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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Zetas Murder 12 in Matamoros

Graphic content, discretion is advised

The tortured and bullet riddled bodies of twelve organized crime execution victims were found abandoned on Monday at 10:30 AM on the outskirts of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, in the area known as Las Yescas.

The bodies were located 1 kilometer away from, and within site, of a manned federal customs permanent checkpoint.

According to reports from the state Ministry of Public Security, the 11 men and one woman were not carrying any official identification and have yet to be identified.

Several of the victims wore white t-shirts with the letter “Z” emblazoned on them. The victims were also found in a horrific public display which is a signature of a Los Zetaa multiple homicide against rival cartel members.

It was unknown if a placard or message had been left at the scene by the perpetrators.

Matamoros is the traditional home and stronghold of the CDG (the Gulf Cartel). The CDG and Los Zetas are locked in a bloody war for control of the lucrative “Plazas” (drug trafficking routes) into the state of Texas.

Los Zetas have been regaining strength in recent weeks as witnessed by the ability to strike seemingly at will in CDG territory. In early June of this year Los Zetas carried out another mass execution of 20 rival gang members in Ciudad Madero, a city located in southern Tamaulipas.

Sources in Matamoros speak of an ongoing rural guerrilla war between both cartels in the ranch and farm country of northeastern Tamaulipas. The fighting has been largely unreported and the casualties, rumored to be high, are unknown.

The assassination of the PRI candidate for Governorship of Tamaulipas, Rodolfo Torre Cantu, was allegedly carried out by Los Zetas and was another blow to the CDG. The CDG is thought to hold a high degree of influence and control over the PRI party and state government in Tamaulipas.

In the aftermath of the bloody discovery State Investigative Police, Federal police and staff of the state Attorney General’s office were present at the site to initiate the necessary investigations.

Tamaulipas, a living Calvary: an experience or occasion of extreme suffering, especially mental suffering.

Borderland Beat comment 7/12/2010

Anonymous said...
Do you have any information on what happened in Miguel Aleman Tamps. This past weekend (Saturday July 10th)? A friends sister was shot and killed, and the family does not have much information. Thank you.

July 12, 2010 11:01 PM

This gunfight occurred the night of July 10 in Los Guerra, Tamaulipas, between the cities of Miguel Aleman and Ciudad Mier. It was a running shootout that initiated in Los Guerra and ended in Miguel Aleman. Our heartfelt sympathies are with your friend's family.

Below is part 1 of the audio of this gunfight.


There were also reports out of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, that heavy gunfire had erupted Sunday evening, July 11, in the vicinity of the Adolfo Lopez Mateos baseball stadium.

The sounds hundreds of 9mm and AK-47 rounds filled the air as well as the heavy thuds of a 50 cal. machine gun or Barrett rifle. At least 12 grenade type detonations were also reported by witnesses.

There was a report, probably false, that a "Monster Zeta"(a heavy up-armoured vehicle) had been sighted.

A "Monster Zeta" disabled and abandoned after an attack on CDG forces outside of Los Guerra, Tamaulipas earlier this year.

The game between the Sultans of Monterrey and Reynosa Broncos of the Mexican Baseball League being played at the Lopez Mateos Stadium at the time of the shooting was suspended at the bottom of the sixth inning in an attempt to ensure the safety of the players and fans, said Gabriel Medina, spokesman for the Mexican Baseball League.

No one was injured and there were only a few scenes of panic among fans and players who fell to the ground or ran into their dugouts or away from their seats.

In Reynosa municipal office confirmed Monday that there were several explosions around the stadium, but said they had no details on whether there was a confrontation.

The spokesman said no record of any other suspension of a Mexican Baseball League game for similar reasons.


  1. it makes my blood boil to hear this ...and see the armoured truck...these culeros will melt like wax in the sun when the US marines come on them...someone needs to arm the local population in these border towns , so they can rise up and defend themselves

  2. does the z mean they were with the Z...or does it mean they were killed by the Z...?

