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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Edgar "La Barbie" Valdez is Innocent, says Brother

Before his recent arrest, Edgar Valdez Villarreal, nicknamed "La Barbie," left behind a stable Texas family and allegedly became one of Mexico's most feared drug leaders.

Authorities in the United States and Mexico say that the former high school football player moved to Mexico after being indicted in the 1990s on charges of dealing marijuana.

They believe Villarreal, now 37, went on to become a violent leader in the Beltrán-Leyva gang, which is known for ongoing battles with other cartels.

Valdez Villarreal has been indicted in U.S. district court on charges he distributed thousands of pounds of cocaine. The Times reported that he is the only American citizen known to have gained that high of a position within the Mexican cartels.

The quality of his upbringing – an emphasis on church and college from a hard-working father – clicked with Valdez Villarreal's siblings. Most of them heeded their father's guidance by attending college and starting businesses.
Photo: The Valdez-Villarreal family home in Texas

Abel Valdez Jr., who studied criminology and now works for the Texas state government, said his younger brother simply chose another path.
"He chose his path," said Abel Valdez Jr. "I'm not saying he's an angel. He's done things that are not legally correct, but he has principles. We are a good family."

In a more recent interview with Excelsior's Pierre-Marc René, Abel Valdez Jr. went on to say despite the accusations and drug-related charges against him, his brother, Edgar, is innocent.

"They say a lot of bad things about my brother, but they haven't proven anything," said Abel, who lives in the Texas with the family of Edgar.

According to Abel Valdez Jr., his brother is being forced by police to make false statements.

In an interview with this newspaper, he declined to give information over the phone that could be used in attempts to build any type of profile of his brother.

However, he criticized the Mexican authorities, which he said are torturing Edgar Valdez Villarreal.

- How are you and your family handling Edgar's arrest?
"We're going about our lives. What do you want us to do?"

- What was your brother's childhood like?
"The information about my family is in the newspaper" (Valdez Jr. referred to a report by The New York Times, which gave an interview.)

- We want to know if the information published is correct.
"Of course none of what was published is false. Why don't you investigate what happens in Mexico, the police and torture? Why not follow up on what they are doing to my brother?"

- Do you think your brother was tortured?
"What do you think? If I were to be asked, in my opinion, yes, he was tortured. Why not ask the police why they tortured him. Obviously they're not going to say anything until a lawyer is present. A person is innocent until judged. That is the law. Obviously there was torture, physical.....or mental. Do you think there wasn't?

Why dont you go to the police and ask them why he said what he said? That would be a good topic, wouldn't it? Everything my brother said was untrue. It was all untrue."

- We want to know about Edgar Valdez before he became involved with drug trafficking.
"How do you know he was a drug trafficker? Because of what others have said? Because of the accusations against him?"

- There is very little information about him, Sir.
"If you come here I'll give an interview face to face and answer all your questions, but by telephone, I'm not going to say anything. If you come to the U.S., I will gladly give you the interview."

The Attorney General (PGR), Arturo Chavez Chavez, announced today Valdez Villarreal has reserved his constitutional right to silence.

Additionally the PGR reported all previous statements made by Valdez Villarreal during federal interrogations, on and off camera, have been deemed legally invalidated and inadmissible in a court of law due to the fact they were effected without the presence of legal counsel.

Sources: New York Times, Excelsior,, El Norte


  1. You've got to be kidding me! Every person in US is read miranda rights before they say anything. Does Mexico not have similar legal statutes? Because we all believe he's innocent because his brother says so!!! Well, send him on to the US then, I bet we have evidence of his drug trafficking.

  2. Who is that guy kidding, why does he beg the question? Valdez wasn't exactly selling girl scout cookies here.

  3. and what about the heads he cut, the shots he gave, the videos the taped, the bodies he hung...

  4. Come on brotherly love is good...but brotherly stupidity is not. Makes me wonder if the family condones Edgards actions. I also wonder just where they attained money for their businesses? I think the US should follow the money on that action.

    I love the "he was tortured" comment, tortured how? By famtastically funny jokes? Or by not allowing him to shave, shower or change polos until he stunk up the place?

  5. send him home to texas....mebbe he can help get rid of the Z

  6. who tha fuck knows what is real in mexico...i can tell you what is real...MEXICO IS REAL FUCKED UP

  7. My brother Edgar worked hard and sacrificed so that I could go school and not have to start life in debt..

    1. If you speak to Edgar tell him to contact Jeremy Lester. Hope you all are doing well

  8. Maybe "La Barbie" brother should be investigated, since he works for the State of Texas. Could he have passed Intel to his brother?

