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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Police Corruption and Infighting Continues

Sept 15th Ciudad Juarez – A narco banner was hung near the entrance to a tunnel accusing Chihuahua Governor Reyes Baeza and General Prosecutor for the state Patricia Gonzalez of protecting La Linea, the armed wing of the Juarez cartel that has heavily infiltrated the local and state police. The allegations include the charging of $1,000 monthly 'cuates' - extortion fees paid by police officers employed by the state - has resulted in the kidnapping and murder of innocent women and children in particular in an effort on the part of the extorted police to come up with the money when it's due. It lays the blame of the city's violence squarely on La Linea's doorstep, claiming that Sinaloa and El Chapo are against this type of criminal behavior.

Last week another banner was hung by La Linea and signed by El Diego promising not only to kill the friends but also the parents of known sicarios if a child who had previously been kidnapped wasn't returned unharmed.

In August, federal police mutinied and beat fellow inspector Salomon Alarcon Olvera, aka "El Chaman" after accusing him of being linked to drug cartels and having participated in kidnappings, executions and extortion in Ciudad Juarez. Olvera was also known to charge 'cuates' in addition to charging officers for their own weapons equipment and ammunition under the threat of death or arrest of drug possession if they didn't comply. Coverage and video of the incident here by Borderland Beat.

Federal Police Fight Local Police

Sept, 8th Ixtepec, Oaxaca. A heavily armed group of Federal Preventive Police (PFP) attempted to retrieve fellow officers who were being detained at a local jail for public intoxication.

According to initial reports four PFP Officers were in a local bar known as “El Chicotazo” when they began drinking heavily and soon afterward started a fight with other patrons. The entire ordeal left the federal officers badly beaten. Upon arrival, the municipal police arrested the federal officers and several women who accompanied them during the brawl.

Within fifteen minutes a convoy of PFP descended on the jail with full force to rescue their comrades. Federal officers assaulted several municipals including Regino Guzman Colmenares who was in critical condition after his head was beaten against the cement floor with the butt of a rifle in the main office of the municipality after refusing to hand over cell keys.

The municipal police in Ciudad Ixtepec do not carry firearms and could not repel any aggression by the PFP.

Members of the 13th Cavalry regiment of the Mexican Army stationed nearby were close enough to hear gunfire at the police station and detained twelve federal officers, relieving them of their weapons and equipment including: several AR-15's, bulletproof vests, radios and a late model truck.

Despite the aggressive acts against the local police there was no initial disposition filed against the twelve federal officers with the Federal Public Ministry, as is the normal procedure. The army acted unilaterally and released the officers in question, much to the chagrin of the municipal officers at the scene.

The city administrator later said a complaint was had been filed against the federal officers. The PFP has issued an apology to the Municipality for the actions of the officers involved and requested that the matter no longer be pursued.


  1. The second part of the video.

  2. Look at the way this "pendejos" are dressed.
    This aren't Federal Police. They're on the payroll. Look at their hair cuts, at their clothing.. How they all maintain a clean cut and how they walk. I can't fucking believe the piece of shit mexican government allows this to happen. No charges where pressed. Give me a fucking break. You can see the difference between the municipal police and the federal police.

  3. Thank you Smurf for the coverage..
    Very interesting..

    The guy in the Chivas shirt.. He was the one giving the military a hard time and threatens the camera man in the ending seconds. Fucking disgusting. Sometimes I feel so ashamed of being a Mexican American. Typical Narco behavior, they think they're superior to the Mexican Military and the municipal cops.

    I only hope that the guy who had the balls to upload this videos is ok.

  4. No problem, its important to get these stories out there.

    The video itself is very intense. After the shots are fired i was amazed he kept recording. At one point it sounds like someone tried to take the memory stick from him but he manages to convince them he hasn't been recording.

    We need people like that who are there on the front lines to document these incidents for all to see the true nature of Calderon's war.

  5. So one police agency is allowed to intimidate another police agency? Fire shots indiscriminately? American cops can't discharge a firearm without there being an internal investigation. The Municipal cops don't stand a chance.. no weapons, they don't have proper uniforms, support and worse they don't have any authority. Those Federales sure don't look like they're underpaid, I see lots of expensive strides and kicks. What a fucking mess. Props to the brave uploader of these vids.

  6. I find it hilarious how the federales basically shat themselves at the presence of the soldados. What happened to all the bravado they were exhibiting towards the unarmed MP?

    Disgusting how the MP was just basically doing it's job and how the federales came in to disrupt. Those guys are on a payroll and will eventually wind up like other federales... shot up and relieved of their duties.

  7. Drug lords, Federal Police, Local Police, Marine's, the government. God help the people of Mexico, they have NO ONE TO TRUST OR TO TURN TO.

  8. How simple woul dit have been...handcuff them, order them to remain silent,belly down, pour some soda pop all over them and let the red, fire or "arriera" ants do their job. Cheap, simple, effective! For all other requirements, there's always a G-3 in .308 flavor.

  9. a real mexican standoff

  10. 22 dead in Taumalipas


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