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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Governor of Coahuila: U.S. is a Hypocrite

Governor Humberto Moreira symbolically hiding his wallet in his sock before taking a stroll in Santa Fe, New Mexico, after announcing that the U.S. is a more violent and insecure country than Mexico.

The Excelsior newspaper of Mexico City reported Monday from the 28th annual Border Governor’s Conference being held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that the Governor of the border state of Coahuila, Humberto Moreira, said the United States is a more violent and insecure country than Mexico, and that the statistical evidence showing the insecurity experienced by U.S. citizens is hidden from view in a “hypocritical” manner.

Moreira, who also aspires to the presidency of the national PRI party after his current term as Governor ends, stated in an interview given from the Conference venue in Santa Fe that he is concerned to be a neighbor of a country that covers up information about its insecurity, “it concerns me very much that we are neighbors, to see a country like the U.S. with so much insecurity.”

In an interview prior to meeting with the host of this year’s Conference, Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, the Governor of Coahuila also stated he would present hard data and statistics showing that violent deaths in his state of Coahuila in the last thirty years equals the number of violent deaths in one year in the state of California.

“I will raise this issue and discuss it, because Mexicans aren’t aware of this information” said Moreira, “they go to the U.S. and face serious security problems they are not aware of. America is a very dangerous place”.

Within this context the Governor of Coahuila felt that the conference should be a forum for “confessions” by the U.S. to spotlight the reasons why it cannot stem the flow and sales of arms into Mexico and to explain how drugs, once they cross the border, flow all the way to New York.

“I have a great curiosity about why the United States does not shed light on this darkness. Let's open our eyes and realize that these men do nothing to stop the flow of arms to our country and do much to hide the insecurity in their country” Moreira added.

“I want to know when they will explain how drugs flow from the border and come to New York. They must also have cartels and corruption," he said, while hiding his wallet in a sock before heading out to walk around the Plaza Guadalupe, outside the hotel where the Conference was held.

The statements by Moreira were the most glaring act in a Conference full of political theater. They were contradictory in that the Governor apparently feels safe enough to reportedly own homes in Texas and Colorado.

The reason for Moreira’s statements may have been to add nationalist credentials to his resume in his quest to become the PRI party leader and were aimed at the PRI party membership. The statements may also have been made as a rebuke against U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Many in Mexico’s political establishment were angered by Hillary Clinton’s recent statements regarding the “Colombianization” of Mexico in its war against the drug cartels.

The 28th Border Governor’s Conference was originally scheduled to convene in Arizona but the Governors of the six Mexican border states boycotted that meeting in protest of the passage of Arizona’s new Immigration Law.

As the result of this boycott Governor Jan Brewer cancelled the meeting which was then rescheduled for New Mexico through the efforts of Governor Bill Richardson. However, Governor Brewer boycotted this meeting in response to the previous actions by the Mexican Governors.

The Republican Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, who is in the midst of a re-election campaign, then decided to boycott the Conference in support of fellow Republican Governor Brewer, and through this act, to solidify the support of the more conservative elements of his party.

This is the second consecutive year that only Governor Bill Richardson attends the conference. The three Republican border Governors did not attend last year’s Conference held in Monterrey, Mexico.

It is unfortunate that this separation is growing when bi-national coordinated action by the U.S. and Mexico is essential for success against the drug cartels.

Sources used for this article:
Excelsior/Carlos Coria Rivas, corresponsal
The Dallas Morning News/CHRISTY HOPPE


  1. I should have gone to Sante Fe to kick Humberto Moreira's ass, that way he can speak of America's violence from first hand knowledge.

    Maybe the governor can warn all the Mexican illegal aliens about the dangers in American and convince a few million of them to return back to Mexico.

  2. Indeed Frank, should we ever find ourselves fortunate enough to get rid of a few (say 10 million) illegals, America would be a LOT safer.

  3. I've lived my whole life in the US. I don't know anybody, or anybody who knew anybody who was gunned down. But though I've never been to Juarez, I know someone whose brother was randomly gunned down there.

    And F U Brewer, Perry and the Terminator. IMHO, the border is the most important issue facing the US (not Iraq/Afghanistan) and you play politics.

