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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hunting Party of 8 killed in Oaxaca State

The victims were out hunting when they were intercepted by an armed commando in a dirt road located in the Ejido Tierra Alta, two of the bodies showed the coup de grace (shot at point blank to the head).

At least seven of the bodies on board the truck were found on a dirt road located in the Ejido Tierra Alta near the town of Loma Bonita which is located on the border between the states of Oaxaca and Veracruz.

The Secretary of Public Security of Oaxaca, Javier Rueda, confirmed that the group of people went out hunting, when they were caught by an armed commando.

Two of the victims were shot execution-style and the rest were sprayed with gunfire to avoid leaving witnesses.

It was reported that in the place of slaughter authorities recovered numerous amount of spent casings apparently from a .223 caliber.

All the bodies were found in the rear bed of the truck, a black Chevrolet.

According to Rueda, was a native of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and another was from Merida, although there are other victims from the state of Veracruz and one was from Mexico State.

"We believe that the attack was directed against two individuals with the direct shot to the head and the others were killed as to not leave any witnesses," he said.

For its part, the Attorney General of Oaxaca María de la Luz Candelaria Chiñas, acknowledged to have identified possible suspects of the multiple homicides, as they had an eye witness testimony of the incident from a surviving victim of the attack, this same witness is now in guarded protection at a local hospital.


  1. I bet hunters from US are lining up to hunt in Mexico this fall!! The real cost to Mexico in lost income to the legitimate business interest must be staggering,the job loss.

  2. Does anyone want to guess who will be targeting local hospitals?

    I really hope that the fact that there’s a surviving victim and an eye witness was not printed, that’s pretty negligent.

  3. "22mm and 33mm"

    Come on now 22mm? 33mm? Those are nonexistent cartridges. Think about it 22mm is 2.2cm, almost an inch. What kind of gun would shoot a 22mm bullet? A common gun on airplanes, ships, and tanks is a 20mm and those are not used in rifles that you carry around and shoot. I see this mistake in a lot of Mexican news reports. Don't make it worse by translating the mistake.

    .223 means .223 of an inch. That would be called "two two three caliber" and it is an "english" way of measuring. The other common way is the metric or millimeter cartridges like 9mm, 10mm, 7.62mm. These all refer to the diameter of the bullet.

    38 super is a common Mexican caliber. It is a .38 caliber bullet used in a 1911 style semiautomatic pistol
    The 1911 model pistol is usually in 45acp caliber (acp=automatic Colt pistol) 45acp is a .45 caliber meaning 45/100ths of an inch wide bullet.

    Shotguns are measured in gauge. The bigger gauge number is actually smaller size barrel. For example 20 gauge is smaller than 12 gauge.

    An M16 is a fully automatic machine gun that fires a .223 caliber bullet (also known as 5.56mm in its military version) It is a true machine gun because as long as you hold the trigger down it will keep firing. The M4 is also another M16 variant but it has a collapsible stock and shorter barrel. These are avaiable for purchase in the US with a special background check and a special tax stamp. The numbers of them are very limited and they are very expensive. If these show up in Mexico it is very unlikely that they made it across the border from the US. More likely from Central American contra era or the international market

    An AR-15 is a semiautomatic version of an M16. Uses the same ammunition as the M16, looks like the M16 but doesn't have the switch to make it go full auto. Pull the trigger once for every bullet. Hold the trigger down and it only fires one bullet.

    The AK-47 or Cuerno de Chivo is a fully automatic weapon that fires 7.62mm cartridge. It is fully automatic. This is the most popular weapon in the worldwide arms market. Not available in the US except for very few imported before the 80's and they require a special background check and tax like the M-16.
    There are other AK-47 variants that look just like a real AK-47 but are semiautomatic. They come from many countries and are available widely in the US. Some of these probably end up in Mexico but why would the mexican drug organizations want to buy these when they could the cheaper full auto versions on the open market from Guatemala, Colombia, Russia, etc??

    Well that's just some clarification. Hope it was helpful. It helps the credibility of a story if the details are correct.

  4. Feel sad to look on them. Bad time, bad place.

  5. Since birds span a large area of the Northern United States and its hunting regions, they can easily be found and hunted, great for those just starting out. Bonuses

  6. ya right...these dudes were hunting and they are all from different places....bullshit. they were hunting for the clandestine lab....


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