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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Caravan of Death Murders 7 in Ciudad Valles

Gunmen in a convoy of eight vehicles killed six policemen, a city worker and a civilian and terrorized the population in Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosi, during a string of consecutive attacks as the convoy crossed the length of the city.

Local media reported that the convoy entered the city between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM on Friday, July 30, and drove boulevard Mexico-Laredo Boulevard and arrived first at a Coca Cola bottling where they shot down and killed two state police officers without stopping.

Several blocks later the gunmen stormed a municipal police installation and opened fire, killing three policemen and a civilian worker. Another policeman died later that night in a local hospital of his wounds.

An 80 year old civilian was hit and killed by stray fire from the attack on the municipal policeman.

After the attacks the gunmen took flight but attacked at least 2 police vehicles responding to the attack. Four other policemen were wounded by gunfire including the chief of the Municipal Police, Andres Castillo Vite, who was shot several times and seriously wounded.

Several cars that crossed the convoy were wrecked as the gunmen sped through traffic signals. Many residents and motorists called the Red Cross for help but the paramedics were overwhelmed by the attack.

The military and state and municipal police launched a search for the attackers but were unsuccessful.

Later in the evening the mutilated bodies of four unidentified men wrapped in large plastic trash bags were found abandoned in the city.

At the outskirts of Ciudad Valles motorists were brutally accosted and had their vehicles robbed by the fleeing gunmen who abandoned their vehicles and replaced them with the hijacked cars to avoid detection.

At night, Governor Fernando Toranzo called a meeting with his security team and representatives of SEDENA to address the situation.

On Sunday, August 1, the Mexican Army officially took control of police duties in the city.


  1. Anonymous 11:00 AM:

    I'm sorry, but what you're proposing his unethical. And, I may seem extremely sarcastic, but something along those lines would probably educe a 'reign of terror' in Mexico. And they are definitely not in the midst of any kind of revolution, unless rampant violence counts as an uprising, and I'm sure it doesn’t. The situation in Mexico is extremely unfortunate, and frankly, more violence (even the 'vigilante' kind) will not solve ongoing violence.

  2. valentina stop being politically correct. These vermin will kill anyone anywhere anytime. They are a cancer that needs to be cut out.
    Are you seeing the same stories i have? The eight year old boy that could not be returned to his parents because he saw his captors so they injected acid into his heart and buried him in a shallow grave. The eighty year old priest tortured and killed for a few pesos.
    You know i can go on and on after all 23000 mexicans are reported killed due to narco violence. The dead do not include the missing and kidnapped so how many more potentially dead are their? In times of combat women have a role to play just look at history but "these are the times that try men's souls" said Thomas Payne.

  3. So much for strong gun laws! When guns are outlawed only the outlaws will have guns.

  4. Would enduce a "reign of terror." Are you serious? What do you think is happening in Mexico now?

  5. it is time to arm the citizens

  6. The possible "reign of terror" comment by Valentina is hilarious.

    The "reign of terror" is already in Mexico, it won't belong before the U.S will be flying unmaned killer drones over mexico and attack these types of convoys in mexico.

  7. it prolly wont be during obongo administration, he seems to love the poor oppresed population to the point of suing a arizona sherrif for getting ticked off because he cannot patrol his county because obango has set up a highway sign on us soil saying this highway belongs to the mexican cartels, and enter at your own risk.

  8. I hate to pile on you Valentina...but Mexico has long resided in a reign of terror, there is no rule of law, and the bad/good guys are undefinable by uniform.

  9. Francisco, Anonymous 5:25 PM, Anonymous 3:26 PM:

    If you feel strongly about what you're saying THEN DO SOMETHING.

    Standing by and watching, is the same thing as contributing to the reign of terror in Mexico.

    Do you really think cynicism is going to do anything for you? Or is that your unremitting excuse?

    I'm sorry, but, I'm not the kind of person that cares to argue with anyone who lives by excuses. Frankly, it's a waste of my time.

  10. Anonymous (August 2, 2010 4:30 PM):

    Don't ever quote Thomas Payne, you're an intensely ignorant individual and merely 'reading' stories does not give you the right to refer to anyone as vermin and cancer.

    Instead of this undying 'war' against drugs and violence, there should be a war against ignorance and the lack of education in Central America.

    What exactly do you think you get when the majority of the poor don't have the resources in order to obtain the most minimal education?

    This is it and it will continue to be a vicious cycle, until someone says enough.

    Government officials and the wealthy in Mexico send their kids to the best schools, why do you think they do that?

  11. Valentina, what cha smokin girl? What shall we do? Give me your best shot...your best game plan..

  12. Valentina...why come here and stink up the place as you do at Border Reporter. Go grind your axe somewhere else. You like standing upon a soap box, desperate to have people see you as some well informed, all knowing source of unquestionable knowledge. You know nothing! You live thousands of miles away from the epicenter of life in present day Mexico...the REAL world of Mexico. You are well protected from the disease, death, and mayhem of present day Mexico. You know nothing about the kind of things real Mexicans have to endure every single day of their lives. You have no voice on these matters. You have no clue. You're safe behind your laptop typing away in public forums. You have no real sense of the horror that is there just feet south of the border fence. Come live for a year along the border. Look into the eyes of the children, the women, on the south side of the border who's brothers, uncles, fathers, husbands have disappeared or have been gunned down. Come feel their fear. Sit and talk with them! Enter their world! See how they live and in what conditions they live in. Join them in begging for food or maybe just enough money to buy flour to make tortillas. Come to the killing fields of CD Juarez. See your children, your friends, your family, your loved ones be gobbled up by the narcos death machines. Maybe then you'll be willing to stop the stupid and useless pontificating and start doing something that REALLY matters!!

  13. An Mexico has one of the strictest gun ownership laws in the Western hemisphre: WHAT a JOKE!!!!

  14. 1 58 pm you treat valentina like a politian she is just a citizen on this blog, go bark at the government ...since they wont listen your fustrations your left scoring for a bone to pick on. yes their is suffering of the body mind and spirt of the people of the border but it is not our fault, so go chew out followers of malverde if anything.

  15. This is an unbelievable story. A convoy of narco-terrorists drive through a town. They gun down police and civilians at will. There is no rule of law in Mexico it seems. Does Mexico have an air force capable of ground attack operations? they need to treat it like a war with all the force that entails. They know where they are, hit them with the fist of god and get it done.

  16. Amen, in time, it will happen, by the Mex Govt. our ours... Soon mexico will be our afghanistan, and we will be pakistan... The US makes WAY too much $$$ off the Narco-Prison complex in the "mean-time" ... Until some light shines upward (unlikely) this will just simmer and occasionally boil up... but don't expect our drones, or their "airforce" to do anything about it... maybe we should just go intervene with our own blood and lives? (just need some more spanish classes first!)

  17. this is also a prob in u.s people killing people the whole world has lost it too!!! crazy arm your selfs and protect your luvd ones ...

  18. This will never stop till people stop being greedy!!!!!!!!!!!!Its all about the money and power , the more for them the better.. Who cares about the hard working citizens..They dont..We have no voice if they speak they are killed...I am scared to visit Mexico again used to go every year , to visit family ..was there on vacation sadly to say ,was my last there...They dont let us have any kind of protection when visiting..the only thing that I was glad to see on my way back was the soldiers , we felt some sense of protection ...But we did feel like bait out there, If you do go to Mexico . please be safe and God Bless You!!!!


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