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Friday, July 23, 2010

Tovex Car Bomb Explosive Recovered in Chihuahua

Armed clashes between a detachment of Mexican Army soldiers and a band of up to 60 gunmen resulted in the seizure of approximately 52 pounds of Tovex and 2 pounds of Detagel high explosives and a spool of detonation cord in the rugged highlands of the Sierra Madre in the state of Chihuahua.

Two separate clashes in an area known as “La Simona” in the municipality of Ciudad Madera occurred this Wednesday and Thursday (July 21-22) in the mountainous border area dividing the states of Chihuahua and Sonora.

According to a Sedena (defense ministry) press release, a detachment of 100 soldiers attacked an organized criminal group in their base of operations in La Simona. The first attack by the Army, around 1:00 PM Wednesday, led to the deaths of 8 of the gunmen and the capture of 6 more men.

It was during this attack that the explosives were seized. In addition, several assault weapons, rifles and side arms, communications equipment, 10 vehicles and 2 ATV’s, and 80 pounds of marijuana were also secured.

The second clash occurred on Thursday afternoon when gunmen attempted an ambush against the military but were repelled with the death of one more member of the criminal band.

No casualties were reported by the military and the allegiance of the criminal band was not announced. This area of Chihuahua where the Tovex explosive was seized is known to be a stronghold and marijuana growing area of the Juarez cartel.

La Linea, a group of enforcers and hitmen belonging to the Juarez cartel, claimed responsibility for the car bomb blast that killed 3 policemen and 1 civilian in Ciudad Juarez last week. Tovex is the same explosive used in that attack.

The deadly car bomb in Juarez is thought to have been composed of 10 kilos (22 lb) of Tovex. La Linea has threatened an attack using 100 kilos of Tovex if federal policemen connected to the rival Sinaloa cartel are not arrested within a 15 day deadline.

Link to the SEDENA press release for the La Simona operation:

Narco message in Chihuahua threatens to kill innocent civilians

A Narco banner placed in the city of Chihuahua on Wednesday, July 21, threatened Chihuahua state governor Jose Reyes Baeza and his Director of Public Security Gustavo Zabre with the death of innocent civilians unless their demand for the dismissal of Fernando Ornelas, the director of the Center for Police Intelligence.

The banner was signed by the Sinaloa Cartel

This is the first time in 30 months of war between the Sinaloa and Juarez drug cartels for control of Chihuahua, and Ciudad Juarez in particular, that a group threatens to kill innocent civilians.

Many innocent people have already been killed in Chihuahua since the beginning of the drug war in late 2007 although never directly targeted for terrorist attacks until now.

The threats by the Juarez cartel to reply with larger car bombs if their demands are not met, although not directly threatening innocent civilians, have the capability to inflict massive civilian casualties.

Juarez has suffered 6000 dead and the rest of Chihuahua has counted 3000 deaths since the start of the drug war in late 2007.

State Police officials declined to comment further on the banner and said that they, as well as municipal and federal police, will strengthen security protocols to prevent further attacks by members of organized criminal gangs.


  1. Where did the Tovex come from?

    It is sold by at least one company in MX.

  2. the pic of el 4 torres looks like a pop star if obama sees this he'll say they are fighting the us war to get the supply in to the us heaven almighty please make mexico a peaceful nation once again. and borderland beat has balls to be posting this stuff que dios los cuiden.

  3. Who is this El4 Torres Hillbilly? A slander to western cowboys,Mexico and AK-47 Toting Terrorist everywhere. How about putting a big reward at the bottom of his vanity pose WANTED DEAD or ALIVE.Brings to mind the old John Dillinger Bonnie parker cutie pie pictures. When they kill this guy please post a big picture of his mutilated corpse.

  4. Bravo Good work in taking the fight to the Narcos.Why allow them to surrender? Capture? These people do not capture police or others they kill them,so in a kinder gentle no death penalty place like Mexico why not save a lot of $ and time XXX be done with them. The Narco picture why is this not a death warrant for this eago fag. My experience in Mexico is everybody knows everybody the only way these wanted people can survive is police corruption. A truly independent skilled taskforce could locate and eliminate the vast majority of the criminal element in Mexico, hell everybody knows who they are, there are pictures ,lists,names they parade around in SUVs Have public partys,songs written dances?? Dosen't appear they try to hide?? Can you imagine the SWAT teans that would decend if there were gunfights in the streets of Houston like what has been happening in N Laredo.#X*--

  5. The person in the photo (Tachio Torres) has been dead for a while. Son of Manuel Torres Felix (el m1), killed by the Beltran bros some time ago.

  6. hey anonymous 1:44 show some respect. He was killed a while back. What if your son or mom or whoever you loved died?It would not be the same.

  7. he looks like jesus zambada reyes - the nephew of drug lord kingpin ismael zambada el mayo

  8. It can't be him. JZR died last year, or the PGR was faking his death in order to protect him from being tracked down by Sinaloa cartel thugs who may have wanted to kill him for opening his big mouth.

  9. Correct ^ Supposedly he hung himself

  10. Yeah, that's what the federal authorities said. Other sources claimed he faked his death. I don't know which is the fact, but so far I know he told people he wanted to die. He attempted to kill himself at least twice. For the third time, he was gone for real....? God has the answers, and maybe the PGR too.

  11. back to what happend in la simona those people were workers they did not do bad things to any body they were my husband family members I kew them im so sorry for there love ones 3 years ago I went and visit la simona and met them is so sad that now these people have to pay what ever is goin on there with their lives R.I.P for the Banda familias q Dios los bendiga.

  12. it really makes me ashamed being mexican. These people are just killing each other over the most pety things. but we all have to answer to the same God one day. May God have mercy on them.


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