    These 4 governors (Moreira is the fourth) belong on the Daily Show segment "You Are NOT Helping"

  4. Bravo Humberto.
    The fine citizens of Coahuila are proud of you!

  5. The article says it POLITICAL THEATER ignnore the elephant standing in the living room,the attempt to shift focus and responsibility is classic. The bigger problem is the apparant lack of unity among governors of border states US and MX. How does mexico manipulate politicians into divesting themselves of ingraned organized crime affiliations? Seems like every time someone in Mexico tries to reform or even offends the gangs they get killed, so who can blame the Honerable Governor for diverting focus i am sure his observors in the gans approve.

  6. He needs a psychiatric evaluation. If he really thinks the US is more dangerous than Mexico he is truly delusional. I understand the point he's trying to make: that we have serious problems just the same as they do, and we aren't free of drug problems. But to act like we are worse off than Mexico is a huge leap.

  7. Dear Frank,

    You guys really need to get a grip and let go of this "it's the illegals fault" when the blame is really on the U.S government and the states in which allow immigrants to get driver's licences and other benefits that the American citizens get. It's not a mystery who the real country of benefactor is in all of this debacle. Immigrants have been the backbone of this country since the English, German, Irish, French etc., removing them would really destabilize the U.S to where the U.S would become Chinas bitch.

    Besides, who would help grow the food on your table, that's is assuming you don't just eat Burgers and fries, but even then they still grow the GMO based food in your diet. Another thing, do you really think Americans want their jobs? Seriously? You should see what kind of labor they are willing to do for low pay because they need to feed their families. Did you know that most the employers that hire illegals are "WHITE AMERICAN"? How does that make you feel? Let's face it, yea illegals have the right to get welfare but who passed that law?

    So Frank, hate does not solve anything. Your real enemy is the Bilderberg group and it's agenda. If the world forgave "Americans" for the slavery of Africans, who are you to judge anyone. It's doing what is right in God's eyes. So give up that old mentality and get with the times. Your enemy is right next to you. - EL HUICHOL

  8. BTW, this guys is no better than any of the other political scum in Mexico. The PRI party has been in office since the inception of Politics in Mexico. The freemasons have been the puppeteers since Benito Juarez.

  9. didn't this clown get lambasted for corruption and nepotism by his own constituents in Coahuila in an open letter to a local newspaper or the blogoshphere. Someone should re-print that here! The U.S. may have more homicides under normal circumstances, but you do not have to walk around with your money in your shoe in this country. The same has not been true in Mexico for many years!!! Idiota!!

  10. "Governor" Moreira should take care of his own backyard before he criticizes the United States.
    According to a report filed by Borderland's reporter,Gerardo,Wed.,June 30,2010,"many of Moreira's constituents despise the governor as the prototype of politacal corruption in Mexico today". He is rumored to own million dollar homes in San Antonio,Texas and Vail,Colorado. How the properties were obtained on a public servant's salary is open to question.
    The "governor" is going to compare crime statistics between California and Coahuila? How is he going to count the crimes in Mexico that are not reported such as robbery, assault,kidnapping,extorsion,rape, etc. Is this corrupt "governor" going to consider his own actions in the report? I do know that he buys the people's loyalty with money and merchandise.
    Example,during the last flood in Ciudad Acuna, he was giving out refrigerators and matresses. All of these elected official are all crooks. That is why Mexico will never grow in prosperity. The poor stay poor and the rich get richer

  11. I wonder how many decapitated corpses were found in Santa Fe this week? month? year? decade?
    I'm betting there were more headless bodies found in Juarez this week than have been found in the entire state of New Mexico in the past decade.

  12. You must be a relative or his must have given you a matress.

  13. hahahahahahahhhahahahahahahhahahahahah wow this really made my morning, gave me a great laugh.. Mexico safer than the U.S.? gee idk about that how many heads have been dumped on the side of our roads? where in the fuck do you see commandos driving around executing whole families? o yes your right we're "gang capital" lol rather have ghetto ass gang bangers controling street corners in a hood or two than narco terrorists running my country

  14. not loose ground:It is Moreira talking,not the Mexican citizens.Let us get real and move forward...thru the fog.