  3. found this article which says of a narcomensaje near bodies which goes against los zetas.$2701010000$4342916

  4. The C.D.G had been lying in wait for 2 days. This is the work of XXX. The same also happened in madero last month. The XXX carve the Z on the victims. I cannot be the only one that is aware of this?

  5. x-(cdg) x-(familia michoacana) x(gente de el chapo)

    They have all joined forces to wipe out the z's. This is all in motion as a movie script that even Francis Ford Coppala "the godfather" would be envious of. But it is real and people are dying. A handful are getting rich and even appearing on Forbes magazine. Young guys are being recruited with the promise of riches and power. Their ignorance being their worst enemy from the start. So i guess the days of crossing over and smoking a dubbie and getting a prosti are done for now. We just have wait and see how the movie ends.

  6. these drug dealers are causing a very serious problem and need top be errradicated

  7. the article was said the killing was done by the Z...but it looks like the bodys had been labeled Z...and killed by the XXX...

  8. this makes the godfather look like sunday school teachers...they killed two or three at a time ...these guys kill ten or twenty...and then cut them up with a chainsaw...fukn badass pinche madres...not playin around ..and no tv show..

  9. Thank you for the additional information about the Miguel Aleman shooting. It is sad to see any life lost, but especially a mother of three that had nothing to do with this crap. I know many others with similar backgrounds have lost their lives like her, but it is still very sad. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    video of zetas before being executed

  11. Yup, the article is wrong. These were actually Zetas killed by "New Federation - XXX"

  12. corre Z corre ningún lugar es seguro para usted

  13. corre Z corre ningún lugar es seguro para usted

  14. The narcomensaje left in the vehicle is related to the five dead found in Monterrey over the weekend, not to the 12 found Monday in Matamoros.

  15. The dead were Zetas, that's the reason they were labeled as such.

  16. so the five dead in Monterrey was Z's ??

  17. how many cartels do they hold in Mexico? all the criminal thugs are fucking psycho that need putting down

  18. Yeah, like 2;02 said, CACA!

  19. Borderland has all the cartel info click on the tabs inside the red box above; MAPS and Cartel structure is there, I sent to all my friends so they can get a quick education..
    about the Zs I learned something new I was always told the Zeta's leave Zs as their mark...or is it both?

  20. Thank you for referring me to the details on cartels. Most of you live in Mexico? I'm from down under in the Southern hemisphere, i just wanted to learn about drug criminals in mexico, because i was so close to the drug crossfire war in ciudad juarez on the way to u.s. border, never forget this drama for as long as i live.... if i stand on the street of that time, my life of 22 years could be finished. I went into the store, from the windows just moments later, gunmen turned up on the same footpath where i was standing before, shooting directly at the soldiers from the other side of the road. shooting went on and on for minutes, customers screaming and fleeing.. i hid under the table, thinking about my family and friends back home who lived 25-hour-fly away from Mexico. Gun-machines fired loudly, grenades bombing out on the street, with the result of 8 people dead and 20 hurt. i left mexico, thinking it was a beautiful country but my visit in juarez for the last 5 hours was fucked up. it's a fixed memory in my mind forever. Mexico is still a beautiful country, but bad things can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

  21. Gerardo can you confirm is the dead were Zetas or were they killed by Zetas?

    In another blog it said the dead were Zetas?

  22. I can't confirm it. My first thought was that they were killed by Zetas because the bodies looked to be stacked in the form of a Z, which usually means a Zeta killing, but the others who commented that that the killers were CDG could very well be correct. Only the killers or those connected to either the Z or CDG know for sure.

  23. suprised no message?

  24. This is an outrageous tragedy perpetrated by the customers in the US who apparently think their drug use is purely "recreational," but refused to recognize their high comes as a direct result of the deaths of thousands of innocent Mexican citizens. If Americans were being killed because of something Mexico was doing, we all know American's would be calling for blood. So, next time you take a hit of something you didn't make yourself, think of the people who you helped kill.

