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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jose Luis "El Tubi" Carrizales Coronado killed in Nuevo Laredo prison

What most thought to be a hoax after reading a late night, brief, photo-less announcement in Primera Hora News, has turned out to be true. The question of "Tubi or not Tubi" has been answered.

Hours after being released from prison in Puente Grande, Jalisco, and transferred to prison in Nuevo Laredo, Jose Luis Carrizales Coronado, alias "El Tubi", who at the time of his arrest was considered just below La Barbie as Chapo Guzman's top sicarios, was killed yesterday in a fight with another inmate.

Several police sources from Jalisco, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas unofficially confirmed the death of the gunman yesterday evening.

Sources confirm Tamaulipas authorities arrived at the Puente Grande prison to await Carrizales Coronado's release. Once released he was immediately apprehended and transfered to Nuevo Laredo where he was to face outstanding criminal charges in the state of Tamaulipas.

The Tamaulipas Department of Public Security, in an official announcement, informed "El Tubi's" death was caused by multiple stab wounds which occurred during a confrontation with a past rival.


The death was registered at 18:00 hours in the bathrooms of Module II.


The other inmate, whose name has not been released, was reportedly wounded in the confrontation and transferred to the prison infirmary for emergency medical attention. At this time, his health status is unknown.

Carrizales was arrested on August 16, 2005 along with Francisco Carlos Esquivel Maldonado, aka "The Capi" and six accomplices in the Southern Monterrey restaurant Vips. They were accused of kidnapping three people in March of that year.

The kidnappers freed their alleged victims in exchange for the payment of 200 thousand pesos in cash, the title of one recent model vehicle, and a gold crucifix.

A year after his arrest on September 5, 2006, the then Director of the State Agency of Investigations, Marcelo Garza y Garza, who led the operation which captured the criminal gang, was executed.

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On January 21, 2008, Judge Ernesto Palacios Lopez, who sentenced "El Tubi" and his accomplices, was gunned down by unknown attackers while driving outside of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.


Carlos Martinez Gracia and Luis Antonio Martínez Muñoz, the lawyers who defended "El Tubi" and "El Capi" were executed in separate events in October of 2006 and 2009.
la burra

Monday, August 30, 2010, after five years, "Tubi" and six of his alleged accomplices, also incarcerated in Puente Grande, were acquitted by the Third Criminal Court in Nuevo Leon, who claimed not to have found sufficient evidence to carry out sentencing.

Also absolved by the state of Nuevo Leon were Meliton Ramirez Aldaco, Alejandro Zuviere Mendez, Luis Sánchez Trujillo, Juan Antonio Torres Alvarado and the former agents of the state ministerial police, Pedro Cesar Cortes and Sergio Castañeda Aguilar.

It is unknown if Tubi's accomplices were released with him from Puente Grande.

Carlos "El Capi" Esquivel Maldonado, the alleged leader of the Sinaloa Cartel gang, was exonerated and later released by an injunction granted by the First District Court in Jalisco.

Despite the fact Mexico had not legally put anyone to death since 1961 and abolished the death penalty in 2005, it is obvious, in my opinion, the State continues to "sponser" executions at random. Who orders them? Who knows, but Tubi is not the first to pay his debt in a state institution.

On August 6, 2010, a similar event happened in what was reported as prison riot involving rival cartel inmates in Matamoras, Tamaulipas.

Fourteen federal inmates were killed. State sources said two of them had been taken to the jail on July 19 and the other 12 men had been taken there on July 29.

According to one law enforcement official, 12 of the dead were believed to be the same 12 Zetas that were arrested by Mexican Marines on the night of July 25 in San Fernando, Tamaulipas.


