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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Interrogation And Execution of 4 Sicarios in Tamaulipas

Four sicarios from the Gulf Cartel (CDG) were abducted and executed by members of Los Zetas recently in the state of Tamaulipas. Videos have since been posted on YouTube and other websites in which the kidnapped sicarios appear beaten and blindfolded. The video is shot outside in a remote location and the interviewer's voice has been edited out, the questions appear written. The interrogations themselves offer insight to the plight of immigrants and poverty stricken citizens of Mexico who are drawn in by promises of big payouts, only to wind up in the hands of their bosses rivals.

Since some of the questions and answers were redundant. I did my best to clean up the transcript and provide a clear picture the situations that lead up to the demise of these men who, whether or not they have committed any crimes, are obviously aware that these are their last moments on earth. Its not easy to watch any of these narco videos, during the interview the person holding the camera waves an ax around in a menacing fashion.

A third video that ends with the execution of all four with a rifle of an unknown caliber was released today. Although I've declined to post it here its relatively easy to find.

First Interrogation

Who are you?
Who do you work for?
Commandante R-1
Who does he work for?
The Metro 3 group.
How were you captured?
I was on patrol.
Who captured you?
Los Zetas
Why did they get you?
Because I'm stupid, because I fell and because my comrades left me behind.
Why did they leave you? Did they run?
Yeah, Because they're bitches.
What did you do previously to being a sicario?
I was in the marines.
How long were you in the marines?
8 years.
Why did you become a sicario?
For the money. Because it was easy
Didn't you have any other skills to earn money? What did else did you do before you started killing people?
I was a burger flipper at a fast food place.
How many people in your group?
When we where in Reynosa there were 10 cells.
10 cells? Really?
And where did they get the people from? Did they use foreigners?
Yes, mostly people Michoacan and Sinaloa but also Guatemalans. They split the cells up between the leaders; some of us went to R-1, others to R-2 and 24 respectively.
Why did they send you?
Because of the alliance between El Chapo and CDG.
Anyone else in that alliance?
I don't know sir.
Well then where are the Michoacano's coming from? Are they also El Chapo's people?
I don't know, that's pretty much what I heard.
So then the Michoanaco's aren't with La Familia?
Well I suppose they were part of the alliance then.
An Alliance between WHO, WHO and WHO asshole? Are they part of the alliance?
And are they badass?
Any of them tough?
How do you know?
They proved it by leaving me behind.
How much did your bosses say they would pay you?
$800 a month.
Did they pay it?
For a while they did but recently they stopped paying me. For the first three months everything was on time and then they missed paying me for this month.
And why do you think that is?
Well because they knew this was probably a suicide mission and they figured “why bother paying these assholes, they're just going to die anyway.”
Maybe so huh? You probably are going to die.
Probably so, nobody is taking into account that I have a family.

Second Interrogation.

Whats your name?
Where are you from?
How did you get here?
I was working with El Payaso in Guatemala. He told me someone had work in Mexico. I traveled here with a group and a man name Pais, he brought us to Oaxaca by way of bus.
How many of you were there?
45 total including some women.
All of you from Guatemala?
No, also Salvadoreans and Nicaraguans.
And who were you all to work for?
The Gulf Cartel, the women were for them I assume.
Where did you end up?
In Reynosa
How much did they initially promise to pay you for working in Mexico?
And did they pay you?
So they played you for a fool?
I guess so.