  15. I agree with Santiago. How many of those crimes that happened in mexico went unreported, or better yet how manny crimes were solved and proper charges were brought by the prosecutors without the prosecutors dying? There is no comparison between the crimes in the US and Mexico. At the same time wtf is up with Perry and Brewer? Those two states are cartel hide outs/safehaven and we have stupid republicans playing politics instead of dealing with the issues... I am pretty disgusted with American politics right now, we have a party that is spending money like crazy, and other side we have a party who is lead by a bunch of monkeys that say no to everything... and with the rise of the tea party (a party led by bunch of racist), I see disaster written al over this..

  16. Typical MEXICAN... Can't take full blame for their actions and want to blame someone else... U.S.! Yes, of course there is violence here in our country, but non compare to MEXICOS. Violence is everywhere, even as kids grow up, but that was very unprofessional of him after all the assistance the U.S. has provided. Dum OBAMA, and he is still bend over for them... sad but true.

  17. What a Hypocrite! GO Back to Mexico and dont come back EVER!!!

  18. Santa Fe does clip a lot of rich Mexicans when they go there. It's an expensive city.


  19. Gov of Coahuilla please tell your findings to my friend that was shot twice in the head with a 40 cal pistol at gas station in your fine state along with a kidnap victim and another great person who was killed. you are one sorry excuse for a govenor.
    oh I forgot about people being hung from a bridge along with 72 immigrants shot and killed.Yeah that happens all the time along with running gun battles kidnapped and killed mayors..
    the US has its issues I guess thats why thousands for illegal aliens cross our border every day.Mr. Govenor

  20. Before I say anothinthing else listen to this:

    Now go to the archives of BB and read about Humbertoa & familia.
    Now stats murder rate per 1000 in 2009:
    MEXICO = .13

    pop of california 37M (4-5% illegal)
    pop of coahuila 2M
    Note: US murder rate includes all murders including non-stranger murder of passion.
    Any stat from Mx is greatly tiltled to their advantage..

    Gov Martinez Humberto's predecesor, worked with Felix Batista of ASI in Houston & is US citizen, an expert on adverting kidnapping. The kidnap rate was very low under Martinez. Felix gave seminars to businessmen in Saltillo during Humberto's reign and was kidnapped never to be seen again. Only the Saltillo cops knew of Bastista's arrival. Coahuila has become violent since Humberto has been governor, kidnappings and massacres such as the 5th Inn and the Torreon nightclub, not to mention human heads being tossed into the crowd at nightclubs. Kidnappings, murders extortion is in high gear prompting the US State dept to issue a warning against Coahuila.

    This guy was from a poor family, he himself was a low paid school teacher when he was bitten by the political bug. Now he has private planes, 10K new custom mansion in Saltillo, mansions in Vail, San Antonio among others, there is only ONE way in MX that happens. I will say this, his wife Vanessa is a nice person and caring but she is entrenched in this family until Humberto moves on to his 4th wife.

    If the US is so bad he needs to sell his homes in the US. pay capital gain and stay the hell out. Hypocite? He even chooses to have his children born here rather than Mx.
    He and the other border gov's are worried about human rights violations if az law passes and they refused to meet in Az because of it. Well Mr Hypocrite, why is it in Coahuila I am stopped 3 times each way from the border to saltillo where my papers are demanded????

    Humberto: mind the business of your pathetic state of affairs, you have caused the gigantic downfall of Coahuila, a place I love and work in. I will say this, I have lived in SoCal for 65 yrs, I never had my police chief killed, or personally known 7 persons kidnapped, or personally known scores of business friends being extorted, but I have seen this in the past 2 years in Coahuila. the years before I heard none of this.. Before YOU were Gov I felt safe driving anywhere in Coahuila & now I am travel restricted...I don't have a private plane as you do, my O my, who knew school teaching could result in such riches?

    DO us a favor...we will protect our own citizens, you need to get the warning of the US violence to YOUR citizens...quickly so they will be safe, the people you care "so much"about. Doing this effectively will result in their safey and put a happy camper smile on those in the US that hate illegals.

    You stupid, arrogant fuck.

