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Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's behind Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez Villarreal's press conference Smile?

While being presented to the press by the Federal Police in Itztapalapa, it was hard not to miss Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez Villarreal's tranquility as he stood with confidence, facing the cameras, with an arrogant "I know something you don't know" smirk on his face.

Valdez Villareal, considered one of the most violent sicarios in Mexico exuded nothing but confidence and tranquility as he descended handcuffed from a Federal police hummer, wearing the same clothes shown in his initial arrest photo yesterday, and turned to the cameras to smile.

While Valdez Villarreal's demeanor was certainly not normal under his current situation, it is not the first time it has been seen within the world of drug trafficking.

Almost three years ago, Sandra Ávila Beltrán, La Reina del Pacífico, displayed the same behavior, after being arrested in Mexico City in 2007.

On Sept. 28, 2007, more than 30 Mexican federal agents swarmed into a diner where she was having coffee and arrested her. She coolly asked the agents to let her freshen her makeup before the police filmed her transfer to jail. On the videotape, she tosses her hair and smiles for the camera, strutting in tight jeans and spiked heels, on the arm of an agent.

In a later tape of her being questioned by the police, she describes herself as a housewife who earns a little money on the side “selling clothes, houses.” Asked why she had been arrested, she responds with nonchalance: “Because of an extradition order to the United States.”

According to the psychiatrist Felix Aranday Cortes, a member of the Ramon de la Fuente National Institute of Psychiatry, this type of behavior has nothing to do with fearlessness, but is actually a sign of dissociation and commonly found in sociopaths under intense stress.

These people live in a constant state of here and now. They are manipulative and have a grandiose sense of self. They are callous and lack remorse. They do not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. The dissociation derives from never acknowledging harm done. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way. They are, in their minds, untouchable and above any and all laws.


  1. Edgar makes it clear he only works alone and does not like alliance "i've aways worked alone and do not receive orders from anyone" those are words from a person who has no emotional alliance either or loyality. He has cut some deal but for sure is responsible for the take down and death of his "friends" I have no doubt about this. There was a huge "got cha" behind that smile

  2. she has had some really bad plastic surgery!

    her nose, eyebrow lift, collagen in her lips...she kind of resembles michael jackson!!

  3. Which in essence is a good thing right, Abuela?

    Because if he is responsible for dismantling the Beltran-Leyva cartel, than Mexico is better off thanks to his disloyalty. And in turn, that can establish a new way of infiltrating/investigating the cartels, although, I don’t know if any of the cartels that are left are stupid enough to trust an outsider like the Beltran-Leyva brothers did. In fact, they may or may not learn from their mistakes.

    But it’s safe to say that La Barbie played all of them and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was responsible for taking all of them out (one by one)... From Alfredo to Arturo to Carlos, it’s highly suspicious that the authorities were able to corner them so effortlessly. So, that’s why I have a feeling it was an inside job and that La Barbie was the mole.

    If so, good for him, because both Alfredo and Arturo were extremely aggressive forces, so Mexico is better off without them. And Carlos wanted to break Alfredo out, so I’m glad his in the can too.

    Maybe this will set the tone for future investigative work by the federal police department, infiltrating cartels the way Joseph Dominick Pistone aka Donnie Brasco took out the Colombo family in New York.

    In the words of my Cuban comrades, La Barbie se la comio, y no solo eso, hasta se puede decir que el papi de la fiesta es La Barbie.

    I read a couple of articles this morning; regarding rumors that he could be a Donnie Brasco character in Mexico. It read like a fantastic story if it was true, but it’s clearly not. The U.S. government wouldn’t risk parading one of their agents (even undercover, Donnie Brasco style), in front of the Mexican media. The likelihood of this guy being killed off before he’s extradited to the United States is pretty high, so it’s a sure thing that he’s definitely not an undercover agent.

    Abuela, please don’t think that my previous comment represent my sentiments: There’s a method to my madness, you’ll see in my next post. Thank God for Labor Day Weekend, I get to catch up on tons of reading I have to do and on a couple of pieces I’m working on for the BB.

    Now, back to Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy, gorgeous play, it has surpassed my expectations. I am completely and utterly enamored with Kyd’s masterpiece; so far my favorite stanza is as follows:

    But in the harvest of my summer joys
    Death’s winter nipped the blossoms of my bliss
    Forcing divorce betwixt my love and me.