  1. i write so people that read this can know that this man was a good man. yes maybe he wasnt doing the right way of living, but he wasnt a murdered, or torture people. his killing was a a plan where judge, soldiers, from both jalisco and nuevo laredo were involved to make sure he was transfer to nuevo laredo where they can kill him. if you see his hand is at the back, he was still in handcuffs! all the stabs where around the heart, accident? fight? no people MIGUEL TREVINO (Z40) planned all of this and bought all of this authorities to kill him because he was afraid of Luis Carrizales. Mexico has no law, its a city where you smell murder all over =(

  2. That guy is not handcuffed, if so, to what? His pants without a cross-chain. To say this guy was a good man is bullshit. He wasn't forced into that life. These photos represent the way your life ends if you choose this lifestyle. Not worth it. Eye for an eye down there in Mexico. It's all a chaotic power struggle. What a waste. I love you Mexico. You'll get some control around this problem soon enough.

  3. He was not in handcuffed, where did you get this from?????????

    Each one had "shanks," just that El Tubi was too slow. The suggestion about Z40 is interesting though! The reason I say this is because Tamaulipas police and the correction system is highly corrupt. La Barbie is lucky the state of Tamaulipas does not have him in custody!

  4. A good man! Are you serious? He got what he deserved. You wanna be involved in a major drug cartel...eventually you'll pay the price! Death or imprisonment. I feel absolutely no pity for that piece of shit! For me, justice was served! My only compliant is it shouldn't of took 5 years. Keep in mind that douche bag was fixing to be exonerated for lack of evidence. Perhaps, that was the motivation for his death. You should feel sorry for the original presiding judge and the two defense attorneys, who were executed for obvious reasons. It always amazes me the sick and warped sense of compassion people feel for these cartel criminals!!


    1. Fuck u , you’re a fucking scared pussy that can only talk shit

  5. @ anonymous Sept 2, 7:52 PM

    I most definitely do not know this man personally, but I've got to say, I do not understand your comment.

    He was handcuffed? He doesn't appear to be handcuffed, Unless authorities took the hand cuffs off him before the photos were taken.

    I did see in a news report saying he was admitted into this module under "irregular" circumstances and three inmates were waiting for him, stabbing him to death.

    Now, it also said one of the other inmates was wounded in the attack...If he was handcuffed the entire time, how did this happen? Or was the other inmate NOT wounded?

    Your comment about Z-40 is interesting, but would it have to come directly from the top? (Z-40)...An (ex) Sinaloa leader in a Nuevo Laredo, Tamps prison seems like it could draw any amount of enemies/ex rivals, no?

  6. You live by the sword.

  7. actually he was handcuffed if u were to look at the picture all the stabbings were in the heart area and one in the necck and yes it was ordered by z40 or treviño but the one incharged in el penal 2 is miguel abrego and it was not a fight between two inmates it was a murder because if you pay attention to the picture where his whole body is showing you would be able to see where he was tragged into the restroom also in el penal 2 it takes up to 3-4 hours to get regstered and be able to go to the back he didnt even have 30 minutes since his arrival and when someone called and asked they said no he has not arrived here yet and if whoever that did not knew him dont talk shit u might end up dead as well he only killed to defend himself he never messed around with any ones famiy this info has been posted by an internal informant :) REST IN PEACE TUBI

  8. LOL! Gotta LOVE that opening comment! "Tubi or, not Tubi"! hahaha ,snort!

  9. @anonymous 1:11 pm

    Christ!!! I knew this was a "state execution", but I didn't know to what extent.

    From the pictures, it was fairly obvious he had been stabbed in the chest, but after reading your comments and looking closer at the first photo, it is clear he was stabbed multiple times exactly in the heart (as you stated).

    Were the other "accomplices" absolved in Guadalajara also sent to Nuevo Laredo, or just Carrizales?

  10. a good man???? seem to know that prison quite well..are u a good man too??? well... one judge..a public safety chief and other two lawyers don't get murdered in those circumstances if the piece of shit is a "good man"....who cares if he was framed up or if it was a fight w/another inmate....that crap is gone...he gone!!!

  11. mi sentido pesame a un ano de tu muerte mi tubi que en paz descanses !desde illinois te recordamos


  13. Es el tubys primo del nene y el wicho???

  14. Era primo de ambrosio morales Carrizales

    1. Que le paso a ambrosio morales carrizales "nene"?


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