    @ Santiago
    you are correct...and you want to know something about the flood? I have said this all along the only effort Humberto gives for the people is projects are those that are PR driven. The flood? I prepared for a week as I tracked Alex, just in case, I was on the ground giving relief supplies within 18 hours well before the Gov. I even worked with his "relative"in Acuña because we began 2 days before the state, and we were very organized in the effort that had over 300 Acuña residents volunteering with us. Remember the big project last year given all school kids uniforms? I call it the 1 yr today gone tomorrow. Yet the part that never was publicized was he gave no uniforms to the disabled students of the 65 Coahuila CAM schools...

    Sorry I know this is long but I am a pissed buela

  21. "statistical evidence"! Mexico dosen't even keep up with statistics! The true statistic is that mexico reports 1 in every 10 death! Dumbass!

  22. In the state of coahuila governed by this Humberto Moriera , of 38 municipalities (counties)
    there is not a single 1(one) not even 1 (one) where all authority is in the hands of organized crime, its downright scandolous,a state run by organized crime probably no place in the world operates like this if you have an emergency and call the police no one appears, if you get stopped for a traffic violation, the police call by cell phone the hitman first just to verify that you dont belong to a rival gang, and if not, extort you for money every one in every municipality has to pay these people for the right to have a business, but I think that bottom line no one really cares not the goevernor, not the people, not the U.S. everyone appears to just give a hoot

  23. He's so dumb.. First of all Reporters dont even bother to report what goes on because they get killed like the young 21 year old from Juarez! 2nd Look at all the Mayors, Canidates, Lawyers, Students who have gotten killed i dont recall seeing that many getting shot or killed in the state of California nor New York?! These people have money and still get shot imagine those who dont have power or money... They just get beheaded, get thrown in a river, buried, or burned.. In the US i dont recall rehab centers getting massacered or granades and bombs being blasted on vehicles or soccer games!!! Mexico has its places where it looks like a war zone and this fool has the nerve to stand up for a country that needs help!! Immigrants rather serve the US than Mexico because of these stupid Leaders..

  24. Hmmm, San antonio is about an hour from my house. Maybe he would like a street full of people protesting in front of his home on his next visit. Humberto is a simpleton, his ruse was way off target and just rhetoric. He should probably avoid Texas in the future as well! I can't help but wonder where he got the money to purchase 2 expensive homes in the US...could it be dope money? I'll be sending our members of Congress a little note about our friend today as well.

  25. No wonder mexicans immagrate to the US.. I would immigrate too if i was being Lead by this Dumbass who cant see his country and people need help.. Reporters getting killed for posting the reality imagine if you would stand and say something? U would get killed.. So why not run to a safer place? Why dont they make an effort to maximize security in THEIR borders??? I know i can take a vechile full of weapons on my border in the front seat and them fools wont bother to check :/ Come on Mexico Leaders should give up their country and give it to the US before the only people left to live are the Narco families and friends.

  26. @ 10:36 AM
    I doubt of any municipalities of the border states are not in the hands of org crimes..
    But, sadly you are incorrect that no one likes Humberto the "governor of the people". His PR projects go a long way. Plus the folksy alter ego he brings out while speaking to the masses. His "I work 20 hours a day, only stopping for a few minutes to be with my "vieja", or to have a simple meal of "roz y frijoles". People believe him because he was once a credible person a hard working educator. Many people love this guy, the Mx media does not reveal his warts. Because of this he may become president.

  27. Frank, besides kicking Moreira's ass, also take his wallet, we know where he hides it.

    Buela,keep your dander down,don't let your sugar go up. I thought you were around my age, I am two years older than you are. Ya estamos rucos.

  28. Hmmm....1428 murders in all of California in 2009. 6000 murders in Ciudad Juarez in the first half of this year alone.Juarez population is 1.5 million. California's population is 38 million. Murder rate in LA is 37.1/100,000 people. Juarez sees 250 murders/100,000 in the first half of the year.

    As a citizen of both countries, and a former resident of Juarez, the Governor is an idiot. And judging by the evidence mounting against him, a very corrupt idiot.

    The PRI has a long history of corruption and involvement with the cartels. As a politician, he is playing to the anti-US sentiment (just as some anti-immigrant comments here are based on zero facts).

