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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Los Aztecas Leader Arrested in Juarez

Alleged 2nd in Command Arrested in Juarez
El Paso Times
Mexican authorities arrested two alleged Azteca gang members in Juárez, one described as the second in command of the violent street gang, The Associated Press reported Saturday.

The men have been linked to 10 slayings, including the killing last month of a federal police officer.
They were identified as Gonzalo Dominguez Sanchez, known as "El Chore," and Eduardo Rocha, alias "El Dienton," both 29.

Federal police said Dominguez was the successor to alleged Azteca leader Jesus Ernesto Chávez Castillo, "El Camello," who was arrested July 2 and is believed to be the mastermind in the slayings of U.S. Consulate employee Lesley Enriquez Redelfs and her husband, Arthur Redelfs, both of El Paso.

Rocha was described as the gang's second in command.

Federal police said the men were caught with an AR-15 rifle, two loaded pistols and more than 1.6 kilograms of cocaine.

Officials with the Mexican Attorney General's Office said Chávez, 41, was extradited to the U.S. on drug-dealing and unlawful possession of weapons charges earlier this month.

Chávez had been detained in Mexico City for two months on suspicion of carrying out the killings of Enriquez Redelfs and her husband in March.

Mexican officials handed Chávez over to the U.S. government in San Antonio. Several U.S. agencies have refused to discuss the case even though photographs of Chávez were taken at the federal courthouse in San Antonio.

The Redelfs were gunned down March 13 after leaving a children's party in Juárez. Another man, Jorge Salcido Ceni ceros, also was killed that day after leaving the same children's party. Salcido Ceniceros was married to another employee at the U.S. Consulate.

Chávez told Mexican police that Enriquez Redelfs was targeted because she provided visas to a rival gang. Chávez also told police the order to attack Enriquez Redelfs was made by gang members in the U.S.
The FBI, which joined the investigation in March, denied Chávez's allegation that Enriquez Redelfs was slain because of her job.

Who are the Aztecas?
Los Aztecas mainly operate out of Cuidad Juarez. They are the street level enforcers for La Linea and the Juarez Cartel. Unlike most gangs operating on the Mexican side of the border they originated from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).

In El Paso they are commonly referred to as 'Barrio Azteca' but there is little to no difference between the two. Many of the members consider themselves genuine Aztec warriors decorating themselves with tattoos of original Aztec symbols such as plumed serpents or the Aztec calendar.

They have also been known to use Nauhuatl, the ancient language of the Aztecs as a means of encrypted communication.

Los Aztecas now reportedly control 80% of the prisons in Ciudad Juarez. However once in prison they gain another use, they become enforcers of the internal drugs trade and are used to assassinate people affiliated with other cartels.

Some of the worst outbreaks of prison violence last year in Mexico have been attributed to the three major street gangs. In one incident in Juarez prison, members of Los Aztecas overpowered guards and got access to the sector of the prison that housed rival gangs Los Mexicles and Los Artistas Asesinos who are linked to the Sinaloa cartel.

They opened the cells one by one beating and stabbing the inmates inside. When they had finished 20 prisoners lay dead some of whom had been stabbed at least 50 times, others had been thrown from the second floor balconies.

A similar incident happened the state of Durango where 24 inmates died. These outbreaks of violence have become commonplace in Mexican prisons and the families of inmates are used to the harrowing task of waiting outside the prison gates after each incident in order to see if their name is read out in the causality list.

Also among their enemies is La Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). It has been rumored that members of MS-13 have been contracted to fight the bitter turf war against the Juarez cartel on behalf of “El Chapo” and the Sinaloa cartel

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  1. First of all they are not of pure Aztec ancestry. Generations of intermixing with Europeans and other Indian tribes have rendered these 'mestizos' incapable of tracing their roots back to any one tribe let alone the Aztecs.

    To begin with the Aztecs were originally from North America. They were composed of several hunting tribes who had run out of food and decided to head south in search of wild game. Their prowress led some tribes to hire them as their army which allowed them to grow in numbers and power big enough to rival all other tribes.

    What most people don't know is that when the Spanish arrived, the Aztecs did not put up much of a fight. In fact, after they became dominated by the new settlers, the Aztecs were used to destabalize other neighboring tribes in efforts to use them as slaves for the gold and silver mines which the Spanish whites were shipping back to Spain.

    Instead of joining forces with their close relatives and fight off the Europeans, the Aztecs chose to betray them and began what was the downfall of many ancient peoples whose traditions and culture were lost forever.

    The few indigenous peoples like the Huichols and others never surrendered to the invaders or their 'dogs', the Aztecs, and have maintained their original ways of life and traditions; from their farming to their religion, their language to their way of dress. For centuries they have fought off the Christian religion, its people, and its slaves, never allowing them to subjugate them into extinction.

    The medicinal plants Huichols use for healing purposes are 100 times more powerful than the recreational drugs used and sold by the mesitizos and yet they have never involved themselves in the habitual drug use or the drug trade which they see as an abomination created by the bastard culture of both the ancient Indians and the newly arrived settlers, the mestizos or what we know as the modern mexicans.

    There is no dignity in being an Aztec because they have never known it. From time imemorial they were engaged in all kinds of perversion and depravity from habitual lewd drunkeness to human sacrifice. They were directionless then and are directionless now, that is, what is trying to pass off as legitimate Aztecs, who are nothing more than an burden on hard-working peoples.

    There are some Aztecs still living in the south of Mexico and Central America but they cannot fully represent the ancient culture that once thrived let alone have anything to say for themselves for the way they have betrayed the people both in the past and in the present.

    They don't even realize how they've remained as slaves for centuries and now more than ever under the narco-drug-trade.

  2. They sound like direct descendants of the original Aztecs.

    1. Skilled hunters hiring themselves out as mercenaries. ....check
    2. Give up when confronted by superior force. [no character] check
    3. Destabalize neighboring tribes and use them as slaves ...check
    4. Betray their kinsmen causing the downfall of the culture ...check
    5. A burden on the working people .....................................check

    You nailed it, they are all Aztecs.


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  6. Always azteca .... por siempre


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