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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hitman responsible for Photojournalist's death found Beheaded


The alleged murderer of a reporter for the Diario de Juarez, was executed and beheaded in Juarez on Saturday.

His attackers left his head on the roof of a white Altima with a copy of El Diario's newspaper displayed on the vehicle's dash. The victim's body was found inside the vehicle.

Police who responded to the scene said the message was clear that the suspect is the one who attacked two journalists from El Diario de Juarez, since the head was next to the Friday edition which reported the execution of Luis Carlos Santiago, a young photojournalist from same newspaper.
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The Federal Police Bomb Unit was also called to the scene of the crime. Although the unit evacuated the area and reportedly performed an exhaustive search of the vehicle, it has not been confirmed whether explosives were found.


  1. Jaja, fucking hypocrites.

    This guys place a hit on a certain somebody, the hit goes wrong and they kill innocent people.

    The guys who placed out the hit then go out and kill the hitman and make an example out of him, as if they had no responsability in the ordeal.
    This guys really are something.

  2. Who is behind the headless body who committed the assisination of Luis Carlos Santiago? There were 2 cars who blocaded journalists vehicle. How many men wer involved? Who ordered the hit? Where does the trail end?...Funny, these are the questions of a journalist...and of investigative policemen... I hope you find the answers...

  3. Looks like they got the guy. Juarez can now sleep better.

  4. @anonymous 11:25 AM

    Sadly, these questions will probably never be answered. More often than not cases involving narcos are simply filed away as just that: cartel related,

    It seems to have become a cop out in police investigations. Simply chalk it up and file it away as a mystery.

    There is such much involved in this young man's case. He was driving the vehicle of de la Rosa Hickerson, who has been threatened by the army, federal police, state police, and cartels.

    As a photojournalist, he may have been made a target by cartels, but he has only been interning for about six months.

    El Diario posted this about La Linea.

    Armando Rodriguez's, the Diario's reporter who was killed in Oct 08, death has had nothing solid in way of police investigations.

    Perhaps with El Diario, Human Rights and de la Rosa, international journalist organizations, and citizens across the country (and world) pushing this case (and others), answers will be found.

    We can only hope.

  5. Latest update:
    According to police investigations, the journalists were not attacked because they were photojournalists, nor because they work for El Diario, but because of some sort of "personal issue/problem"

    "Alejandro Poiré, secretario técnico del Consejo de Seguridad Nacional, señaló que de acuerdo con las investigaciones de la Procuraduría de Justicia de Chihuahua, la agresión que sufrieron los dos fotógrafos del Diario de Juárez habría sido motivada por problemas personales y no de índole profesional." -Reforma



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