Third interrogation

Who are you?
Who do you work for?
Whats the name of the guy that you worked with here?
His name is ___________ goes by the name “El Crimen
Does he also go by the name Binomio?
Yes, that or Crimen. In Cuidad Victoria it was Binomio, here its Crimen.
What happened to Binomio?
He shot himself in the head
Why? He couldn't stand the pressure?
Yes, his friends say he was having a hard time controlling his area and he was worried that he had been greenlit for decapitation.
He was worried Los Zetas were watching him?
Yes, he refused to surrender when the police approached the house he was in. He later escaped but he was worried that the army or the police were going to hand him over to Los Zetas if they caught him. He had nowhere left to go, he made it out of the house and jumped into his friends' car asking him to drive to a girlfriends' house. While sitting in the backseat he put a gun to his temple and squeezed the trigger.
What did you tell R-2?
That Crimen killed himself.
And R-2, does he ever fight?
No he just stays in Reynosa and orders other people to do the fighting for him.
Where does R-2 live? Where does he hang out at?
He has a place he refers to as the Eagle's Nest.
But where is that, asshole? Don't get smart with me.
Don't know, its somewhere in Reynosa.
What territories does CDG hold?
Reynosa and Matamoros, They claim they're advancing but so far I've see no signs of it.
And R-1, does he fight?
No he communicates with us via two-way radio and tells us that we're winning but he doesn't show his face around here. We've ask him for support on many occasion but he refuses to send help. He really has no idea what the situation is for us here.
So he never shows up huh? Just spends his time hiding?
Exactly, he sends a few of his people but its never enough.
So where you from?
Why did they send you up here?
To clear the way for the Gulf Cartel.
What happened in Miguel Aleman, did you guys take a beating from Los Zetas or what?
Yeah, they really let us have it, we left 11 dead comrades laying on the road.
And all this fighting continued up until you were captured, How many were killed?
When you were abducted, How many of your guys died?
Well uhh...There's the blond that you had up a the house. They called him La Bola
Who was La Bola?
He was the brother of a guy name Guicho.
Where is Guicho from?
Reynosa I think.
Who does Guicho work for?
Commandante R-2
Was La Bola's brother killed?
So the guy who died on us yesterday, what's his deal?
He was here to lend support to R-10.
And R-10 is second in command of the Plaza?
Yes, him and La Bola shared the responsibility.
So who was running the operation here?
It was R-10 with the help of La Bola. They sent us here.

Fourth interrogation

Who are you?
Where are you from?
What's your story? Are you a bodyguard or a killer?
(cut off) ---- R-1 Sir
Where did they get you?
In Mier.
Were you there under the orders of R-1?
No, we were already there waiting for reinforcements.
Why? Your guys had already taken a beating there, why did he bother sending anyone?
Because they supposed to be sending a large contingent of La Familia and people from Sinaloa.
What happened to the group who came here ahead of you?
They told us to go help the guys they had sent previously but when we got here they were already dead. They told us to hold our positions and promised to send reinforcements.
So you weren't even here when the war started ?
No sir.
How long ago did they send you?
About 11-12 days ago.
So from the last time we really gave it to you guys in Aleman and Mier huh?
Yes sir, I've been in the state for two months. 11 days here and two months altogether with 8 people from Michoacan.
So the Michoacano's they sent up here with you have been killed right?
That's correct
So why after they got embarrassed did they still send you guys?
We were all supposed to be the tip of the spear.
That's How R-1 wanted it. He would get on the radio and play us corridos and say 'yeah guys.we winning! We're winning!' but he never actually came up here himself.
So why did he send the Michoacano's first? Because they're stupid? Or because they aren't they same race as you?
So you were just passing through Reynosa?
Yes Sir
So what you're telling me is the Gulf Cartel just passes through Reynosa and sometimes they send idiots to clear the path ahead of them?
Yes sir.
What were they going to pay you?
Did they pay you in Reynosa?
Well they paid the first month but they haven't paid me yet this month.
Two months of work for one months pay?
Pretty much.
So the people who say they are coming to take over this plaza don't pay huh?
No sir, they don't pay anything.
And while you guys are out here fighting and dying R-1 sits back and plays songs for you over the radio?
Yes, in fact the first time I heard him playing it was right before they abandoned me while I was being abducted.
Damn, so they abandoned you too huh?
How did it happen?
We were in a convoy of seven trucks when saw another rival group approaching in their trucks. I was in the back when the driver took off and eventually I fell out.
They didn't wait for you at all?
When they saw the lights of the other trucks they just took off. We exchanged fire with the other truck but I was hit in the foot when I fell out.
And there they left you. So anybody who could make it to the truck was fine, those who didn't were simply left behind?
Yeah , If they would have waited I could have jumped in the back. It wasn't like I even had to get to the front seat.
Well front, back, doesn't matter; you're still pretty screwed now right?
(no answer)

First Interrogation
Second Interrogation


  1. como saben que los que los executaron eran zetas?