    No stats can ever be quoted that compare California to Coahuila that are relevant. And the media are not muzzled in the US like they are in Mexico, so there is no conspiracy to cover any info up.

    Sadly, his constituents buy his crap...

  29. Gracias Governador,
    you have spoken on national TV, what many of us
    have wanted to say, but never get a chance to.
    Dont give in,
    Dont back down.

  30. just recived this sent from my secretary in coahuila. she was upset. Can this guy get any worse? Accusations of human rights violations against his wife and baby????????

    see below

    Wow!! look what happened to vanessa and vanilu.

    the gobernor will report migrant abuse against Vanessa and vanily.

    the incident happened last week when Vanessa returned from Central america .

  31. everybody knows the usa are a bunch of corrupts just like the mexican government,there all about the money,so hope the cartels end up wining the war,fuck obama and calderon.

  32. He seems to another typical political hypocrite, in it for the power and money. Distracting attention from the real problems of his own state, he arrogantly points his finger at the US. Fuzzy numbers and rewritten history is opening the door for the spread of Mexico's poverty stricken, uneducated, criminal element into the United States. Unfortunately, there are many ignorant and arrogant political hypocrites in the US that feel the same way.

  33. 1810, 1910, 2010?????

  34. Chicago has as much as 100,000 gang members the police estimates, Los Angeles has 40,000. Thats alot of bad guys dont you think?


  36. Yes the US has tons of gang bangers the US also has 300 million people.BUT how many US cities hang people from bridges,cut heads off people through them into crowd,car bombs outside police station,ambush inocent travelers,kidnap and kill mayors of cities,corrupt police assist,kill and threaten media reporters, kidnapping and killing,kill 6000 people in one medium size city,runnning gun battles with the us military...Yall are barking up the wrong tree comparing the US to mexico.

    yeah sure mexico is far safer thats why thousands migrate to the US illegally to look for work and security.

    However the US desperately wants to govern us down the that level with the administrations polices

  37. Can anyone tell me where he is? I know where he hides his wallet!!!

  38. Our governor is the best! just you all watch
    he will be our next president!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Yeah, I'm thinking he is getting paid very well by the cartels according to this article.
    I may just have to do some homework and stir up some trouble in the US for our dear friend. 20 bucks says he has ties to banking institutions, I'm betting he is pretty sloppy in hiding his tracks.

  40. once again ...the old blame game

  41. ...and don't forget about the blacks

  42. Silly does not work that way...
    it is per capita...and Mx is 3 to 4 times the amount as US. We have a far greater you see? If you don't then you are a big part of the problem, get your head out your ass

  43. 43 comments, more than any other topic ever.

    See what a distraction he is.
    Mexico has a big problem and his solution -

    ------------>IT'S AMERICA'S FAULT!<-------------

  44. Odd, everywhere i look I see the name Chad Foster, he is the mayor of Eagle Pass Texas. The governor refers to Foster as the 39th mayor of Coahuila, they officially have 38 mayors in Coahuila. Seems Foster was also present when gunmen shot up a restaurant while he was meeting with a Coahuila government official. If you follow the money it might lead to this for starters.
    I wonder how much dope runs through Eagle Pass under the protection of Mayor Foster? 100 million USD would certainly help buy a big house in Texas, and one in Colorado.

  45. The name Chad Foster keeps coming up while searching for info on our friend the Governor. Mr Foster is the Mayor of Eagle Pass Texas and a very good friend of Gov. Moreira. Moreira often refers to Foster as the 39th Mayor of Coahuila, officially there are 38 Mayors in Coahuila. Mr Foster was also present during a shoot out at a restaurant where he was meeting with a government official from Coahuila. And if you follow the money there is this.
    100 million USD would certainly buy a big house in Texas and one in Colorado as well. Funny how he supposedly owns homes in both places.

