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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gunmen Abduct Surgeon from Nuevo Leon Operating Room

Four armed men entered a Monterrey medical center and abducted a plastic surgeon from the operating room.

The case provoked panic and hysteria among patients and employees who were in the office at the time of the incident.

The incident occurred Thursday afternoon around 13:15 hours in the 'Medical Specialist Building', located at 2532 Hidalgo Street behind the hospital Muguerza, in Monterrey.


According to preliminary investigations, eight to 10 armed men arrived in two trucks and parked on the south side of Hidalgo Street.

At least four of the gunmen entered the medical building lobby, where they requested information on a 29 year old Mission, Texas court clerk who had recently undergone liposuction.


According to investigators, after being told the patient had been released from care hours earlier, the gunmen proceeded to the private clinic's surgical suite, located Dr. Felix Perez Rocha and abducted him.

The Nuevo Leon state attorney general, Alejandro Garza y Garza, reported the patient was in fact the 'target' and Federal Preventative Police were called in to locate the woman, who was being driven back to Mission by the doctor's chauffeur, and place her in protective custody.

People close to the investigation, stated the doctor was released in Colonia Hacienda, Apodaca between 18:00 and 19:00 hours Thursday evening.

The source added that the doctor had contacted his family to inform them that he was safe.

Apparently, Perez Rocha, who was abducted while performing surgery, was neither held for ransom nor physically harmed by his abductors.

Garza and Garza said he had contacted the FBI and was informed the American patient does not have any criminal record in the U.S.

At this time neither the doctor nor the patient have filed any type of complaint with the State Attorney General.


  1. Excuse me, but wasn't this already reported in Borderland Beat a while back????? WTF?

  2. I don't think it has been reported, other than on the same day, buggs mentioned it briefly on his review of some of the incidents around northern Mexico:

  3. according to the El Paso Times..which links to LA Times for this article, this happened Thursday and the Doctor was released safely Friday. Mrs. Doctor reports her husband is fine but out of the country.....

  4. Sorry if this seems like a double post, but I wanted to get the full story out.

    Something I should have added is the consequences of such actions.

    This obviously isn't the first doctor to be abducted in Mexico, even in Monterrey, but due to this abduction (and one that happened about a week ago in which the doctor has not appeared and no ransom has been requested)doctors (mostly specialist) specialists in Monterrey are contemplating strikes, closing their practices (until the violence subdues), and/or leaving Mexico.

    Coahuila has just reported they are in need ofat least 200 medical specialists for IMSS. Although they are offering special credits for housing and vehicles and assistance with opening the doctor's private practices, they have yet to fill the positions, nobody wants to be in such violent areas.

    The same is happening in Chihuahua, Sonora, Sinaloa, Tamps, and N.L.

  5. @ abuela Chivis,

    It was actually reported the doctor was released the same day, roughly 6-7 hours later.

    I don't know whether it is fact or not, but it was rumored his 'quick release' was due to the fact the FBI was called in.

    If it is true, what a shame the FBI isn't involved with all kidnappings of innocent people in Mexico.

  6. BTW I did not mind the double post I missed the first one and it made me research a bit because I went with a friend to this facility, (she gave a choice to her daughter a nosejob or quince..jaja) this it the best facility that I know of in Monterrey. I don't know why I was stunned by this kidnapping, but I was and Ovemex you say there has been additional K in Monterrey at hospitals? Monterrey is where I take Mexican kids for surgery & medical needs, cancer-nureo-cochlear implant etc my opinion they have first class medical care and private hospitals. IMSS still sucks but if you have money it is the best. So now I am scared to go to Monterrey & do not know what to do...not soley for this but for all the violence. I let go of my apt there, families used it like a Ronald McD house, but I would never recover from heartbreak if one of "my" kids was hurt.....Wow..his release was a bit I am thinking chances a real good that the release story was a ruse

  7. Abuelita:

    I think these have been isolated incidents, but doctors are obviously concerned of it becoming more dangerous.

    For now, at least, I would say your 'kids' are in safe hands, just be careful when traveling to and from.

    You seem to be an incredible person Ms. Chivis.!

  8. F.B.I. Will bring down the corupt gov. first. then the dominoes will land in there place. how can the raza get help when the gov. is the cartel starting with military of mexico ?


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