  2. easy money = easy least they did not get decapitated or dismembered alive..

  3. WOW!!!!!!!

    This is totally amazing, thank you for translating the video. Only on BB!

    It gives a window to what this execution of the 4 Gulf Cartel sicarios really represents, but I think you should post the video of the actual execution to really put everything in perspective!

  4. Post the video of the execution, do not sugar coated.

  5. Maby some of the young wannabes in Mexico will think twice the narco troops are very expendable, the big boys are killed by rivals or the govt ,as it should be.

  6. Post Videoooooooo..!!!..Post video or it never happen..!!!..Hahah..jk

  7. All these interrogations are propaganda in my opinions, if not totally false, and acted out, the responses are scripted. I mean this across the board, not just Zeta video, the CDG ones had the same in authentic playacting feel to it, and the answers are so telling and slanted toward the opposite side. I don't doubt the authenticity of the various execution videos, but I question whether they should be viewed by us,, I think it's crossing a line.

  8. I added the video but I had some feelings about it. This stuff is very morbid and although it is important to see it, the gore is less important than what transpired to get them to this point.

    @ anon 4:41pm

    Las preguntas de los que gravaron indicava que ellos pertenecen a Los Zetas.

  9. Fuck! Fuck! oh fuck!

    Morbid? How about tragic and graphic, I felt every shot right through my bones!


  10. Sad how they were deserted by those who they relied on and ended up there.

    The asshole firing all the questions will himself probably be on the recieving end of interrogation and execution sometime in the future and those 4 people him and his buddies killed will be watching him from above saying: "yeh how do you like it now asshole? not so fun is it!!"

  11. I'm sure those answers were scripted, or maybe they were just what they were made to look like, amateur, inexperienced gunmen who were in over their heads. You'd think you would get at least 1 all out CDG guy that would never say what those guys say, he'd rather die first. Or maybe those guys don't get caught. In these cartel battles, I'd do my best to never get taken alive.

  12. These dudes making the video wont be so tough when it's their turn. Its a sick game.

  13. Come on J lets be realistic ....they are terrified and know they will just be tortured as much as it takes for the Zeta's to get answers out of them anyway so they might as well save themselves a shit load of pain and get it all over with as quickly as possible.

  14. @ anonymous:
    "Sad how they were deserted by those who they relied on and ended up there."

    Please, let's not be foolish sympathizers. They too are vicious, dirty killers.

    The reason it's all (poorly) scripted is to discourage potential members from joining the other team. The cartels are ruthless killers but that doesn't make them the brightest bulbs in the ceiling if you know what I mean ;)

  15. Wow, this video terrified the hell out of me. These people have no feeling what's so ever.

  16. Killers killing Killers. One states it wasn't taken into account he had a family, I wonderered if he as a sicario has ever killed an innocent? If he has then whats his point that his family should be taken into account while he terroizes the people of Mexico? Most of the people these sicario kills dont even have weaponds. I dont feel sorry for them, they had their assualt rifle. They just lost. When you lose you die in that game.

  17. They are fortunate to not have been tortured before being killed. Others have not been so lucky by being dismembered, burned, electrocuted etc before receiving 'el tiro de gracia'.

  18. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. It's funny how one of the four says that nobody took into account that he had a family, yet I doubt he took into account the families of those he killed.

  19. would like to know what was said by them after the formal interigation - they asked them some questions one at a time before their execution - were they involved in the killings of the illegals from south of mexico (el salvador, nicaragua, etc )

  20. @ anon 10:49

    From my understanding in the third video the man on the far left says he carried out hits as they were given to him. The parts that mention immigrants from El Salvador and Nicaragua were in reference to the people who were sent with the sicario who is sitting second from the right He says he Guatemalan.

    I don't think the 4 men executed were Zetas or had anything to do with the 72 migrants found in Tamaulipas. I believe they worked for the Gulf Cartel. The people asking the questions seem to favor the Zetas so I would assume they must be Zeta's themselves.