  46. Bank of America and Wachovia launder money.
    the problem is no one wants to admit that.
    they claim ignorance, pay a fine and stay out of court without admiting defeat.
    the Cartels are corrupting more than just politicians, the money from drugs are in american neighborhoods all the way down to South America, but you ignorant Teabagged geezers dont want to see the reality of it.
    Why are there no shootouts in the U.S?
    because american law enforcement are not going after them. and they are not Zetas, or CDG.
    they are American gangsters. Drugs dont get here by the metric ton and get distributed by
    little elves. the drug dealers have last names like Jones. Smith. McDougal
    Arab, Black, Mexican,Chinese. its big business
    dont act like the U.S. is so full of Gods Glory
    we are immune to its power.

  47. Humberto is a coward, he knows very well that here in the U.S his safety is guaranteed by the constitution. I would like for him to run his fat mouth in his native country and say the same about the cartels.

  48. F.Y.I. Foster hasn't been mayor for a few months now. He finished out his term.

  49. Yes they are right about moreira, he is an ass, but one question keep knocking inside my head, why the arms traffic from the U.S. and the flow of drugs coming from Mexico never stops, once the drugs cross the border they go to the american market like any other merchandise. Why nobody stops it.

  50. Suspicion runs quick and may be true.
    But he looks like what the border needs more of; faith in a prosperous future along with personal and capital investment. Looks like he wants to grow business on both sides of the border, put a lot of people to work, and make some legit money for himself.

    "Testimony of
    The Honorable Chad Foster
    May 20, 2009
    Statement by
    The Honorable Chad Foster
    Mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas and
    Chairman of the Texas Border Coalition
    Senate Committee on the Judiciary
    Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security

    Chairman Schumer, Ranking Member Cornyn and subcommittee members, I am Chad Foster, mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas and Chairman of the Texas Border Coalition. I am speaking today on behalf of 2.1 million Americans in 17 border counties of the 1,250-mile Texas-Mexico border. Ours is a region of contrasts, exhibiting differences and similarities of language, culture, tradition, and economy.
    The multi-national, multi-cultural nature of our communities on both sides of the international boundary gives our region a distinct sense of place.

    Our blending of cultures is unique.
    In my opinion, the land ports are now our nation's weakest link. We need your help and we would appreciate it now.
    We needed $4 billion in infrastructure and technology -- and I want to thank you for putting $700 million into the stimulus bill toward this goal -- but you put most of the money in the wrong account. We need the money for GSA administered ports -- the big ones with the most traffic -- and you put it in the CBP ports. We have three of those Texas: two are on top of dams and one is a three-car hand ferry. Los Ebanos thanks you for the new rope, but we need another $700 million, this time in the right account, please.

    # # # # #

  51. Bingo! Mr Foster is very close to Dennis Nixon, president of IBC Bank, the two are affiliated in several ways, one being on the board of the Texas Border Coalition that sued to stop the border fence. As we know Mr Foster also dabbles in real estate. Oddly enough IBC owns the company the planes were seized from. Nixon make heavy contributions to the Republican party and was heavily involved in George W Bush's campaign as well as john McCains, his donations run up to 20,000 to the $300,000 he raised in one night at a Republican fundraiser in Laredo. I knw people who are associated with IBC bank, one of the banks heavys is having an affair and his mistress has told us of travel in private jets on IBC's dime. They are also one of the banks that do international loans. Having studied the Contra/Arms/Cocaine deal I have to say it looks like the government and a few folks could very well be involved in trafficking dope, guns and laundering lots of money. Remember, Google is your friend. Try this one for a better picture of the relationships.
    Looks like there may be a story to tell....just as I suspected. Something stinks!

  52. what an arrogant idiot. how can someone compare the us with mexico as far as violence is concerned. look at his state and lookat juarez chiuaua the murder capital of the world. whre can you find acity like that in us you idiot. WHAT AN IDIOT.

  53. Need I say more?

    BTW that would be Mr Foster on the right in the hat and Nixon on the left (in the photo down the page).

    Angry Texan-

  54. Mexico gas considered legalizing drugs. Maybe that is a good solution. All the frickn idiots that consume drugs can go to Mexico and contribute to the mexican economy. Then, just maybe the Mexican government can tax the drugs and less people will need to cross the border illegally. Considering that maybe there will be more developments of all kinds of drug tourism. People in our country don't realize that even recreational use contributes to the loss of innocent people and our law enforcement.