    Bel-Imperia reminds me of someone I know all to well.

  4. @ VI

    Exactly my thoughts and feelings...& Brasco came to mind as well...This brings an entirely new aspect to the Barbie scenario..I would not be too quick to discount a Brasco-type role. If so, edgar is being very protected and I would look for extradiction sooner rather than later.

    Looking forward to your next installment

  5. Valentina Isabella you and Chivis sound like you two are writing a script for a movie...Please lets stop with the speculation. People could speculate all day on the motive of La Barbie and the circumstance surrounding his involvement with the cartels and the top people..the reality is he was there and highly involved and it is apparent that his own record speaks for itself...No will ever the full truth expect La Barbie himself and no doubt he will use all of his information for his own advantage...

  6. No Donnie Brasco here! Even in the movie Donnie Brasco was not allowed to commit crimes for example - MURDER! La Barbie is no Donnie Brasco but a murderous criminal that was big time player in a vicious drug war! Stop trying to glorify this guy and call it for what it is...

  7. Anonymous (CIA/DEA Hypothosis writer)September 2, 2010 at 1:08 PM

    Valentina & Chivis, the last comment posted by another anonymous was not from me. I enjoy your writings and multiple hypothysis. Do not be discouraged.

  8. Anonymous (September 2, 2010 12:28 PM):

    If I could write a script for a movie, I wouldn’t contemplate law school. In fact, I would be loaded and work would never be the same again, because I would probably sleep all day and write all night, plus I would hang out with sketchy characters and use them as inspiration. But that’s out of the question, of course, because I’m not a writer.

    As for your theory on speculation, people speculate about El Chap (all day long), so why can’t they contemplate Barbie’s actions, he sure is giving the general public enough to work with. As for his record, well, I’m sure El H and Alfredo have a lot to articulate about Barbie’s opportunist motives and hidden agenda.

    In fact, El H’s people have made it a point to leave behind little notes about what a coward and traitor Barbie turned out to be. Of course, as the BB noted, those notes were left behind on the dead and mutilated bodies that belonged to the men that work for him.

    I’ve expanded on a factual timeline of the arrests made within the Beltran-Leyva cartel and La Barbie and El Indio’s timing as to when they decided to oppose Hector Beltran-Leyva.

  9. No glorification here, speculation, intrigue.
    Whereas the speculation of a Brasco scenario crossed my mind, I was mindful of the crimes, but also mindful the murders were not of innocents so just maybe...?

    As for the script writing...I find it amusing and a curiosity why anyone would care what I write or VI or anyone. It is my right to express myself as I choose and your right to read/not read. What exactly do you gain by being critical and rude? That is the mystery to me, if I charged you for the privilege then you would be legt to complain to that you do not like, but I don't ...and honestly, why are you reading? skip it if it makes you unhappy and contribute something productive instead of insults.

    @ 1:08
    thanks...I give the negative personal comments to anyone no consideration. WHat I love about his/her comments is he blasts us but then goes on to formulate and deliver his own speculation. after saying "stop with the speculation" ha!

  10. if people are going to post their comments they have to expect some feedback...everyone can give an opinion but it does not need to be so uninformed....the facts are the facts...if you have seen the interrogation of la barbie he is the one speaking about his involvement in this drug barbie's records speaks for itself and thats what the comments are based on not comparing them to hollywood movies.....

  11. To whoever...
    "Uniformed"? and you know this how? you do not know me or my work or that of anyone. Hollywood movies? Are you serious? Brasco was not a hollywood character, the main point was missed, in Mx where I LIVE AND WORK it has been long speculated that Edgar was a cooperative, just study the history of the man.

  12. Pretty ridiculous scenarios being thrown around, the 'truth' or real story makes a lot more sense. Dude was a player in the drug game, worked his way up, and this is where he is today. It has to happen to someone. I don't doubt he had his own issues with loyalty and honor, because he shifted alliances a lot, and never stood next to anybody for very long. But, an informer? No. Inform on who? The people under him? The guys littered around Guerreo and Cuernavaca?

