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Friday, July 2, 2010

"Tyson" of "La Familia" Arrested

Mexican Cartel Member Linked to Attacks on Officials Arrested

Federal police escort Miguel Ortiz Miranda, aka "El Tyson," alleged to direct operations of the La Familia cartel in Morelia, capital of Michoacan. Officials said Ortiz was responsible for the assassination attempt against state security chief, Minerva Bautista Gomez.

A Familia Michoacana drug cartel boss suspected of being behind attacks on several public officials has been arrested by Federal Police officers, the Mexican Public Safety Secretariat said.

Miguel Ortiz Miranda, a former police officer who goes by the alias of “Tyson,” was arrested Tuesday in connection with the ambush in April of Michoacan state Public Safety Secretary Minerva Bautista Gomez in which four people died.

He also confessed to the murder last year of Jose Manuel Revuelta, who served as Michoacan’s public safety secretary, as well as the killing of Josafat Delfino Lopez Tinoco, who was director of investigations for the federal Attorney General’s Office.

The drug trafficker, moreover, has been linked to the killings of 12 Federal Police officers in Zitacuaro and four other officers on the highway to Tarimbaro last month.

Ortiz Miranda, who was in charge of drug sales for the cartel in Morelia, the capital of Michoacan, confessed that many of the attacks were a response to changes in the state Public Safety Secretariat that “went against the interests” of the criminal organization, officials said.

La Resistencia, a group that left messages with the bodies of victims, such as Lopez Tinoco, whose head was packed in a cooler, is really an alliance of the La Familia, Milenio, Los Valencia and Gulf organizations to battle Los Zetas, Ortiz Miranda told authorities.

La Familia operates in Michoacan, while the Milenio and Los Valencia gangs are based in Jalisco, and the Gulf cartel operates out of the northeastern state of Tamaulipas.

Los Zetas, a band of Mexican special forces deserters who originally worked as hired guns for the Gulf cartel, are now in the drug business on their own and control several lucrative territories.

The 28-year-old Ortiz Miranda became a police officer in 1999, but he began working for the cartel in 2005 when a La Familia member he arrested offered him a large amount of money in exchange for his freedom.

Ortiz Miranda served as an informant for the cartel until 2008, when he left the police force and became a drug trafficker.

Police seized a grenade, two firearms, several ammunition clips and a driver’s license and birth certificate in a different name from the suspect.

La Familia Michoacana, a drug cartel infamous for decapitating and dismembering enemies, as well as for mounting attacks on the security forces, is based in the western state of Michoacan.

The criminal organization, which also operates in the southern state of Guerrero, is considered the largest trafficker of synthetic drugs in Mexico.

Federal Police officers, meanwhile, arrested 16 people posing as tourists and seized 38 kilos of cocaine on a bus in eastern Mexico, the AG’s office said.

The arrests were made on the Orizaba-Mexico City highway after Federal Police officers stopped a Turismo Plus company bus and searched the vehicle.


  1. It means nothing. His replacement is already on the job and the drug trade hardly skipped a beat. The Mexican police should be showing us their bodies instead of presenting them alive. A simple bullet to the head should send a clear message: take no prisoners because I guarantee the cartels will show no mercy if they capture a legit cop.

  2. what the goverment does not know is that he is sending a message to their organization, not on interview if you really pay attention.

  3. after plugging his nuts into the electric socket to the back of the head ...Russian style

  4. Its chilling to hear him talk about having new members cut the limbs off victims with meat cleavers so they lose their fear of seeing blood. There is nothing holy or righteous about what La Famlia does. They do the work of The Devil.

  5. Find a legit cop in Mexico? I think not.

  6. The biggest problem in Mexico is not the cartels, it's the corruption that runs rampant. The cops enforce the laws by day and rob, steal and kill at night. The military simply kills everybody, with X's, flags or Z's.

  7. Right on Anonymous 5:00, you must live in Mexico in my barrio or at least next to it, cause what you say, that is a daily thing.

  8. for the border of the united states--- We need a dmz-5 miles on the mexico side and 5 miles on the us side.Saturate it with mine fields. Then send an open invitation for these thugs.


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