  55. Oh, my, Gosh,

    Land developers and bankers in cahoots; get the shotgun ma'.

    IBC - International Bancshares Corporation - sounds like the kind of bank ready to do business on both side of the border.

    That's what banks do to make money, they lend it. And the more they lend the more they make. And the more successful the developer/borrower the more money everybody on the border makes.
    - jobs, - jobs, - jobs

    If a fellow is making a comfortable legit living being a sicario is a job he will not want.

  56. The Governor of Coahuila is a full fledge idiot. Maybe IRS should get a close look at his American own realty & assets. He is probaly taking "mordidas" bribes to own so much. President Calderon needs to have him investigated to make sure he is a clean whistle for his gov.

  57. california is also 30 times bigger an has 100 times more people than coahila. quit trying to act like your shit doesnt stink!

  58. Several organized crime members in Mexico have named this idot as their leader while being interogated.

  59. Look at some of the videos where zeta members are being interogated and this idiot is named as their leader. He is getting a cut of organized crime money.

  60. I'm going to assume this is actually a bigger insult to all the good and decent citizens of mexico than it is to us here in the U.S.

    I can't imagine having to live through this modern hell of fear,angst, and suffering...and then having one of your supposed "leaders" tell you...well its worse somewhere else...

  61. For your info, it is rumored that Moreira's father in law is part of the cartel called the "Z", when he goes to Piedras Negras he just have two body guards, that is where his in laws live, With this insecurity on the border which governor is going to have just two bodyguards if they are ruling the way the law states?
    This is the kind of politicians people from mexico have to deal with, but they are also stupid because they continue voting for the same people over and over!

  62. The following I rec'd yesterday from someone who not only once supported Humberto & gang, she was the local campaign chief. She is no longer prasing him and has resigned from her duties w/PRI below is her email she sent. She also sent the news release that Humberto is filing a human rights violation againt fed police for the bad treatment of Vanessa & Vanylu. I posted that yesterday..............

    obviously this stupid gobernor is involved in org crime,
    how could he explain from where he get all the money to buy all the furniture,and houses that have donated to the people
    affected with the flood.
    besides of that, they are giving a lot of money every month on the card '" LA TARGETA DE LA GENTE" (bank card)
    in wich he gives since 300 pesos until 1000 pesos per month to each family.

    also this year they gave to all the student in the states uniforms and a voucher with 100 pesos to
    buy shoes. he is doing all this because he want the support of all the people, the worst
    is that the poor peoples most of the time is the most easiest to trick, and also is these people
    who most support this kind of bull shit.

    remember that I was invited to an event in saltillo, and i didn't go? well
    in that event they raffled off to the attendance, home appliances, computers, a lot of expensive stuff
    and a NEW CAR.
    so tell me... where did he get so much money to all of this?? from the state??? I don't think so..

    The political party PRI, is not a political party... is MAFIA...
    is very sad and the truth I am very proud of being born POOR and MEXICAN, but
    when I think about all this I'm ashamed and very afraid to stay here, especially for my childrens.
    we taught them to be humble, and earn money in an honest way..
    but we do not know what is coming behind all this...

    chivis...take me with you pleassssse. lol..

  63. Sounds like he's been smoking some of his own stuff.

  64. GOD bless America and its people, and may our Constitution provide for some action that will releive us from the threat that actually is heading our way, and forever ruin our way of living, "The pursuit of freedom and happiness"



  67. F**k him send him home to mexidope with 4 million other mexicants
    let him read the last names I. The news and figure out who he nerd to be worried about in the good ol USA. It not white, smith or Washington it more like garza, mendez, Garcia. I can't wait to read about him in the new when he is back in mexidope. Oh yeah it won't be reported because the cartels now run the media there. Bye bye azz hole

  68. US will have to take over Mexico soon the North American Union is coming people look it up, Mexico is a failed Country just like Iraq and Afghanistan, Canada, US, Mexico will become one this is inevitable......

  69. The only law in his stae of coahuila is the law of the OUTLAWS

  70. In the last four months Jan Brewer has been caught lying, three times and counting.

    The comments made on June 16, 2010, and June 27, 2010, clearly indicates that the Brewer says that immigrants are beheading people in the United States desert. She first ran away from the question and the press when confronted with the question. She finally when to FOX/ FAKE News to recant her lie.