    The guy wanted his own cartel, he wanted to be ABL, but he probably just didn't have the support or the respect. I feel like if this dude wasn't from Laredo there wouldn't be these wild theories. In organized crime people get arrested and killed, you can play that Kevin Bacon game and connect almost any player to other players arrest or death, but that doesn't make it real. All respect to the posters though, no harm intended.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Well said j the best post of the day

  15. Chivis:

    That's what I read this morning, they actually wrote an article explaining how that would be true - this is the Mexican press we're talking about. I didn't take it seriously, but like Abuela said, I shouldn't rule that out yet.

    Do people believe that because he's an outsider or for other reasons?

    Honestly, I don't think the U.S. would risk that much, parading him in the Mexican media. Especially, if he was working for the FBI or DEA. I think he would have vanished from one day to the next and then we would only hear about him through testimony he would possibly give against difference cartel members awaiting trial in the U.S.

  16. Ok, here it is, take notes:

    La Barbie did not have any type of relationship with El Chapo, so he does not have anything to offer. He also never really knew Nacho or Zambada or El Azul, So he has nothing to offer on Cnaloa cartel. He just talks shit to make himself bigger, but his cell was never a contender, Aturo made him what he is, after Arturo, he was nobody. I doubt he talked to El Jefe during El Jefe's last hours like he contends, he is just trying to be the center of attention.

    La Barbie likes to brag, that is all.

    Mexico will extradite him, because he is not worth much. The US will convict him and put him on protective custody. The US soon will find out La Barbie is all BS and has nothing worth to offer.

    What needs to happen is for the Mexican government and the US to follow the money trail and seize all his assets, there is plenty out there, in the name of other people.

    Now Sandra Ávila Beltrán did have an inside, that is why Mexico will not extradite her to the US.

    Hope this clears some of the wacked especulations!

  17. Sorry, I didn't take notes. I rather wait it out and see how it plays out in the U.S., because he's definitely coming over here.

    Here's a good question: Why would he say that ABL wanted to kill him whenever he was drugged up? What's that about?

    I feel like he's conveniently leaving stuff out.

    In fact, I thought they were close or at least that he was loyal to the BL cartel, the next thing you know he was trying to take control from Hector. Which reminds me... Why does Hector think that Barbie tipped off the authorities (Mexican Navy and Marines) about Arturo?

    What a tangled web he weaves.

  18. "Here's a good question: Why would he say that ABL wanted to kill him whenever he was drugged up? What's that about?"

    Oh sweetie, you have sooo much to learn.

    The answer: "Blood is than water." You don't become top capo over another Beltran-Leyva brother (El H) and who do you think Arturo trylu trusted more, La Barbie who moved around a lot or his own blood.

    You are almost there, girl!

  19. The drug thing is easy, Arturo seemed like an emotional guy, prone to dramatics, given his title, and other things, so he over some affront, real or imagined, when he gets all coked up and drunk, he threatens La Barbie, in a drunk and coked up sort of way. People, esp. people who use cocaine, and are criminals love to get all drugged out and rail on about injustices and petty things. So, a cartel boss? It's probably a scene.

    It's just things that criminals in a constant state of transgression and paranoia go thru. Happens all the time. Person A: "I'm not talking to him right now, he's all coked up', he's been doing too much of that'. Person B: 'That guy's not welcome here, bring him here right now etc etc etc'. It's just how normal friends go thru phases, just add a lot of cocaine, weapons, money, and huge egos.

    As far, as the Beltran Leyva's, when a cartel splits, accusations are usually leveled from each side, most of the time it's exaggeration at best, or complete lies. Does El H really believe La Barbie set up his brother? Maybe. Is it a really good motivator for a war, and really good propaganda for ABL loyalists? Hey, it could all be a massive conspiracy of epic proportions, and Barbie could be a modern day Machiavelli, but if he was why is he in front of all these cameras sweating, getting ready to go to prison? I think he's an intelligent criminal, who was prone to manipulation and maneuvering to better his position, a trait not uncommon among those in the drug business.

  20. Thanks J, that makes sense, and also I kinda got the impression that he was leaving out details and therefore his statments are not fluid.

    For instance, when he mentioned that he didn't like to be around ABL when he was using drugs, he also said that he wasn't talking/communicating with him for 3 months prior to Arturo's attempted arrest, which resulted in his death. So right there he gave us a 3 month timeline, where there was zero communication between them, almost like a fallout of sorts.

