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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dismembered Bodies Found in Front of Children’s Museum

Caution: Graphic content, discretion is advised.

Two dismembered bodies were found by police early Tuesday in front of a children’s museum in Chilpancingo, the capital of the southern Mexican state of Guerrero.

State police received a call that two naked bodies with the heads, arms and legs cut off had been dumped in front of the La Avispa Museum.

The dismembered bodies were left near the part of the building that contains two mechanical dinosaurs. The bodies appeared to be men between the ages of 20 to 30 years old.

At the scene were two torsos, two heads, one wrapped in duck tape, two complete legs from the femur to the foot, which had tennis shoes with a red stripe around the laces and the other two legs were cut in pieces. There were also four dismembered hands and arms, two of them up to the elbows.

The identity of the men had not been determined at the time of this report.

At the scene police also found two plastic bags, some jeans and gray boxer shorts.

The heads were located on the grass between the museum and the sidewalk and in front of them was a pink cardboard secured to the ground with the same pieces of bodies that read:

"Esto les paso por andar de rata y el otro por asalta taxi. Esto les pasara a todos los que kieran seguir su camino. Atte. El Nuevo Cartel de la Sierra!!"

"This happened for being a rat and the other for assaulting a taxi. This will happen to all who wish to follow this path. Attentive: El Nuevo Cartel de la Sierra!"

The cartel, which is based in Guerrero, has dumped dozens of bodies in the streets of Chilpancingo in the past two months.

Two decapitated bodies were found hanging off a bridge on Aug. 24 in Chilpancingo.

The grisly display was left on the Highway of the Sun, which links the Pacific tourist resort of Acapulco to Mexico City.

A message signed by the Nuevo Cartel de la Sierra was also left with the bodies.

Officials say they know little about the criminal organization, whose messages indicate that it is dedicated to killing extortionists, robbers, auto thieves, informants and all those who do not “align themselves with the cartel.”

Guerrero has been the scene of a war between the drug gang led by Edgar Valdez Villarreal, who was arrested by Federal Police on Aug. 30, and the Beltran Leyva cartel, which is led by Hector Beltran Leyva.

In one past episode the bodies of four mutilated and decapitated men were found August 22, 2010 hanging from a bridge in Cuernavaca, Morelos officials said.

Left near the victims was a note warning that the same fate would befall anyone who supports “the traitor Edgar Valdez Villarreal, alias ‘La Barbie.’”


  1. Who are these guys? What are the theories? It's clear it wasn't Barbies organization, the only other theory I've read is it's a group lead by a Sinaloa operative who broke away, Dani 'El Peinado', but what are they doing in Guerrero? That has never been CDS territory, or am I way off?

  2. Reconociendo a JesúsSeptember 8, 2010 at 3:00 AM

    There is only one thing to say to all of Mexican cartels:

    Jesús is watching you. :)

    1. that all anyone needs to hear, why dont we just phone up isis and get this over with.

  3. Another postcard from Hell curtesy of one or other of the Cartels. I wonder whether the people who did this have any inkling as to how far they've sunk...........?

  4. I think these are just some renegade guys with access to a few weapons trying to make a name for themselves. With La Barbie arrested and last I read El Peinado was seen, detained, and released in Monterey, NL. There is no telling what will happen next!

  5. It is kinda of odd that they left it on Pink posterboard which is the color of La Barbie?

  6. Forget Jesus, innocent LITTLE KIDS are watching you!

    What's next? Leaving dismembered body parts at schools and parks?

    Enough already!

  7. Don't these people have a family kids a wife etc.
    what if it was there family???

  8. "Forget Jesus"?? What an idiotic attitude! And you wonder why this is even happening?? I believe we've gotten too far from Jesus if you ask me.

  9. The dinos in the back are of the cartel de la sierra

  10. I did not know there is a children's museum. What is it inside the building?

  11. jesus has been dead for 2000 anos

  12. Sociopathic, sexually psychotic, beasts performing unnatural acts upon others. These lusty perverts will never stop.

    Mexico is doomed. Officials will readily take bribes and turn their head and say, 'he's the good sicaro'.

    ...and the good sicaro will win

  13. Here we go, believing that everyone shares our values and beliefs. Try to leave your home and seeing what the real world is like outside the United States….

  14. @9:40 PM
    ..."our values and beliefs".

    Curious? What/who are "our" values and beliefs? There are many differenvt groups here but no one has said claims.

  15. Enough of the Jesus/moral stuff. I'm really curious who these guys are now, have to be break away or abandoned from some group, I don't think ordinary people just pick up weapons and start cutting off heads and dismembering bodies the next day. Maybe a dissatisfied faction of CPS, but none of the messages are directed at them, they resemble the ones ABL used to leave in Guerrero though.

    Maybe thats part of the problem, too many criminals think they can start their own group, a few ki's, a few guns, some executions, and thats it. Like Teo in Tijuana, grisly violence, a lot of bravado, 2 years later his organization is reduced to lowly kidnappers and petty thieves.

  16. That not everyone shares your values and beliefs with what's considered right or wrong. Are Americans much different. Try going to war and see how soon it changes. 10:57. as for J. I don't think ordinary people just pick up weapons and start cutting off heads and dismembering bodies the next day. What's ordinary. you can turn it on and off. Just ask any member of the US armed forces.

  17. The last poster Anon E. Mouse thinks he is so clever with his "Ya these guys are bad but USA is just as bad so there". Great logic. I have yet to see citizens of USA commit such widespread barberity. Even our own military did not do these things with such depravity. Sure a few CIA murders and tortures, a few troops smacking prisoners and some soldiers going rogue but nothing like this. And even if the counter charges were true it does not justify the cartel slaughter of thier own countrymen.


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