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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gulf Cartel and La Famila Meeting in NL

Intelligence information collected by the military in Nuevo Leon has discovered several meetings between members of the criminal organization "La Familia Michoacana" and the Gulf Cartel.

The Gulf Cartel, who is actively battling Los Zetas for control of plazas and drug trafficking routes in Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, negotiated a pact of alliance in Morelia with "La Familia Michoacana" in October of last year, in order to fight together against Los Zetas who used to be the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel.

In various operations in over 12 municipalities of Nuevo León, members of the Seventh Military Zone, and intelligence of the armed institution have documented through statements from sicarios and "halcones" who have been apprehended, as well as from documents, emails, and diverse other sources of information, meetings from both criminal organizations that have been held in ranches, hotels, restaurants and safe houses.

The battle, which started in January, has left a toll of 421 violent deaths in Tamaulipas and 416 in Nuevo León, according to the count from Grupo Reforma.

Military officials said the Ministry of Defense plans to send more troops and intelligence operatives, to reinforce the military presence in both states.

On Friday the military busted up a safe house in Santiago, Nuevo León, where four sicarios linked to the criminal group "La Familia Michoacana" were arrested and authorities are looking to see if there is a connection with the assassination of the Mayor of Santiago, Edelmiro Cavazos.

According to military sources a confrontation arose during the operation, and about 15 more sicarios fled in different directions aboard numerous trucks to the town of Villa de Santiago.

Also according to military investigators, among these sicarios who fled, could include members of the Gulf Cartel and possibly others from "La Familia."

"Within the alliance there is support of money, manpower (sicarios and halcones) and weapons. The intelligence gathered suggests that these meetings are being carried out in different points in Nuevo Leon.


  1. Looking at the map in the shield of the "Policia Estatae" it appears to be the State of Jalisco. Is this infact a picture of something in NL?

  2. I membri dell'alleanza will soon start fighting among themselves. Watch out if one cartel is ever able to unite several of these treats and make it stick among them. Not likely but possible.

  3. Why was that guy in the orange t.shirt turning back on the camera? He cannot be identified?

  4. He is probably an informant or provided information.

  5. In Mexico when the arrested are presented, the ones that are not facing forward are the individuals that are under age.

  6. @ 11:17PM and 11:32PM

    Thank you for the explanations.

  7. but underage or not u still get ur azz beat, dont feel bad for them a lot of teenagers even 14 year old are in this shit they will kill ur ass easily if thats what they are order so if a cop {i mean a good one} or the army kills one of them dont feel sorry 4 them a lot of this little bastards are behind the narcobloqueos in monterrey,


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