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Saturday, August 7, 2010

El Infierno

Mexico 2010: Nada Que Celebrar!
Trailer of the motion pictures directed by Luis Estrada. El Infierno, a narco-movie.

El infierno, the new feature film that not only exposes a dramatic metaphor out of the violence and drug traffickers who live in Mexico, but also questioning the patriotic celebrations of the 2010 federal government.

Third part of the trilogy that began with the Law of Herodes, this film from Estrada narrates the cycle of this year of a deported laborer (Damian Alcazar) to his hometown, San Miguel Narcángel, to find a new job as a wealthy drug dtrafficker.

The filmmaker Luis Estrada returns to reflect harshly on the realities of Mexico.

"El infierno is a film about the bad and the worse of what Mexico has to offer. The mural of characters in the film claims that somehow we are all represented, and even the very own institutions themselves."


  1. It looks like it will be entertaining. I will def be checking it out.

  2. what was the title of the 2nd part of the trilogy?

  3. I cannot wait to see this movie! For those that have not viewed Law de Herodes it is a very funny political satire of the PRI party and its corruption. Satiric but spot on. The setting is an extremely poor town in the Mx desert where an uprising of the citizens forces the corrupt mayor out and a lowly janitor becaomes the new mayor (juan) Juan soon discovers there is only way in dealing with corruption..join in! as I said "spot on" ...I missed the second of the triolgy can someone name the title?

  4. looks foward to watching that movie, but it won't be here until late 2010 or earlier 2011. the countries in the southern hemisphere is a bit slower, movies such as the toy story 3, inception, twilight saga: eclipse recently started to show in this country while the major countries have seen new movies that we are yet to watch

  5. Any word on a US release date?

  6. The 2nd movie In the triology is call Un Mundo Marivolloso (A wonderful world)

  7. Where can i find this movie????

  8. When will it be released in the United states?

  9. una muy buena pelicula


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