  25. yawn...blame the USA...blah blah voo no Mexicans are at fault , right?

    what if Mexicans refused to transport drugs through Mexico to the USA, the Americans would have to go to Columbia to get it themselves

    that would mean no drug war in Mexico


    apparently there are thousands of Mexicans who willingly commit criminal acts to transport drugs/poison to America

    transporting drugs through Mexico to anywhere is against Mexican law

    these criminals make the decision to do so, for money

    but it is all the fault of America

    and Mexico bears no responsibility for bringing it up to and across the border

    sounds like someone isn't accepting blame for their own actions

    how about it is a 50/50 proposition

    USA for buying it Mexico for selling it

    both sides are to blame , and the sooner that is understood the better

  26. Simple Truth? Has anyone ever accused you of having low self-esteem? You know…, one can now get help for that kinda thing... I think there's a pill or something (?).

    Your post is the most asinine, nationalist, and downright dumb argument; …but typical, I guess... No. Blame cannot be equally distributed.

    “...blah blah voo voo?” …you are crying about the blame being placed on the USA? The point of your post is a rant is about BLAME! And, I think that what you are crying about is that you’d like equal blame all around.

    Well, please allow me to apologize on behalf of the other poster for any tears or hurt feelings, but pussies (I mean FELINES, of course...) are not allowed on the BB. Apparently the simple truth is kinda hard for you to take. But, since you're already here, just sit down, shut your trap, and I’ll try to learn you something.... B.B.U. is in session.

    If you could get past the dumb-ass “red, white and blue” argument you'd accept (questionable, considering I’m talking to you) the prima fascia evidence that Mexicans are dying while in a fight to secure the supply chains to the disposable income of the US recreational drug user; and not the junky markets in Tijuana, Juarez, Laredo, Reynosa and Matamoros (as lucrative they might be, which is to say not at all). You see, drugs are not readily available in Mexico (in recreational quantities) as they are in the USA. Mexico is a transshipment corridor and not the intended consumer. The dumb smugglers learned of the "DIMINISHING MARGINAL RETURNS" [...standing-by while you Google...] of choosing between the disposable income of ONE country club of bored and spoiled US citizens versus an entire country of full of Mexicans. In other words, THE DRUGS ARE NOT FOR US!!!

    “ECONOMIES OF SCALE” [Google that one too…] So, if it weren’t for the "Only 50% to-blame USA," the drug market would not be what it is. There would be a “multi-million dollar” drug market instead of a “multi-billion dollar” drug market.


    Chew on it for a little bit. It’ll come to ya…

    Class dismissed.

    Por La Casa Mata en

    “…but not because I’m right and you’re wrong - although I am, and you are. But because I am better at this than you are.”

    -Toby Siegler

  27. No one is blaming anyone, both sides to blame, just the only difference is that people are getting slaughtered on the Mexico side.

  28. does anyone out there knows about the miguel aleman shooting last weekend July 10, was the lady who was killed was alone?, or with some somebody, and if somebody was with her were it's his or her body. they only found her by herself on the drivers side, please if any one one have some information let us know.

  29. The top story is inaccurate. Its the opposite of what they are reporting. Notice the Z's on these dead folks shirts. it was in retaliation for killing of Cantu, which was backed up by CDG.

  30. Gerardo...Since we were talking about The Brownsville Herald a few days ago...

    This week they covered a prison riot in Mats,Tamps where it seems that one side conveniently lost all its soldiers within the prison walls... Is Freedom Newspapers not allowing the posting of their stories on the BB, or what? Or, maybe the other way around? Porque...even NPR is on the Beat! I've been waiting for you guys to post the riot story and the other they covered of the Zeta "El Apache" this last week!

    Ayo posted the "El Apache" story in the forum but didn't credit the Herald; fine by me. But, porque no menciona estos eventos el BB? The stories are a little bit stale by now, pero, still relevant (its only been a few days).

    ¿Que onda?

    Por el Acuario en

  31. ...oops... ...en muy buena onda, Thanks...

  32. puro c d g valle hermoso tamps

  33. Yo los conosia k bueno k los mataron eran unas lacras y la hermana la k esta ay era super problematica


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