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Monday, September 13, 2010

New Message From Kidnappers of Diego Fernández de Cevallos

A new message sent yesterday from the presumed kidnappers of the former presidential candidate for the National Action Party (PAN) claims that the family of the PAN politician “have abandoned him and not even his own friends care about his fate.” The message was received via text which itself contained very little information on the PAN leader's health and current condition.

The Text
Age: 69 years. Height: 1.7 meters.Weight: 65 kilos. Build: very slim. Complexion: light brown. Identifiable features: scar on the spine.

“They say Boss Diego appeared to be the viceroy of New Spain and has suffered the consequences that came with it. That there were those who wanted him gone or worse, dead.”

“They say he served as the Vice-president for all practical purposes and the night his past caught up with him there were many who wished to see him rot in hell for being a cruel, old bastard.”

“They say it could have been revenge by a powerful group or they speak of the economic factors and the possibility that the kidnapping had another purpose; a prisoner exchange.”

“They even say the latest photos show only the remains of a man who was once powerful and untouchable, who has been thrown to the winds and burned in the fire. That it wasn't known if he was kidnapped by a criminal organization, or by powerful elements within the government, even perhaps a guerrilla organization.”

“Thanks to the personal and public path taken by Boss Diego there are many things that have been said about him. Perhaps they are all true since his family has abandoned him and even his friends don't care about his fate.”

The communication ended with a final text “Will continue to report?” with an emphasize on the question mark. It was also signed “The Mysterious Kidnappers.”

The letter is dated Monday, September 13, 2010.

Along with the texts was included a picture of Diego Fernández de Cevallos where the former senator is holding a May 26th copy of Processo magazine.


  1. It can't be the cartel who have him, otherwise he would have been dead already!

  2. he's probably wrapped in that garbage bag in the background somewhere already

  3. yeah, this doesn't seem to follow with the ways of the cartels...

  4. The picture looks photoshopped look at his fingers...

  5. poor man.. regardless of why people hate him, they shouldnt just not care about his fate.. if its true that his own family members dont care about his whereabouts and fate... thats just wrong!

  6. I would think Don Diego's family is flush with money so the kidnappers must be asking for something they can't or won't give them. The statements in the text seem to be an attempt to shame the people close to him to give the kidnappers what they want. But without another proof of life I don't see this going anywhere.

  7. Judging by the pictures, I would be surprised if he is still alive.

    The pics don't seem to make since. It's as if all of the pictures (3) the captives have sent were taken at the same time. His beard hasn't grown since the first picture almost 4 months ago. His blindfold even looks, not only the same, but tied exactly the same.

  8. My question is why cant they take Salinas with him
    his the one that manipulates everything that appends in Mexico.


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