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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Senate: Narco Controls 71% of Mexican Municipalities

A Mexican Senate committee reported last Tuesday that drug gangs have dominated the mayors of some 195 municipalities and influence another 1536, which account for a staggering 71% of the total two thousand 439 municipalities in Mexico.

The president of the Municipal Development Committee of the Senate, Ramon Galindo, said that organized crime groups "have complete control over 8% of the municipalities and have infiltrated up to 63 percent of the total."

In the study titled "Local authorities and organized crime," prepared by experts and presented by the committee, it is detailed how criminal cells operate in the municipalities.

"In most Mexican municipalities there is a criminal structure capable of controlling the business of organized crime, drug pushing, cultivation and drug trafficking, kidnapping and extortion," warns the document.

Map showing the total number of municipalities in Mexico. 71 percent of these municipalities are controlled or influenced by drug cartels

The chairman of the Senate committee explained that the municipalities are prey to criminal groups because they are "the weakest link" because of the lack of funding, lack of sustainable economic and social policies, and neglect and disinterest of state and federal governments.

According to the study, the cartels have generated a "expansive, simple and sustainable" filtration in the municipalities.

The cartels have learned and mastered the formula of the equation. They have understood that the municipality, as the level of government closest to people, is key in their success, particularly for drug pushing operations," according to text.

He adds that later they establish themselves, at a municipal level, logistical support, infrastructure, political cooperation and the complicit silence.

The analysis finds that the criminal structure operates "under the shield of corruption: politically protected and logistically supported by the municipal police," which "keeps the red lights turned on."

Galindo said, to counteract this problem, it is "urgent" to adjust policies and strengthen municipalities politically and economically.

Additionally he added the need for all local government officials: mayors, aldermen, and trustees, to stop being simple decorative figures and become true exemplifying "pillars of the state."

The senator added that another outstanding issue is to reduce threats and even death in those localities which are in dispute by warring cartels.

In the past three years drug cartels, who have increasingly taken on the characteristics of an insurgent rebel movement, have assassinated 41 local officials, including mayors, former mayors, magistrates, council clerks and mayoral candidates.

The senator predicted, in his closing statement, the war against drugs and organized crime launched by President Felipe Calderon, will be long and drawn out, unless strategies for long term social and economic development are made a priority within municipalities across the country.


  1. Additionally he added the need for all local government officials: mayors, aldermen, and trustees, to stop being simple decorative figures and become true exemplifying "pillars of the state."

    nice statement....but if they try they are gonna be dead pillars of the state

    Mexico the worlds first true narcocracy

    1. You are right and thanks to the innocent USA for funding these cartels by sending them billions each year.

  2. Who are the man and woman in the picture on the heading of this post?

  3. And the senate issued a report to enlighten who?
    Clearly not the good people of Mx. for all have complete knowledge of this...

    "Presidentes" govern an area..(think a mayor of a county)..however cartels rule the presidente; city hall; police; local media; every aspect of municipality. It is bullshit that it is 71% accurately would be 90 percentile and absolutely 100% of the border municipalities. These fools are untrained, uneducated, uncommitted and grossly low zero personal safety factor, corruption runs the deepest at the municipal level.

    I have said it before but I will say it again..wages need to be desirable; training should be in tandem and until stability is established, cities, especially key cities and at the border, need to have the feds take over the police forces. stability must begin at the weakess point which is corruption in municipalities. Cartels would be hit hard by stabilzation of city government. In Mexico...corruption is greatest at; cities, then state,.. federal level is the least.

    The federal government along w/state gov I hold responsible for having full knowledge of this but have allowed this system of corruption to establish itself as to becoming the status quo. They literally abandon cities to "fester" on their own with little investment or guidance with the exception of PR projects at election time.

  4. Lap it up.
    take it in. digest it.
    made up statistics to point the way towards policies backed up by fear.
    shock doctrine, Disaster Capitalism.
    the real was is a war for your wallet, but
    no one sees it.

  5. These Munacipalities must be infiltrated the players identified,then dissapear. If the people ever feel that they have power the criminals will be eliminated,its human nature to remove bullys. People who have faith in a leader will gain strenth rat out the paracites, local moles, clandestine pay for intel,go on offensive,Same routine as Vietnamization,--Iraque,Afgan Counterinsurgency BS.What if the local narco and his new SUV just disapeared poof, These guys stick out like a sore thumk in the small towns--

  6. @7:37 AM

    Seems logical & pragmactic, right? Wrong! There is no mystery here, all players are known and accounted for...further they are the same parties PAN PRI offer up candidates, the citizens work hard to "win" at election time. I get so pissed, I asked my staff " WHY????????" I say "you know they are corrupt, you know they are with Zs, why do you work so fucking hard and celebrate the very bastards that sell their soul??? That allow cartel to govern your cities?

    Nervous laugher, shrugging shoulders is what meets my Qs...& the best/worse answer was from my sec (PRI Regional leader) "Buela Chivis, it is what we do, we are not given good choices" I said just said "then you are part of the problem"...

    You have no idea what a source of frustration this is for me. My staff are highly educated Mex half graduated from US Universities, and this is what they do.

  7. @BB

    This was sent to my FB page...I know the family personaly even Ruben's mother, gov-brother, vanessa, etc. Until I read the article you posted a few months back I had no idea the depth of corruption in this family. I have not visited Saltillo since, though I must go in Oct for meetings which will include dinner or whatever...I am a person who wears my heart on my sleeve, I do not know how I can get thru it.

    this man is incapable of the truth, never did like him, but honestly did everyone else. That is part of the problem,,,they are likable people, incidious lot.

  8. @ 1:31AM
    The man in the picture is Raul Meza Ontiveros aka el M6. The right hand man to Javier Torres Felix aka el JT of the Cartel de Sinaloa. The woman im guessing is his daughter.

  9. this inept system of politics and government has always exsisted in Mexico....this drug war and crisis have now just exposed it more and led to more exploitation of what was always a weak system and bueracracy.

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