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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tony Tormenta Remains at Large

Last Friday I reported on the capture of Tony Tormenta based on official reports and news from reputable sources. I quickly jumped on the story wanting to bring our readers up to date information on a very important event. Well, it turns out, the information was incorrect. Tony Tormenta was at the scene of the conflict but managed to escape.

The information about the conflict remains sketchy at best. There are reports of sicarios that were allegedly captured at the scene but we have not seen anyone presented or more detailed information coming out.

This is what Mexican news sources are reporting that happened:

During last Friday's shootout in Matamoros the Mexican military attempted to capture one of the main leaders of the Gulf cartel, Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen, Tony Tormenta, who escaped after a scuffle that lasted nearly five hours.

In the shootout two marines and one gunman were killed and nine elements of the marines were wounded. In addition, the military secured five vehicles that were riddled with bullet holes (two were armored) and also seized were two bags of cocaine.

According to part of the official report, the clash occurred on September 17 on the street Londres at around 0930 hours, where the marines attempted to secure a safe house suspected to belong to the Gulf cartel.

The confrontation lasted until 1400 hours at which time the military finally managed to secure the property, but Ezequiel Cardenas was able to escape from the scene.

We apologize for the misinformation and any inconvenience this might have caused. We strive to bring you up to date and reliable information to the best of our ability. But I must agree that sometimes it is hard to do because the information coming out from Mexico at times is very hard to confirm. Thank you for your patience and for being part of BB.


  1. No need to apologize. I think we, the readers would all agree that you guys do a great job of reporting the news and translation. It is very difficult business because often times there is a lot of rumors and gossip which end up being false. Keep up the good work!!
    I'm tired of all the CDG news. What about those mugrosos (filthy, dirty ones)??? lol

  2. I told a friend that day as soon as I read it here and he made some quick radio calls. He was then told Tormenta was at large. But I heard he had been momentarily captured but his re-enforcements "la gente" stormed into the presidencia and some political figures were taken hostage and used to force the quick liberation of Tormenta. I was told this by friends from Reynosa. Not sure how true this might have been! Pero una vez mas "se les pelo Baltazar!"

  3. Thank you all for being man enough to admit your errors. Too many blog/news sites would have moved on without noting the error.

  4. Hey Reporter Buggs, this is the Brownsville Herald Reporter calling you out. How dare you tarnish my credibility by stating that my information was incorrect?
    My story never said that he was captured, I dont know where you got that and frankly I don't care. My story said he was involved in the firefight but we couldn't confirm he was captured or killed. Please check your facts before attacking my credibility. By the way thanks for finally giving us credit on the stuff that you borrow from us.
    The only other part that is questionable is the body count. Contrary to what the official sources state, the body count was a lot higher than reported. Unless you have evidence otherwise, don't question my credibility. Don't tell me you were there because I didnt see you there.

  5. Thanks for the info. we all know that anything out of Mx is maby. I wonder how Tony escaped?? Sounds like a bad day for the military. Good job what about a body count on Secarios.

  6. It is possible that at times the Mex gov throws out misinformation in order to protect their own from retaliation. Keep in mind that right after the death of Arturo, Calderon praised the family of a fallen marine and the Beltran's had the whole family massacred within hours.

    My point being; when they capture people sometimes the authorities can't be completely straight-forward about it. Tony Tormenta it seems was unlikely captured although EVERY major news outlet was reporting otherwise.

    This is just part of covering an unconventional civil war.

  7. Fist of all I said that the information of the capture was incorrect, so if you did not say he got captured, then why are you bitching?

    I simply said that there is a lot of conlficting information out there, I never said the information by Brownsville Herald was incorrect, please read cerfully before you jump to conclusions.

    By the way we usually always give credit, but you are not the only media reporting out there, don't flatter yourself!



    A: Two dead marines and one Sicario

  10. Hey Señorita Brownsville Herald AKA Anonymous;
    This is Buela calling you out.........

    Get a grip, and re-read the story & clarification story. Clearly, Buggs never stated what you are accusing him of. He even inserted links to accomodate readers wanting to read the original reports. Note worthy: BB did not edit your bitch, they could have elected not to post, demonstrates ethical principles

    Unlike most blogs BB is not a Cut & Paste, reporting blog. They always give credit to the work and photos of other media outlets. As for Brownsville, most of your narco news reports are "borrowed" from others such as Associated press, Mx media etc. The original stories from BH is usually mudane stuff such as human interest stories catering to local & state interest.

    Obviously the green eyed monster crawled up your fanny...It establishes the great importance you place on BB..

  11. ive been saying it wait three days after its on narco blog and its babel translated on here.. my comments always get flagged but anyways.

  12. c from houston there only loyal to one c... actually thats all the other blogs report on so thats all they can regurgitate.

  13. you guys keep moving lower and lower down the book mark list.. lol ..

  14. Like someone said above, quit bitching, if you don't like BB, go somewhere else. I guess you keep saying other blogs are better, but you keep coming back?

    Good job BB!

  15. Everyone on the BB staff works very hard to provide news about the drug war on our border. Speaking personally, I spend a lot of time painstakingly translating articles and I don't use translation sites or software. The reason I do this is to give the english speaking audience exposure to the blogs and news we see on spanish language sites. This is important because even the Brownsville Herald won't publish certain photos or stories, for whatever reason this problem is being swept under America's proverbial rug.

    If anyone has a problem with the quality of the translation or the content that BB provides (for free) I strongly suggest you contact Buggs and start translating articles for us, or even better start your own blog and then you can control ALL the content and comments.

    I can't stand people who bitch but don't participate beyond complaining loudly.

  16. from what i heard, they (the military) had him but the sicarios "rescued" him and made the military look a fool, i bet the soldados were upset about that...they were owned by tormenta's sad..


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