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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Federal Police Comandante on Sinaloa Cartel Payoff List

Comandante Salomon Alarcon "El Chaman"

Federal police officers who participated in the mutiny on Saturday have issued statements saying that Salomon Alarcon Romero “El Chaman”, the comandante at the center of the controversy, was given command of their unit even though higher-ups in the chain of command must have known that his name appeared on a “narco” list of officials taking payoffs from the Sinaloa Cartel.

On May 2009 a high ranking member of the Sinaloa Cartel, Roberto Beltran Burgos, was captured in Culiacan, the state capitol of Sinaloa. When taken into custody Beltran had in his possession lists of army and federal police commanders on the payroll of the Sinaloa Cartel. (see

The code name “El Chaman” appears on a list of code names of federal police whose payoffs are assigned to an operative named Maricela Ramirez Medina.

In addition, the officers stated that Joel Ortega Montenegro, a lieutenant of Alarcon’s involved in Saturday’s melee, also appears in the Sinaloa payoff lists

According to the mutinous officers, since his arrival at the unit on the first of July, El Chaman organized parties with prostitutes and civilians arriving in luxury cars that lasted until the early morning hours.

He also had at his disposal a custom, armored King Ranch edition Ford pickup at his disposal parked at the entrance to the Hotel La Playa.

“Our section leaders are pure trash” said the officers. “They conspire with investigative agents of the local PGR (Federal Attorney General) office to detain innocent civilians who they plant drugs on and then extort large sums of money for their release.”

Alarcon and the other three commanders named by the mutinous officers have been flown to Mexico City for interviews with the PGR who will then decide if there is enough evidence for a formal arrest.

The Juarez Cartel, who is caught in a vicious war with the Sinaloa Cartel for control of the Juarez plaza, has continuously accused the Federal Police of aiding their enemy via narco banners, graffiti and other communiqués.

This Saturday a narco banner appeared on the dismembered body of a federal policeman found in Ciudad Juarez. The banner stated that the policeman was a collaborator of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Six federal police have already lost their lives in the violence of Ciudad Juarez since this past Saturday. Before this weekend more than 20 federal policemen had already given their lives in Juarez this year.

These policemen were rejects

After the rebellion of the federal policemen in Juarez, Ricardo Duque Chavez, one of the officials accused of corruption and sent to Mexico City for investigation, accused the 3rd Federal detachment involved in the mutiny of being a disciplinary unit.

According to Duque these officers were cast offs from other units in Ciudad Juarez, whom the Federal Police recruited in spite of their poor quality.

“They are not worth having in the ranks, do not know loyalty, discipline, they are rebels," he said.

Duque told the El Diario de Juarez that the Federal Police, in a rush to fill quotas for staffing units in the conflict against the drug cartels, admitted people of poor quality into the force who had been previously dismissed some municipal and state police forces and even from the same Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) agency.

"They were jobless and saw an opportunity for employment and they enrolled. But they have no discipline, they believed that they could make a lot of money here in Juarez, and now that they were pressed to make them disciplined they became angry and did not want to go to out and work ", he said.

He said the whole third detachment needs to be sent to Mexico City and the problem solved there.

“These people are useless here, they are rebels” said Duque, “what’s the point in sending new commanders, the same actions will be repeated.”

“The best thing is you get a new command and and get these people out of here, they should be give another destination (relocation) to end the problem," he asked.

“Without dismissing them and cleaning up the force?” asked the El Diario reporter.

“They’ll only get relocated” replied Duque.

According to newspaper archives this is precisely the solution taken by the Ministry of Public Security (SSP, Federal Police) to cases when the operational staff, including top officers, are investigated.

Unfortunately, this is the background of some of the top federal police officials in Juarez.

The current coordinator of the Federal Police operation in Juarez, Vidal Díazleal Ochoa, who despite having been dismissed from the Federal Police in 2007 later rejoined the ranks of the federal forces and now leads actions against organized crime in the city.


  1. Polygraph Everyone! From the top on down to the lowest ranking individual!

  2. Don't you get a warm fuzzy feeling of security reading about Mexican law enforcment.CLEAN UP!! There are Quality people in Mexico,FIND THEM.

  3. Must be tough being a cop in Juarez...I wouldn't take off my ski mask and sunglasses even if I was inside the Precinct.

  4. In a country that pays its police and educators 50 to 60 per week, what "quality" people are going to out their lives on the line? They must pay higher wages.

  5. gee, the president or federal authorities do nothing about it when the police verbal / phsyical abused at their suspected colleagues? maybe bad cops deserve to be treated badly but the good cops cannot kill them until further notice.

  6. Same thing happens to whisle blowers in the US the beauracracy goes after the blowers.


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