    When Brewer was confronted with the fact the two of her top Advisors (Paul Senseman, Chuck Coughlin) are lobbyist for “Private Prisons” giant CCA she first ran away from the question and the press.

    In an attempt to gain sympathy, she first said her father had died in Germany fighting the Nazi in World War II (which ended 1945) but of course we find out the truth that her father was never in Germany and died in California in 1955. Do you see a trend here?

    Brewer signed into law SB 1070 Bill (Did she even read it?), lied about the crime rates in AZ (even Janet Napolitano knows that all crimes rates went down), and now we find out that she is in the pockets of PRIVATE PRISONS who stand to benefit with the increase Federal jailing, and thus they will pay her back, I wonder if it has to do anything about the fact that her son was transferred to a brand new prison, he was convicted for rape and sexual assault, I guess the fruit does not fall far the tree.

    “Private Prisons Lie”

    “AZ Crime Rates”

    “Father Lie”

  71. Breaking news....Mexican border coaltion is petitioning the US TO KEEP MEXICAN BORN CRIMINALS! They not want extradition. Their petition in essence states...we do not want them they are now the problem of the US! They accuse the US for their problems with violence...

    can this become more absurd?

  72. I just want to know. Is there any drug lords in USA. Its amazing how drugs travel all around the states and NO ONE GETS CAUGHT. At least in mexico they catch a lot of big fish. I think corruption is worst in the states I have never seen no big fish caught. If there is any???

  73. He also said in an interview he wants to legalize drugs in mexico. Drug users are in the USA and not in his state. The bad thing is that income from drugs wish make many Mex's very rich and is a big income for coahuila might be affected. So if they remain illegal many dollars go to mexico and many candies will come in to the states.

  74. HAHA Humberto is soo right! I Know our government is more corrupt than the mexican government, i mean look at the Bilderberg Group; who have secret meeting every year and tend to have the richest and most political influencing people in the united states (obama as well) and the united states media and news is all controlled to keep the masses dumb, when well americans wake up and realize that united states government is only rigged to keep the rich, richer and the poor poorer?

  75. Ok we can all give a sigh of relief, I heard on good athority today Gov Bert will not make a run for the presidency of Mexico. He is in fact leaving his position as Governor of Coahuila after the first of the year and moving to DF to campaign for the federal presidency of PRI. I asked who will he appoint to replace him...holding my breath I anticipated the answer...his brother I guess we can call this good news/bad news

  76. CHAD FOSTER former EAGLE PASS TX. mayor, is just helping corrupt coahuila polititians allocate their looting into real estate investments in EAGLE PASS TX. and maverick county.through different fronts that act as legit trusts or investors. he made very very lucrative connections while he was mayor.

  77. Humberto Moreira,
    My father and i (Aurelio and Julius Garcia) are landlords of Nacimiento Coahuila. I am a trible member of the kikapu tribe that is located by the city of Melchor Muzquiz. Im sorry to tell you that you are breaking the law of useing my fathers private property in your ploitical campaign. Chacuca has no athoraty in letting you get afiliated with our land. Nore dose the chairmens that exsist in Eaglepass tx. i need you to find me or my father to discuss this problem befor legal actions take place that will only futher dificult your campaign..ask chacuca who Aurelo Garcia is. Chacuca is a bitch rappist maggot and is scared to mention my fathers and my great great grandfathers name to your face. plce find me sir. ASAP

  78. Humberto,
    Your heart is in the right place. but i beleve that you are being misled by some voices that you listen to that comes from our tribe. You must seek the right people. Not Chacuca or the Chairmens of the kickapoo a respectful man and contact me

  79. @julius

    What is Humberto doing to your tribe? What has Chacuca done to betray your tribe? What do you mean you are the landlord of El Nacimiento?

  80. We hate him I live in Coahuila, what can I say..Humberto Moreira no one wants him he is millonarie without reason buying expensive spots for have a great rename...

    They are hiding all governor movements!!And citizens cannot do anything! Help will be appreciated !


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