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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 Zetas Implicated in San Fernando Massacre are Found Murdered

Associated Press
By Mark Stevenson

Miguel Angel Alvarado, a Honduran citizen, with a picture of his 27 year old son Milton who was one of the 72 victims of the massacre in San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

MEXICO CITY — The bodies of three men suspected of participating in the massacre of 72 migrants last month were found by the side of a road in northern Mexico after an anonymous caller told authorities where to find the cadavers, federal officials said Monday.

Prosecutors' spokesman Ricardo Najera said authorities have no information on who made the call, but in the past suspects in especially brutal killings that draw too much attention to Mexico's drug gangs have been "handed over" to authorities.

Federal security spokesman Alejandro Poire said the bodies of the three men — along with two women not identified as culprits — were found by marines last week after an anonymous caller on Aug. 30 tipped authorities off to the presence of the bodies in Tamaulipas state. It was unclear why authorities waited almost a week to announce the discovery.

The caller said the dead people participated in the Aug. 23 massacre. Poire said a Honduran man who survived the slaughter and is currently under police protection in Mexico had identified the three men as having been among the killers.

A total of seven men have now been identified as suspects in the massacre. The only one still alive was caught in a raid on Aug. 24 at the site of the killings, and identified by a survivor. Three other suspects died in a shootout with authorities at the scene of the killings.

Najera said "the evidence and testimony suggest very strongly that the Zetas were involved," referring to a violent drug gang.

Of the witnesses, only the Ecuadorean and Honduran men are confirmed to have survived.

While El Salvador's president said there was a third survivor — a Salvadoran man now in the United States — Najera said "there is no evidence at all at this point that he was a witness to these events."

And the Navy announced Monday it had found a clandestine grave with two bodies in Tamaulipas, not far from the massacre site. It was unclear if the grave was related to the massacre. Marines arrested four suspects at the scene on Sept. 3.


  1. hope they were really tortured well before death...these animals deserve the worst

  2. Even the Zeta's must realize that this is too much and they need to let things cool down. Shocker, they don't 'hand over' suspects alive.

  3. Dead people don't talk,a lesson for the low level drug peons, why in hell would anybody get involved no matter how poor, most people I have met in poor areas in Mx are happy? This whole episode shows just how stupid these gangs are all penis no brain.

  4. Since the beginning the goal the Zetas had in mind was to get outside forces involved in their ongoing struggle vs the military and the cartels. Point being the massacre. They want to call the attention and put more pressure on the government. This would sort of lean on the point I've been stating for a while. The military is working along hand the CDG to establish a new Mexican Order.

    I've been told from reliable people that they have encountered military checkpoints where there are Mexican Military Soldiers alongside cartel Members.

    I guess it would sort of explain where all this CDG are getting the military uniforms and the military vehicles. They are being granted power by the mexican government. After things go wrong and they get killed in a shootout, the government turns a blind eye and they all frown on how they could of ever gotten their hands in military equiptment.. Convoys and all.

    The situation really is not that hard to understand.

    Some people have even gone as far as to say that the person responsible for the ongoing war between the Zetas and CDG was Fatbastard Chapo.

    Rumor has it, and hearsay that around the time that the war was going on, people where telling me that El Chapo had come down into Tamaulipas. Now it is weird to think that an ongoing war would happen between two cartels who where in agreement. Story is, they shot up a Zeta and when questioned about it and told to turn in the person who did it the CDG stood floor and said no... Now stories i've been told is that when the CDG was confrontd about the murders, it wasn't a "No".. It was more of a "What?".. I've been told they didn't turn in anyone over to the Zetas because they had no idea who had done it. Zetas took this as an offence and the war broke out.

    More than one person has told me that rumor has it that El Chapo incited the "War" by killing and incriminating.

  5. ending corruption in Mexico...thats a joke..i think the idea is to regulate it and put some major players in control...thats what is really happening...chapo is in line to be the CEO

  6. I agree that CDG and the govt have and will continue to cut deals. A Monterrey friend just visited me last Thursday and told me about his experience traveling toward Monterrey late at night. He was actually stopped by a CDG roadblock on the autopista just south of the first caseta somewhere near the restaurant "Los Ahijados". After checking his papers and his responding to their interrogation regarding his travel, they let him carry on. Later he arrives at a military checkpoint and reports the events. The soldiers tell him not to be concerned that those guys were only looking for Zetas.

    Regarding those 3 suspected muderers, is it possible that "el jefe" punished them for screwing up the simple job of making sure all were dead at the massacre? Perhaps he is like other employers "getting qualified help" is not easy.

  7. Really heart breaking to think these animals killed 76 innocent people, their was 76, confirmed by all 3 survivors.

  8. Maybe the CDG continuing their PR campaign to cleanse the state. Personally, I think it's a good thing.

    Rise, How would you say the odds are between the Gulf and the Zeta's are right now?

