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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Six Men Executed by Alleged Cartel de la Sierra

A note found in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, announced the birth of a new cartel called "Cartel de la Sierra."

The incident occurred early yesterday morning after a citizen complained about an auto theft of a luxury vehicle on the highway "Del Sol." That same vehicle was found five hours later two blocks away on a neighborhood in the state capital. Inside the vehicle were six male bodies that showed evidence of torture and were bound on their hand and feet with duck tape. Many of the men had severe injuries to the head and throat.

One of the bodies was inside a black plastic bag and appeared to be decapitated.

The bodies were semi-nude, and none of them were found to have identification, however some tattoos were observed and one in particular reflected in the back the name "Karen."

The vehicle was found in the street Miguel Alemán with large amount of blood stains in the trunk and a sign that threatened all the extortionists, auto thieves, rapists, rats ("dedos" is slang for the same meaning as rats) and kidnappers that this will happen to them and was signed by the "Cartel de la Sierra."

Actual message in Spanish:
“Eso les va a pasar a todos los extorsionadores, roba carros, violadores, dedos, chapulines. Atte. El nuevo Cartel de la Sierra.”

The bodies that had not yet been identified and the crime scene were secured by the Mexican military.


  1. My guess is 'Cartel De Sierra' is the La Barbie branch of the fractured Beltran Leyva's, El H's crew is

    Cartel De Pacifico Sur

    and Barbies is

    Cartel De Sierra.

  2. Any word as to who is leading this "Cartel de la Sierra?" its the first I've heard of them.

  3. great, just what we need, another group of asses to add to the current mayhem. this group probably expects positive feedback from the community since they are going after "extortionists, rapists and kidnappers." JUST LET THE CURRENT CARTELS KILL THEMSELVES AND STOP TRYING TO BECOME ANOTHER HIGH PROFILE CARTEL! I really hate this word, but the word "poser" is appropriate here.

  4. Just how many mad dogs roam Mexico these days?

  5. Whats the validity on this Sierra Cartel? Couldn't it just be the same group of swingin dicks tryin to draw attention away from themselves?

  6. the same will happen to auto thieves?? where were this bodies found?? in a stolen car!

  7. Felipe Calderon is to blame. He should have never declared war against the cartels if he didn't have control of his administration.

  8. not everyone mexican citizens, but those drug wankers are psycho sicko aliens, they are on the wrong planet, life's not fair. mexico drug won't last long forever - i mean what happens in 500 years time? mexico drug is forever in the world historic among other criminals such as nazi germany, kkk usa

    1. As long as white people in u.s keep buyin drugs cartels will be here forever c;

  9. The leader of Cartel de la Sierra is supposibly Dani "El Peinado" Rocha from DGO, MX. Warring against "La Barbie" and supposed leader of armed wing of Sinaloa Cartel that splintered off, but remains allied with "El Chapo" was on news last month.

  10. cartel de la sierra is only guys from guerrero jaleaca osotpec guerrero the sierra part of guerrero there alies with los zetas n the beltran leyva cartel

  11. the message says that this will happen to all those guys that rape, kill, and do shit to innocent people! and la barbie is like a "zeta" they the ones that killed innocent people and singers sergio vega, and sergio gomes! la barbie was the one that send stupid people with a terrorism with cars ! but his cartel dont exist no more we guessing

  12. jaja. Este cartel se aparecio y desaparicio como nunca habia existido!


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