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Friday, September 10, 2010

Six Police Killed in Tamaulipas

Six police were killed Wednesday in a clash with gunmen in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, authorities said.

The battle took place shortly after 3:00 a.m. near the town of Padilla on the highway linking Ciudad Victoria, the state capital, with Matamoros, just across the border from Brownsville, Texas.

The victims were identified only as three members of the Tamaulipas Rural Police and three municipal traffic officers.

They were killed less than 24 hours after state Public Safety Secretary Ives Soberon resigned to make way for Antonio Garza Garcia, erstwhile federal police commissioner in the western state of Michoacan.

Tamaulipas has been battered this year by a turf war between the Gulf drug cartel and the rival Los Zetas outfit, leaving hundreds dead.

The Zetas are blamed for the massacre of 72 undocumented migrants late last month at a Tamaulipas ranch not far from the U.S. border.


  1. Buggs Sure wish could get detais on these constant gunfights,I guess nobody talks much,but what about twitter it seems there must be an underground news source in Mexico by now with details?

  2. son polizetas... good riddance

  3. Which cartel are the cholos going to come and cheer for?

    No it wasn't the cartels fault. The US made them do it.

  4. yep blame the Usa...fukn gringos...and their dammed fuctional country...hey lets all go there and fuck it up for them...

  5. I have friends not far from Padilla. I pray for them daily. This insanity needs to stop. How can the drug cartels enjoy their big bucks when they never know when death comes to call every day?

  6. Ok here is the proof that Calderon is certifiably a ignorant (possibly stupid) asshole..I was conflicted before but no longer...

    1. says no part of Mx is dominated by cartels
    2. blames mexico's problems on US drug usage

    a fool/idiot is the president of Mexico...
    Guess I must Tweet him the stats; that US drug use is down 50% since 1979 and Mexico's has doubled in 4 years...

  7. If it was that wish!

  8. it is functional enough to support 15 million ILLEGAL MEXICANS many illegal americans are in mexico...3 mebbe ever try to get a work permit in mexico...jajajajajja....forget it ....what a fukn mess...ILLEGALS GO HOME...

  9. Hey chivis... If drug consumption was so low where did Wachovia get 380 billion dollars to launder from 04 to 07? I am not blaming the US, but you have to be stupid not to see that drug consumption in the US is still high...

  10. @3:56

    It is not what I said, shall I write in Spanish?Let me know because I can, as you misunderstood. I did not say LOW, read the facts. The facts are The US has apx 307M population 6% using drugs on a regular basis is a tremendous market. Mx has apx 105M pop, so 5% is much lower.

    My point is this...In the 70s many more people thought using cocaine recreationally was fine, the majority of clubbers (disco back in the day) used. The fact is since 1979 it has decreased by 50% Mx has increased by 100% in 4 yrs. Sure the numbers are huge in the US, but Mx is incurring a problem that is increasing at an alarming rate.

    It is not me that is stupid.

  11. fck all u dumasses, racist fucks! viva mexico, u know we'll blast ur ass! lmfao lames fuck with us and well chop ur head mail it ur mom!


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