    A lot of what was said was repeated and reconfirmed, the transcript gives a pretty accurate account but I admit its not verbatim.

  21. Also, most of the post interview statements are about how the sicarios were captured. Not about the massacre of 72

  22. Some other insights/questions from this video
    -why were efforts taken to cloak the
    voice of the interrogator?
    -Now even the Golfos have to recruit
    in Central America?

  23. Keen Eye my old friend.

    Reason for the voice cover up is because this guys communicate by radio frequencies. What happens if they upload the video with his regular voice. They're basically saying where they're at and where the CDG where caught. People from the opposing memorize the voice and look for it on Radio Frequencies.
    If you remember back at the Barbie video the guy explains how he was paranoid because he thought they recognized his voice on the radio and would try to stay off it.

    My best guess would be that it's probably a high ranking officer in the Zetas. Reason being the voice removal and how he tries to never expose himself as being from "Los Zetas". It is obvious they belong to that cartel because they express it in the interrogation how "The Zetas" captured them. The Zetas are not going to capture this guys and hand them over to somebody else...

    Another important detail in the video is the Axe. Lazcano is known to chop up their victims with either an Axe or a "Maso" big hammer. That's his trademark, the prisoners are handed over to either Lazcano or Z40 and they execute them by head blow injuries. Moment I saw the axe move in on the picture that was my first guess, but as soon as they shot them I figured that was just the axe they where going to use to cut them up. I guess you can call it all "educated" speculation.

    Some of the guys here sort of express anger towards their own team members, and I don't know if you guys have noticed, but the captives usually aren't good actors. I do think this guys where told what to answer in certain questions but a lot of the questions seem to flow naturally. Obviously if you are on your knees infront of the Zetas and they are asking you if they paid you or if they mistreated you, you would have to be a fool to say something like "yeah, they're actually very prompt with our payments and they offer excellent healthcare coverage"..

    The only thing we can be sure of is that this is nowhere near ending. Seems like most of the actual experienced leaders have been taken out. A lot of this "narcos" are business men, but aren't very good when it comes to paramilitary or anti-guerrilla tactics. Be what it be, it would seem to me that the CDG aren't doing a good joib at upkeeping their territories, even with all the help from fatbastard chapo.. Couple of days ago there was a shootout about half a kilometer from the US-MEX bridge in Matamoros. If they where really upholding their territory (matamoros) how did the Zetas get so deep into matamoros? What happened to all the alcones and checkpoints?

  24. in other videos showing executions, notice that while one is getting shot the others don't scream for help... flinch... they don't even move. They knew what was coming from the very beginning...

  25. To Rise, how do you see the CDG/Zeta war? As of now, how does it stand, in your opinion? CDG seems to be on point for the most part.

  26. J.

    As far as money and recruits.. They're both mass recruiting and both losing people. My guess and what i've heard is that Zetas are still going pretty strong. Unless they lose their top capos or brains, nothing will change anytime soon. Guys like Costilla or Tony have been staying out of the headlight for a while, and the way that everyone is pushing against the Zetas, my best guess would be that one of those guys is going to fall first. Only time will tell, you really can never know with this guys, a wrong turn on the wrong street can mean a total change of flow in this war.

  27. IMO the only thing keeping los Zetas afloat are their leaders... Lazca y Trevino. Their military training and overall background help "game plan" certain situations, methods of recruitment and overall strategy.

    The majority of the killed Zetas have usually been random dudes with big freaking guns. The top guys have usually been arrested by other military.

    El C.D.G., ran by el Coss and Tony T., like someone mentioned earlier, are definitely good business men in their drug trade, but combat? Naw. The CDG initially began los Zetas for protection and assault missions. They obviously knew their organization had a void.

    There is only so much money one can throw at the problem.

  28. Amazes me how these people are so cold but these guys could had got it a lot worse like had their heads cut off or something.

    Its a lesson to us all though at what will happen when your involved in organised crime.

  29. look at the bright side, there are 4 less of sure those same four have killed people before. So its all good....its a win win situation.

  30. at least they shot them in the head better then being beheaded or decapitaded

  31. Arriba El cdg hijos de puta.. ponganse bien.30putos...


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