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Friday, September 3, 2010

Clash Leaves 27 Dead in Nuevo Leon

NTN-24 Bogota,,Vanguardia

At least 27 people were killed Thursday in a clash between members of the Mexican Army and an armed group that occurred in the state of Nuevo León, several miles from the Texas border

According to preliminary reports, no bodies have been identified, and it is alledged that the dead gunmen belonged to the Los Zetas criminal organization.

Three soldiers were reported injured in the clash and an undertermined number of kidnap victims were freed. More than 25 weapons and multiple grenades and 23 vehicles were reported seized.

The clash took place several miles east of the town of General Treviño, on the road that connects this town with Ciudad Mier, in an area near the border with the state of Tamaulipas, the sources added. There was some confusion among news sources on whether the battle occurred in Nuevo Leon or Tamaulipas

Mexican media sources reported that military forces carrying out aerial reconnaissance flights in that area noticed the presence of several armed men outside a building, who immediately tried to flee aboard several vehicles.

A detachment of soldiers on patrol came under fire as they approached the area and intercepted the gunmen, prompting a sharp response by the troops.

Many of the dead gunmen wore military style uniforms and bullet-proof vests. According to military sources the area where the battle occurred was a Los Zetas training camp and hideout.

Authorities in the municipality of General Treviño requested assistance from the State of Nuevo Leon Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) for the removal of bodies, while prosecutors from the State Attorney General’s office and State Ministerial Police agents arrived to take custody of the crime scene.

The battle occurred shortly before midday and the number of dead gunmen was confirmed at 4:00 PM by SEMEFO personnel.

This area of northern Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, known as the Frontera Chica, has been the scene of bloody rural guerrilla conflict with almost daily battles between Los Zetas and the Cartel del Golfo since both groups split in February of this year.

It has been depopulated by as much as 70% due to the lawlessness, and any municipal police forces that existed have been largely abandoned, many of the officers arrested for collusion with organized crime.

Last week 8 gunmen were found dead of gunshot wounds in the hamlet of Los Guerra in the outskirts of Ciudad Mier after a firefight between both rival cartels.


  1. good less Z more the better...good for the army...more air patrols is needed...kill all these fuckers where they stand


  3. Congratulations to the armed forces.

  4. Any view on how long 'Los Zetas' can keep taking these losses?

  5. Zetas will live on for a while. They are still making money and they mass recruit people into their organization. Couple of weeks of training and they are Zetas. For every 1 they kill, 10 more get recruited.

    As bad of a shot anybody can be, I always find it funny how they always claim to have 10+ dead sicarios and 1 soldier injured..
    Anybody else find it "theatrical"

    I mean, it's not like in the movies where the cops and robbers are chasing shooting at each others cars.. A couple of well placed shots into a truck will stop the driver dead on his tracks. How is it that it is so very rare that the military encounters any casualties. For as good as the soldier is trained, 3 sucky gunmen with assault riffles all aiming at you and empting a clip is a bad situation..

    Just makes me wonder.

  6. Depopulated by 70 percent??? Is there a source on this figure? If that is indeed true, that would mean the local (non-narco) economy is getting completely obliterated. Sounds like a long-term nightmare brewing.

  7. Yes, for everyone killed there’s another waiting to take his or her place. The fight against the zetas must continue. I’m sure some of my fellow readers are disgusted by the killing of the zetas and the lack of due process but will you still feel sorrow for them when it’s happening in the United Sates or to someone close to you.

  8. "Any view on how long 'Los Zetas' can keep taking these losses?"

    27 down only 30,000-40,000 to go.

    what option do the illiterate ni-ni's (ni estudian-ni trabajan)have? The majority will carry 70 pound bags of cement slung on ther backs for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, for maybe 50 dollars a week. Many, however, will rather carry a "cuerno" and drive around in a late model SUV, all coked up and drunk, taking their anger out on society for 50 to 100 dollars a week. Your choice?

    "As bad of a shot anybody can be, I always find it funny how they always claim to have 10+ dead sicarios and 1 soldier injured..Anybody else find it "theatrical"

    Hey man, you know what I also find theatrical? How many of these ni-ni's are summarily executed by the military after they have their hands up or are injured on the ground. Do they have it coming to them? Hell yes. But when authorities that are supposed to be establishing the "rule of law" act like this, well the vicious cycle will only continue.

