Cuidad Juarez according to an article that appeared on the news website La Jornada yesterday.

Authorities claim this is the culmination of several months of intelligence work involving various agencies including the SSP, elements of the Assistant Attorney General for Special Investigations and Organized Crime (SIEDO), and the Office of the General Prosecutor (PGR).

According to sources, the investigators have evidence that at least two of the officers received money from the Sinaloa cartel to facilitate murders and executions committed by cells of sicarios operating in Juarez. SSP and SIEDO officials have are also looking into allegations that an important functionary of the SSP in Chihuahua - whose name was not revealed in the briefing - had strong personal ties with a top drug lord – whose name also wasn't revealed.

On the 18th of September a banner was found accusing several elements of the federal police of in Ciudad Juarez of corruption and seemed to claim responsibility for the murder of a photographer near the offices of El Diaro. The message also threatens to attack police by name.

“The same thing that happened to the journalists will happen to you if we don't get the money back”

The officers mentioned are federal agents.

“Commandante Diaz Savedra, Commisario Pavon, Commandante Aries, the same thing that happened to the journalists will happen to you if we don't get the money back. You guys are no better than Mayer Resendiz"
- La Linea

La Linea is the armed wing of the Juarez Cartel which has been at war for some time with the El Chapo and the Sinaloa cartel. It has been rumored that the city police are mainly loyal to La Linea while the federal police and the army may have ties with El Chapo.

Another message appeared the next day claiming that a rival cartel had hung the banner and that La Linea does not kill journalists.



  1. So what do you think? Do they only write on walls and not kill journalists as one message states, or do they hang banners and make threats about "ending up like the photographer" to dirty cops as a previous one stated?

    Another oddity is that they don't even know how to spell their own "gangs" name: La Linia???!!

  2. This Circo del Macabro just keeps going and going and going. Will there ever be an end?

  3. Yeah, someones not telling the truth, but as for La Linia, that may be an honest mistake, you have to figure some of these guys, the guys chopping bodies, and writing graffiti aren't very formally educated, although someone probably wasn't happy about that. I feel like if that was Chapo's people trying to manipulate things, they would have made sure they spelled the name right. What money is the message referring to? The same thing happened in Tijuana last year, El Teo's group lost 300 kis of crystal, that was stolen by cops working for a cell of Engineer's, Teo started killing cops and hanging banners saying the same thing.

  4. Although I would never accuse anyone who writes graffiti for La Linea of being a spelling bee champ, I also think its odd they would misspell their own gangs' name.

    Lets assume for the moment that it WAS La Linea who killed the photographer. It would suggest the orders would have come from a high level government official working for the city; Why would La Linea heat up the plaza anymore than it already is when there is nothing to gain from the situation? Its bad PR, brings more heat on their business, doesn't mitigate the strength of their rivals in the drug trade.

    So why would La Linea do it? They got paid a whole lot of money to do it.

    Why was it ordered? To have a chilling effect on dissent. La Linea doesn't really care what people think, but politicians most certainly do.

    Its just mindless speculation but who knows? These banners do little to cut through the fog of war.


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