  9. X-MAS is going to suck this year with Edgar in Jail. No expensive presents this year..

  10. What a crock! Edgar Villareal is a criminal and is responsible for the deaths of no telling how many lives. He is responsible for dealing and exporting tons of drugs. If he is/was tortured in Mexico that's tough. Anybody that follows police procedure in Mexico knows that torture is part of their investigating procedures. I don't feel sorry for the son-of-a-bitch, he knew what he was getting into when he chose that life style. He is the black sheep of his family. All that money that he made,women he had, drugs he took,fancy houses he lived in,was for naught. Whatever punishment he gets, he deserves. Pendejo! His brother shouldn't be complaining. His family probably has money stashed away in different banks in the US,under different names.

  11. he was no worse than the least he was contra la leytra

  12. I suggest you rethink the definition of "sacrifice." And ask yourself, does it make any difference if he sacrificed others to himself or himself to others? What about the people he "sacrificed" by taking their life, or poisoning kids lives with drugs or the gang-life? Did you say he sacrificed...with his multi-million $ mansions, cars, and clothes he bought in exchange for blood? Is this what you mean by sacrifice? Because I'm fed up with the whole idea of man sacrificing himself for the sake of others. Where is your self-esteem? Left on some sacrificial alter when primitive man decided to climb out of the jungle. Well, you're turning the world back into a jungle, alright! And then we wont need any schools or colleges because there won't be jobs to go to. Unless you become a mortician.

  13. So much for the expensive birthday gifts from Edgar this year. I was really looking forward to a new gold plated AK 47 autographed by my brother and a limited edition DVD staring "LA BARBIE"

  14. Mr. Valdez's apathy for those who have suffered at the hands of his brother is apparent. His lack of emotion is bewildering and is a perfect example of why he should be expelled from working for the state of Texas. I believe that as a criminologist he should truly understand that while his brother portrayed a persona that has “morals” he was also a criminal which is a contradiction to the very idea of morals. Most criminals in fact have built a psyche which in their mind incorporates a level of morality in the actions they commit. For example, “Killing is justified, as long as those who are killed are not women or children”. One with morals understands that the act of killing is wrong under any circumstance, especially for gaining wealth and or power.

  15. He needs to pay for all the lives he killed. That would take him a couple of life times to pay them all.

  16. Unfortunately, the heads, torture, hangings, narco-mantas, kidnapping, and everything else, really can't be proven. There's no video (at least that has been found yet) that actually shows Barbie doing this crap. (although there are a few where the voice on the video seems to be his)

    No wonder he was smiling ear to ear and "spilling his beans" the entire time he was being questioned. He knew he throw throw some stones and remain untouchable.

    On the flip side, in a CNN interview Calderon stated Barbie will be tried and serve his time in Mexico (at least that's the plan) Here's the video:

    I'm not sure what to think. Originally I thought he had banked on a speedy deportation and would cut a deal with the U.S. for a light sentence in a medium security spread.

    Now I'm wondering if his power might lie in A Mexican prison. God knows he could still run his business from Mexico, he's running the show as I type.

  17. La Barbie is far from 'untouchable', the indictment in Georgie is enough to put him in prison for like 50 years. His brother sounds like kind of a self righteous jerk, I understand family loyalty, but why talk to the media at all if you are just going to be a contrite self serving jackass?

  18. I know the true meaning of sacrifice. 3 tours in Iraq equal 36 months away from my kids so you can post your sacrifice comments. I do not approve of what he has done. I thought his brothers comments were self serving and thought I would add some humor to the non sense in this blog. Sorry if I offended you and your right to free speech. As for my self esteem, it’s fine.

  19. 11:08

    I bet ten years ago today you were cheering on Osama Bin Laden.

  20. 11:08 have you ever had the courage to stand up for anything???


  21. "Ovemex said... Now I'm wondering if his power might lie in A Mexican prison. God knows he could still run his business from Mexico, he's running the show as I type."

    You give him more credit than he deserves, he is/was a nobody, he derrived his power from Arturo, and after Arturo threw him to the curb right before his death, he is back to being a nobody.

  22. Ovemex, if prisoners in the USA still run the show on the outside. Why would it be any different in Mexico? As for “La Barbie” we will never know all the facts with him. The legend of La Barbie will continue to grow. Forgive me 11:08 if the legend comments disturb you.

  23. I agree La Barbie is a nobody but why do we continue to discuss him?

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Really don't think Abel is responding in any unusual way..... he is defending his brother and family .....he appears to be calling for the facts to be this not the way justice is supposed to work

  26. Who cares about this piece of shit? Take no prisoners. Line him up against the wall and shoot him already.

  27. One with morals understands that the act of killing is wrong under any circumstance, especially for gaining wealth and or power.

    So, I guess that includes members of the armed forces of the United States. When has it not been about wealth and power? Look at our history and I’m sure you'll find many examples of killing in the name of justice and when in reality it has to do with some other reason. Wussification of America by all of you that read this blog and are fascinated by the drug cartels but then scream that Islamic Jihadist has rights and must be charged. So then start a petition to force the Mexican Government to release Edgar. As for 11:08, wussy!!!!