    So the other statement he presented, the one about receiving a phone call from ABL during his final hours alive. It doesn't seem realistic, if Arturo was going to call anyone, he would have called his brothers, Carlos and Hector. Not someone he wasn't speaking to in over 3 months.

    Think about, would you call an associate, whom you haven't spoken to in over 3 months (you're basically not on speaking terms), while you're being attacked by the Mexican Navy and Marines?

    No, that's the last thing I would even think about - it makes no sense.

    I feel like Arturo didn't trust him or they found out something that lead them to believe that they couldn't trust him anymore and that's why he would attack Barbie on a personal level.

    There are certain things he's saying that don't add up, that being one of them.

    What's definitely a fact is that once Barbie became involved in their cartel, the entire organization started falling apart. We just didn't care to give him that much credit, I certainly didn't.

  21. Whats the US doing??? There are DEA agents in Mexico. There has to be a Buyer in the USA as big or bigger than La Barbie. But corruption is only in Mexico of course. As long as there is consumers this is never going to stop. This guy is talking and No Action is Being Taken.

  22. Seems realistic enough to me, maybe he made it up, but if I'm surrounded by Marines, clutching a pistol, watching my gunmen die, and death/capture seeming imminent, why not? He probably called anyone who he thought could help him, no one could have had that point though anyway, unless Barbie was bringing 1000 men. He probably did call, even if they hadn't been on the greatest terms. Like, drunk dialing, on a larger scale. Pretty cold of Barbie suggesting surrender, but also realistic, I respect the way Arturo went out.

    Lastly, not to be critical or continue haggling, but Barbie was around Sinaloa/Beltran Leyvas since the early 2000's, the break up with Sinaloa is what caused 90% of their organizations problems, in my opinion.

  23. VI, you hit it on the nail, thank you!

  24. La Barbie was close to the top of the food chain. It is only necessary that he know one thing they need. They fit a puzzle together and he paid his way.

    The closer to the top the closer to the end, that's the way it is today. La Barbie chose captivity in a safe, air conditioned, US prison. His lawyers will cut a deal and he will be out in five.
    And by that time his enemies will not be around.

    He's creative and if his story pleases them enough he may get witness protection.

  25. @ Chivas and valintina, we all have our rights, but u guys are being blog hogs

  26. what do u all know just talking sh t like always a least have u gone to mexico i dont think u all know much about that to know how everthing runs u have to be in the game

  27. Anonymous (September 2, 2010 10:35 PM):

    You're welcome! I posted the entire footage of the statement Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez Villarreal gave the Federal Police in Mexico on the Borderland Beat's facebook page. You have to hit Borderland Beat + Others, in case you want to take a look at it. The entire thing is better than excerpts.

  28. The Genuine Surf CitySeptember 3, 2010 at 12:38 AM

    Hey who is the surf city imposter? haha I am surf city & I did not write that childish message from a tiny mind...

  29. Here's a very interesting report on La Barbie and whether he was captured or turned himself in.

  30. the mexican goverment and the allies in the goverment are to blame...they caught these cartels ,and the goverment will put other pple to run the drugs...calderon just wants the us off his ass! since he is president ,theres more killing,kidnappings etc! it won't be long and will be another war btween usa...and the nexican's just a matter of time..and all the innocent pple always pays for these pple mistakes....we need god back up here to fix all this crap!!

  31. la barbie is another victim of the way usa have all the latinos in the border!! uneducated, ignorant, and lack of jobs!! were do you go? after u finish school? NO WHERE!! to deliquent! and to rebel against society! the usa, needs to stop demanding and we all collectivly need to educate our children to say no to drugs!!and for our goverment to open universities and colleges and to create more jobs in the border!! AND GIVE OUR CHILDREN an opportunity to suceed and to appreciate the education!! enough of all this ignorance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. hmmm..more blame the USA for Mexican criminals greed..very productive...the basic excuse is always someone else's fault for your actions....snorrrr...boring

  33. @10:29PM
    ..."and for our goverment to open universities and colleges and to create more jobs in the border!!"

    Governments don't create jobs, businesses create jobs. Those employed by the government are paid out of the working man's taxes.

    Without government there would still be jobs. Without jobs there would be no government.


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