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Monday, July 12, 2010

Six Family Members Executed in Jalisco

In a ranch called "La Minita" in the municipality of Cihuatlán on the southern coast of Jalisco, six subjects, who were all members of one family, were shot dead.

Héctor Rosales, municipal police commander, said last Friday morning at around 2000 hours the local police received a report of a shootout at the ranch located about 20 kilometers from the town.

"When we went to check the report we realized that it was a multiple execution of several vistims and not a shootout as originally reported. We learned that a group of sicarios arrived at the ranch armed with high caliber weapons, killed six members of a family and the sicarios fled in several vehicles," he said.

The bodies were identified as Luis Madrigal Birruete 68, and his sons Jose Luis 34, Hector 35, Ezekiel 32 and Antonio 28, all with the last name of Madrigal Guillén. Also killed was Juan Madrigal Birruete, brother of Madrigal Birruete.

Forensic experts of the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF) recovered at the scene shell casings 7.62x39 used with an AK-47 assault rifle and .223 caliber used on a AR-15 assault rifle.


  1. Who are these people. What is the relationship to drugs?
    Are they ranch owners who grow weed? Why such limited details?

  2. Do you have any information on what happened in Miguel Aleman Tamps. This past weekend (Saturday July 10th)? A friends sister was shot and killed, and the family does not have much information. Thank you.

  3. SATURDAY JULY 10 There was a confrontation, WHICH WAS NEAR THE HOUSE OF MY MOTHER IN GERMAN MIGUEL, I LIVE IN REYNOSA, was a chaos, there was nobody in the STREET, THE TOWN WAS IN WAR FIREARMS, Detonator Bazooka, The clash lasted APROX. 2 hours, the police do not help, my boyfriend was kidnapped and murdered 02 MARCH AND NOT FOUND HIS BODY UNTIL MARCH 11 gives us his Body UNTIL MARCH 16 BECAUSE IT WAS FILED IN DECOMPOSITION AND TORTURE, NO JUSTICE, BUT guarantees you will go unpunished.

  4. El rancho y la familia se pinche marihuanos, muy famoso localmente por su mota.

  5. Si, una familia de "pinche mariguanos" que de seguro te la surtian a ti culero. Si fuera tu familia no te expresarias asi de ellos. Fijate lo que dices baboso!

  6. Si, El rancho y la familia de "pinche marihuanos" que deseguro te la surtian a ti kulerito. Si fuera tu familia no te expresarias asi de ellos. Fijate lo que dices nako, babozo!

  7. noelia la gente y las noticias van a contar miles de verciones, solo tu sabes que ellos eran buenas personas. no dejes que te arrastre el coraje. cuida tu mente y tu corazon. no leas estas cosas y busques mas informacion aqui ni alla. todo va estar bien. te lo prometo.


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