  28. Perhaps I mis choose my words (untouchable and power). Maybe, his "advantages" are greater in a Mexican prison.

    I thought it would have been in a U.S. prison, if Osiel got 25 years, what could Barbie stand do get?

    But then again, Osiel had ALOT more to offer, information that Barbie simply may not have enough knowledge of to be offered such a deal.

    As for what his brother has said, this interview was given before PGR made their announcement of Barbie's prior testimonies being deemed invalid.

    Families stick together. To what extent depends on the circumstances and family unity. You also have to take into consideration Abel is not just defending his brother, but his family, his parents, and other siblings. Intentionally or not, the rest of Barbie will cast alot of attention on his family's past and present actions.

    The only thing I don't understand about his brother's new interview is why it is so different. Why is he so sure of innocence now versus the first NY Times interview, where he said his brother may not be an angel, but has values. Why didn't he say he was innocent from the beginning?

  29. The US citizens who doubt that La Barbie was subject to torture are a pathetically ignorant lot. Not only do the police routinely torture their prisoners, they regularly present them to the press all beat up and bruised and that is considered the norm even. Talking about 'reading them their Miranda Rights' gave me a good laugh. Talk about being out of it!

    'You've got to be kidding me! Every person in US is read miranda rights before they say anything. Does Mexico not have similar legal statutes?'

    UH.. not really.


  30. @ 6:44
    Of course it is well known that Mx police on all levels torture the apprehended, and they show signs of obvious torture during perp walk.
    Edgar depicted no signs of torture, was happy, giddy, even laughing. Doubtful he will be sujected to torture, at least initially. His arrest is subject to differences, US has issued federal indictments, he is a US citizen etc.

    As for his family, I have no doubt he is loved by is family and he loves them, however it is one thing to proclaim his worth as a family member, and even to state his virtues while proclaiming the same, but to say he has öbviously been tortured, when there are no signs of that is counterproductive at best. Of all that was stated I am most interested in who/where the money came from to fund all those "family businesses". I would like to see the IRS conduct a few audits and follow the money trail. Wrong is wrong no matter what spin is place on it.

  31. @ 6:44 and to all

    'Barbie's attorney stated yesterday that Barbie has not been"physically coerced" rather it had been threaten that his family would pay the consequences....

    Oh really? his family are US citizens..laughable.

    However...this article ..interview of yesterday the attorney Kent Schaffer of Houston states that he sent a formal request to the U.S. ambassador to Mexico this week asking that the United States press Mexico to have Valdez deported as soon as possible.

    In an earlier interview Schaffer stated that Edgar knew his time was almost up & so his brother called Schaffer to arrange his defending Edgar after the arrest.

    Schaffer is a prestigious African American atty in Houston, works for 500 per hr+ exp. His practice specializes in criminal defense (2/3) and Federal defense (1/3) He is a very smart atty with credible experience. Barbie chose well. And in the US, that goes a long way to the best deal.

    I have been following his interviews since the capture and he has been giving interesting details. I think the fact that he sent the letter to the embassy and Calderon's statement that Barbie would serve his time in Mx, was reactionary. The atty is using the "he fears his life and he is a US citizen" ticket to get out of Mx. I honestly do not think he will stay in Mx, but I also think that Calderon does not want to appear removed from decision and control. That's my dos centavos...
    here is the last can retrieve the older ones from various Tx print media

    If the link does not take you directly it is the houston chronical sept 10th headline"La Barbie Wabts To Be Deported..(fears for his life

  32. acuna zocalo reported that he was really arrested in a traffic stop,not at his home

  33. Thanks for all the info on his lawyer and the link Buela!!!!

  34. @Ovemex

    Sure mijo.
    His loose lips are providing good info.

  35. @ 10:56

    Can you provide the link?
    You do know Acuña Zocalo is controlled by Zs?
    They did not even post the news of the commander being murdered by cartel for days.
    Even the murder of the "72" was absent for days

  36. From his atty lips he provides in the last paragraph exactly how Edgar was captured. Pretty interesting and nothing like all the rumors: anyone pissed how the presidents of Mx and El Salvador are blaming the "72" on the US?
    and our lack of immigration law? Yet, in Mx I am stopped 3 times in 6 hours asking for my papers? Saying we killed C.A. migrant youth? He is oblivious to the Day of the Rabbit? and the Monterrey family massacre of last week?

    I am really getting to despise this fraud Calderon

  37. if barbie has stashed enough money...he will get the best justice money can buy in the USA

  38. Buela,

    Here are link about the supposed traffic stop.

