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Friday, September 17, 2010

48 hours in Chihuahua

Sept 17th - An armed gang entered a bar in Ciudad Juarez and began shooting, leaving eight people dead only hours after two reporters for the newspaper El Diario were attacked by unknown assailants.

The shooting occurred around 3:20 in the morning at a place known as Bar V. According to the information made available by the sub-prosecutor for the state of Chihuahua, this is the second time in two years such an attack has occurred in this establishment.

The dead are seven men aged 25-35, one of whom died in hospital of his wounds and a woman around 20. Another young woman was injured in the attack.

Thursday Shooting Leaves 3 Dead in Chihuahua

A gunfight leaves 3 young people dead and 1 injured in front of the Hotel el Capitán in the city of Chihuahua Thursday night.

According to initial reports, gunmen in a dark, late model truck opened fire on four teenagers in a gray Jeep Grand Cherokee. Paramedics rushed 2 women from the scene to a nearby hospital but only one survived and is in critical condition.

Death Toll Rises

- In the Colonia Anáhuac Police found a dismembered body in a car. The head is found in the trunk. According to police a copy of El Diaro was found on the windshield, it had been the edition describing the attacks on two photographers.

- In Colonia Arroyo Colorado a man of around 70-80 years old is shot dead near an abandoned house.

- An armed group entered a house on the street of Francisco Galarza and killed the people inside shortly before 7:00 am. Investigators at the scene found 15 spent shell casings from a 9 millimeter weapon. According to the sub-prosecutor for the state of Chihuahua two men were found in the kitchen face down in a pool of their own blood. Two women were found in the bedroom.

- Late Wednesday
sicarios killed a family of 4 in the Colonia Luis Blanco. In a shocking display of brutality, the gunmen stormed the house, grabbing the father, mother, and two adolescent boys. The assassins also found 3 young children but locked them in a bathroom before proceeding to kill the rest of the family. The father's name was Antonio and was employed as a construction worker. The mother was 51 years old and the two adolescents were 19 and 14.


  1. OK kids time to move..

  2. mexico is starting to be like one of those end of the world movies where everbody goes crazy

  3. only a matter of time before it happens in the US.

  4. This is seems like now they are killing innocent people too, just to be killing...

  5. The guy found in the car may not have been as innocent as one may think, it may have been connected to the El Diario killing, sometimes narcos kill their own assassins to take heat off their backs for some heinous crime, its not like they would just hand a guy over for arrest, he might turn state witness. As for the rest it is hard to say, sometimes the victims are totally innocent, sometimes they are innocent but some of their family members were involved in dirty business, and sometimes it is a settling of accounts for reasons unknown.

  6. This reality is so sad.

  7. EXACTOMUNDO...Let us not get fooled here every one of these killings had a purpose involved in the dark world of crime . They must have done something dark or connected to the dark. The sadness is the women and children killed,
    They have shamed the rules of the real Mafioso " women & children are not part of the game" . Corruption is the factor of death. Mexico will never get fixed till the Gov fixes themselves.


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