    Also, I don't buy the Chapo conspiracy, it makes perfect sense how the Zeta/CDG alliance broke down, it was a long time coming.

  9. Filling comments with 'I've been told,' or 'rumor has it,' or more overtly, 'hearsay,' are not exactly reliable observations. It only perpetuates the problem and feeds the frenzy; it does nothing to suggest change in Mexico.

    Honestly, the gist is that nothing will ever change in Mexico until the Mexican government begins to take responsibility for their lack of response towards crime, education and resources that the Mexican citizen's request.

    In the mean time we'll continue deal with the same response from U.S. citizens, which is an increase in discrimination and prejudice towards Latin Americans in general, not just Mexicans, everyone who speaks Spanish and looks Latin.

    I'm not sure which is worse, Venezuela and Chavez or Mexico, Calderon, extensive government corruption and the drug cartels.

    Right now, I think Mexico has a clear advantage due to the consistency of its dysfunctional government, which seems to be okay with denial.

  10. @12:17pm

    I agree with you, but hearsay and rumors from people inside the situation is what has helped me get a lot of inside information I have provided for you guys in the past :)

    People who know me know what i'm talking about.

    But regardless, I was not offering a solution, I was just being informative.

    I do agree with you though, the Cartels aren't to blame here.. You can't blame your dog for eating all the chickens when you locked him in the hen house.

    The Mexican government is stronger than any Cartel, but honestly I don't think that shit will change without either a Civil War, citizens revolting, or outside help.

    The corruption is rooted too deep to be able to just "trim" the bad branches. The whole tree is rotten, it has to be removed from the roots and replanted.

    We need a whole new system implemented of pulls and balances.

    This war will end, but the Cartels will still remain in complete power. The day we see this end is when Lazcano and 40 are removed from power and they implement someone else as their leader. The Zetas are huge, some of you guys have no idea how many Zetas there are. They are blooming on every corner, they can't be controlled.. And like I once stated before, it does not mean they're smart.. Just like roaches.. They are hard to kill because you can't find them and they repopulate faster than they are killed. The answer here is fumigation.

    We need to get a new government, new system of balance, minimum wage, harder punishment and public clarity. Have the citizens really govern and control their own government.

    As it is, our citizens are petrified to call the police because in all honesty, there is no police. Only fucking Zetas or CDG playing cops. You can't call the police after being slapped in the face with a gun or having your wife touched by a fucking roach carrying an AK because the cops themselves will then lock you up for calling them. There is so much insecurity that it's scary. I truly admire my people because we are living in a war zone. The true people who wake up every morning to go to work and feed their families the right way and work through all the bullshit and all the harm. I truly admire them. Although we all know that in Mexico you get paid crackers for gold.

  11. What you're proposing is a full-on revolution that may or may not lead to nowhere.

    Reform is absolutely necessary, but a revolution, well, we can look at every country in Latin America and understand how that may not be the best option.

  12. RiseMakaveli...

    Do you really think Chapo came to Tamualipas and killed some Z's and the Gulf Cartel didn't know anything about it???? I'm not trying to insult your intelligence but I highly doubt it. It was bound to happen. The Z's were becoming renown all over the world as the most vicious, dangerous group. Instead of knowing their role, they got big headed and fucked over the people who made them.

  13. It could all very well be a cover up by the government, they just order some people dead,maybe not even people involved in the drug world,then the government tells the media what the government wants the people to think happened, who's going to question them? It's a simple man's word against the government, so happens with Mr. Valdez, he is charged by US officials with possession, hence losing his credibility & whatever integrity he had, so the government can tag any crime onto him now because he now has a criminal record....

  14. No, I don't take it as an insult at all..
    It was mere speculation, but if you think back at it, security was not as tight before the incident and people would rarely get stopped.
    I would personally travel in a 2006 black F150 double cabin with black tinted windows, from matamoros to monterrey, to San Luis.. Anywhere and I rarely rarely got stopped. I'm just saying that's what I heard.
    But get to know me, you couldn't possibly offend me in any way.

    I pretty much have a good record I would say when it comes to figuring shit out and have been known to have good informants, lol..

    As to the know your role comment. When do you know your role? Ociel got locked up and the Zetas where becoming stronger than their founders at one point. When do you know your role? Is someone really meant to be a servant for the rest of his life? Isn't societies dream to overcome and achieve? The only bad thing with the Zetas was that they shoved into their mouth more than they could chew.. And well, you always owe respect to your founders no matter what.

    We can't really know what truly happened and under what circumstances, because back when I was a kid, the CDG where "mierda" to the Zetas. I remember this clearly, they would humiliate them and shit like that, if really CDG created them but where always giving them a hard time, it was bound that little brother would get bigger and beat up big brother.

    In all honesty, Zetas where stepping on a lot of peoples toes and a lot of this guys got scared. They formed a coallition and wanted to terminate them before they got too big. This guys where growing with a military mind and formation. In time who knows, maybe they really would of conquered most of the Mexican territory.


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