  39. @ Ovemex

    Thank you I also found a few Mx print media saying the same. But you can see Edgar's atty dispels this rumor. I go with the Atty's account for him it does not matter "how" and he is a very credible atty.
    It has never been a doubt in my mind that Edgar will get the best defense money can buy. That is justice in the US, this is why I cannot support capital punishment, in theory I support it, but until it is applied with parity I cannot.

    SOme of you wonder why we give a shit about Edgar, or what happens to him. But in my opinion he is the most interesting player in the Cartel mix. I trust there will be studies, books, movies, debates how this seemingly average kid, from a good and loving, law abiding family, from Laredo, Tx USA can so sucessfuly take a journey to the dark side and rise in the ranks to become so empowered in his own right. Dare I say that he is very intelligent if not brilliant, so why? My sense is he is a sociopath but that is a tidy conclusion.. I also entertain the thought that he is a product of society, but really slam myself for thinking that. Whatever compelled him or whatever he is, I am in the majority that finds him facinating.

  40. The Brother and Family are just as crooked as LA BARBIE! When this all goes down including the criminal family Edgar has on the US side the truth will be known. La Barbie gets everything he deserves, his brother states that he is innocent but states that he went to mexico to avoid being arrested in Laredo....where is the morals there? That they are a good family? I really doubt this person has any types of morals.

  41. Buelita dime tu.....

    I am glad somehow else considered the product of society issue. It's a cop out, the "blame society" bid...but this is happening more and more.

    Barbie is not the first of "good kids gone bad", but obviously the most prominent. (at least for now)

    It's becoming ever more common to see "good kids from good families" kidnapping, dealing, and killing all in the name of a quick buck and quicker fame.

  42. Come on Abel don't kid herself, your brother is guilty you know that and the rest of your family knows that to. Gamco hummmm ?didn't your brother mention sum about money being transported in trailers? Isn't that your families brother in law and your sisters trucking business, among other trucking companies ? There will always be a paper trail some where, remember that? You are next.......

  43. Having a name like "la barbie" and going to prison is probably not good.
    I believe the reason Mexico is starting to finally crack down is due to tourism. Mexico mainly survives off of its tourism, and oil exports. Mexico's tourist dollars have been obliterated due to the violence there. I don't blame the tourists for not wanting to go. The power structure of the cartels serves a few men very well. A small group of men are making themselves wealthy, but this is not benefiting the country as a whole. On the contrary, this is destroying it. Mexico's reputation has been ruined permanently, or at the very least, for many years in the foreseeable future. Even if they get this violence under control, it's going to take years for public opinion to change. This is like a brush fire that's turned into a raging forest fire. It's always best to put out the brush fire before it can grow and not the latter.


  45. yeah i read all ur comments... i find them interesting....i strongly agree that the family must of known something...orfita is one of the money hungery ones... (his sister) laredo is a very drug concious city... even the street huslters know some body that knows some body... that sells drugs... and that info about edgar starting from 2003 or 2004 ... maybe that was when he was getting big... but i know for a fact that in 2000 he was building his business....and it does help that he married a comandante's daughter in nuevo laredo .... that family is a whole other story...i could make a novela on all the shit i have heard..his first wife ... and which kids are in the custody of edgars parents and orfita suggests her parents to keep the children to get money from edgar..... and i know with money u can get a nice attorney and who knows what will become of edgar... ive heard private stories of him and how he was intimately... and his first wife introduced him to versace and gave him style .... cause she was rich when she was younger before her father died....her father was killed ... and was a comandante in different places in mexico ...i wonder why couldnt he just cash out.... and get out of the game?....


  46. Edgar is innocent.I am impressed with his brother and proud to see him defend not only the truth but his brother as well. I Edgar was doing Mexico a favor, the Zetas are going to run Mexico down to hell. I pray for all the people there in Mexico that live with fear of the corrupt goverment and cartel daily. Stay strong. To Edgars family, Do not stop fighting the good fight.

  47. i personally knew la barbie he was a nice person who gave money to people in need of course this is not credited but hope all comes out well and get extradited to the u.s i met one of his ex girlfriend who has a daughter in laredo the little girl has helped the community too but only god can judge them

  48. it was funny reading the brothers answers saying he was tortured what the fuck is wrong with that family la barbie cut peoples head off and everything ON CAMERA and yet the family thinks they are not treating him good enough?? what how is a murderer suppose to be treated with cookies and a spa Or something i believe the family is involved for the brother to defend him to that extend they must know something or he was giving them the cash they should track down all the family he was pobs wiring the cash or they went to pick it up lol I really am laughing at the anwsers he gave and believe he should be investigated to the toes not even i would defend my brother this much if i new what he had done to innocent ppl and watching the interview where he snitches at everyone and he doesnt look tortured he has a fucking polo shirt and everything now if he was in underwear half naked beaten up ok he was tortured but a polo and smiling lol thats plain stuppppppppiiiidddddd fuck the brother hes in it too


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