  9. The Z stronghold is on 3 border corridors/cities Piedras-Matamoros-Acuña. The other day I predicted soon there will be major violence in those 3 cities. 2-3 mos back there was a brief surge of violence as an unsucessful bid to gain control from Zs. I hope to hell warnings are sent out to the citizens which is what happened before.

    @ 3:55

    That is the problem, there are few choices. If you are familiar w/ed system, complicated at best, divison is established by the very foundation of the system. When a student advances to what the US call HS, stringent testing and expensive fees are imposed, effectively eliminating 80% right off the top.

    I have students saying "don't be a teacher or you will be poor" & openly speak to me about aspirations of joining cartel life.

  10. 3:55 It’s sad but what other choice do these kids have in life. Can anyone tell what kind of debt load the Mexican Government holds? We all know how much the federal deficit is in the United States. This is something to think about before we add billions of dollars to the federal deficit helping Mexico combat this problem.

  11. A couple weeks training and they are zetas?? More like "heres a gun, go kill a rival" and your a zeta. At least thats what I figure. And as for the statistics, I'm sure that the figures are exaggerated, but honestly 20 dead sicarios and no dead soldiers is possible. Most of these new recruits have never even seen an AK-47, much less fired one, before these shootouts. Most of the original Zetas are dead and gone meaning no one on the ground level has any formal training. And in their rush to recruit, they have to forsake training as well. You have to factor in a lot of things, these marines have months or in some cases years of training. They have fired 1,000's of rounds of ammunition in target practice. Also they have superior weapons. The cartels are using cheap AK-47s that have been passed around through who knows how many different owners. They fire large unwieldy 7.62mm rounds. And a lot of them don't even have AK's they have to fight with pistols. The mexican marines use mostly G36's, which they probably fire in semi auto or controlled bursts. And a lot of the troops on the fore front of these drug raids are even more specially trained, often by Americans. Plus the marines are all wearing body armor and are trained to fight as a cohesive unit. As bad ass as the Zetas think they are, I imagine its quite a panic when a black clad, ski mask wearing military unit is firing precisely aimed rounds at them. Although many of the stories do seem exaggerated, I have also seen many stories where more soldiers are killed. 20 kills and no deaths is hard to believe, it could happen once in a while, but something like 20 kills and 5 deaths, that definitely seems likely when you consider the superior training and superior equipment that the cartels sicarios are up against. Just my 2 cents.


    272 billion $ as of 2009.
    This equals to approximately $ 2470$ debt per Head.
    In comparison to the US with $ 13,426.8 billion that equals to approximately $ 43,312 debt per Head.

    So I think the mexicans don't need to stop the war anytime soon regarding debts. Then again why follow the worst example of all nations concerning debts?

  13. "A couple of well placed shots into a truck will stop the driver dead on his tracks. How is it that it is so very rare that the military encounters any casualties."

    Discipline, skill, an education in strategy and tactics of the use of kinetic force in offense and defense.

    As do the jihadi terrorists, narcos rely on some occult fate to guide their bullets. The Marinas know their bullet will be the fate of the narco.

  14. Sounds like the Mx military is doing OK,all this talk about being outguned,its not the gun its who is shooting it,great job boys keep it up,I really like hearing positive news ,has anybody thoughht that things might start getting better?

  15. It wasn't the military that was out gunned by narcos, it was the least that's what they said until they were busted shooting their arms AT the military, aiding the narcos (in Nuevo Leon)..After that happened a couple of times, the military swept all municipal police stations (took quite a few police away) and seized their firepower (they still have hand guns)...

  16. The death count is now 28...Soldiers found another one dead outside of the actually ranch area..28 bodies were taken to SEMEFO

  17. That video you posted is from an incident in Ciudad Juarez from a while back.

  18. yes, it was from Juarez, Nuevo Leon a while back..It was only to show not only how the military work, but also how they have to against narcos and the police who protect them (as in this case)

  19. "Ovemex said..."

    Checked, thanks. By the way you do good work, looking forward to more of your reporting of actual incidents, because that is what we actually crave here in BB!

  20. @ anonymous 8:45 pm.

    I appreciate the compliment, The ways things are going in Mexico, there's enough info to keep armies of BB reporters working 24/7..we are all trying to shed light and truth into the reality of what's happening in Mexico.

    With that in mind, I'll be around here as long as you let me,( y Dios quiere).

    Saludos y Paz

  21. small town kids that get conned into the business. theres a perceived safety in numbers.
    throw in some "Pase" an old AK and some Camo gear. and man do they think they are something.
    Especially when they perceive the municipal polices complicity as their being invincible.
    i would find a new line of work.
    Mexicos finest arent messing around or taking people to see a judge. they are taking no prisoners as it should be.
    ive seen too many photos of headshots
    with the eyes looking sideways and the heads split open like a squishy piñata to know its
    going to get better soon. no mater how much huevos a kid might have in the company of
    other delinquents, it is not worth having your brain shot out the back of your head then have a car run over it.

  22. spaying to alla don't get no headshots

  23. so happy for the Mexican Military,thank you for bringing us good news on this horrible monster,keep up the good work,you all have a lot of people wanting a successful outcome of the nightmare for the good Mexican people that have to live through this fear everday...Thank you Mexico Military for your courage

  24. I agree with Anonymous on Sep 3, 2010@3:30 pm, it is a vicious circle..

  25. they have already ran out of northern hombres de valor to recurit, thats why the have been recurting the grimiest people like cholillos an people all the way down from vercruz. in my opinion its gotten worse and there's no respect for gente civil because of this in the northern states of tamp. nuev leon..

  26. Rise... Good to see you 'round these parts again pardner... Saludeme a la Babylonian, if you still exchnge e-mail with her... I want to see another one of yours and her posts. Even a comment would be good; just to know she's ok. Comentele que digo yo que nada gana con enojarse con nosotros. he, he...

    You know...I don't see how the Z's can possibly continue this for too much longer. They're hated even by their own mothers and they make their living off of the people (Como muestra esta la Carniceria San Fernando. To me, the message of that was that the polleros can't their product to market. In other words: los del Golfo (and the military) are strongly holding the borderline. Those people's autopsies probably showed empty stomachs! I wonder how long those people had been waiting out there. DAMB!). Zetas also don't have the INCONUS establishment to complete the supply chain; they have to steal that, too. By force? I don't think so....

    I would caution us not to expect a narco mensaje crying UNCLE either...what'll happen is that their ranks will continue to thin; especially as the newbies begin seeing that the blood running on the street is theirs. This is not a career move or a life choice.

    No se a que le tiran estos ven mas pa aya que sus narices. Los Zetas will never be able to peacefully and profitably hold any territory for anything more than fleeting moments. They eventually will not be able to effectively hold any border, from Bagdad to the Laredos, even Piedras or Acuña; they are damned to be the rats that live off of scraps around los carritos de los tacos en las esquinas; not dead just living on borrowed/stolen time.

    El Golfo is the established choice. They're the ones that have been and will be here. They've been running the show for decades with just a few farts and avoiding shitting their beds (Making cagaderos is a Zeta specialty). Does anyone remember what happened to Sato in the movie "Black Rain?"

    An interesting concept would be to explore the class strata among the gangs. Zetas have definitively become a group of lower class, street level cabrones, que se creen muy "malias," los bueyes. The latest round of recruits carry on the Zeta tradition of not having been recruited for their business acumen; they're just a group of johnny-come-lately warm bodies that still have use of their index fingers. Da lastima es que cada cabeza implica un hijo, hermano, un tio. Pero, pues...mama, don't let your babies grow up to be vermin.

    ¿Hay Zetas?

    ¡Sargento! ¡Cabo! ¡Corten cartucho! ¡ABRANLES FUEGO A ESOS CABRONES!

    Viendo Correr al Toro Prieto en

  27. Viva El Ejercito Mexicano y Viva Mexico con todos sus ciudadanos respetuosos, honrados y llenos de patriotismo.

  28. and now they wont get paid...think of that before you join the Z culeros...when you die don't get no money


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