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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shots fired from Juárez hit El Paso City Hall

By Daniel Borunda
El Paso Times

Police said the bullet flew through the window, then through an interior wall before hitting a picture frame and stopping.

A large-caliber bullet went through a west-facing wall Tuesday afternoon at City Hall.El Paso, Texas - Several gunshots apparently fired from Juárez hit El Paso City Hall on Tuesday afternoon.

No one was hurt, but nerves were rattled at City Hall in what is thought to be the first cross-border gunfire during a drug war that has engulfed Juárez since 2008.

El Paso police spokesman Darrel Petry said investigators do not think City Hall was intentionally targeted but rather was struck by stray shots.

"It does appear the rounds may have come from an incident in Juárez," Petry said.
City Hall, whose east and west sides are covered by glass windows, sits on a hill about a half-mile north of the Rio Grande.

About 4:50 p.m., city workers were going about a regular day when a bullet penetrated a ninth-floor west side window of the office of Assistant City Manager Pat Adauto.

The building was not evacuated, but several secretaries with windows facing Juárez described the incident as scary. Several police officers were sent to City Hall. A police crime scene investigator could be seen taking photos of the building.

Petry said an inspection by police and city staff found that City Hall was hit by seven gunshots, which appeared to be losing velocity when they struck. Six of the rounds hit stucco walls on the north and south sides of the building. Two bullets were recovered -- the one that went through the window and one that bounced off an exterior wall. The size of the bullets was not disclosed.

"Any time somebody takes a shot at City Hall, it's of great concern to us," El Paso Mayor John Cook said. "It's OK if people take political shots at us, but this is unacceptable."

Police said that an investigation into the shooting continues and that they would be contacting authorities in Juárez.

El Paso police said the time the gunshots hit City Hall coincides with a shooting in west Juárez on Bernardo Norzagaray boulevard, which runs parallel to the Rio Grande.

Authorities said a Mexican federal police officer was killed during an attack by gunmen near a Smart supermarket on Norzagaray boulevard.

Chihuahua state police identified the dead man as Domingo Hernández Espinoza and said that two other people were wounded. Investigators found 40 bullet casings from an AK-47 and other firearms.

A Mexican federal police Blackhawk helicopter and a smaller helicopter were flying in circles over west Juárez after that shooting. A Border Patrol helicopter was later flying on the U.S. side.

More than 1,300 people have been murdered in Juárez this year as a war continues relentlessly between the Juárez and Sinaloa drug cartels.

Daytime shootings, grisly mutilations and ambushes of police have become common.
Attacks on government leaders in Mexico have also increased.

But Tuesday's shooting was thought to be the first time that bullets shot in Juárez hit El Paso during the current violence, Petry said. The last time bullets fired in Juárez landed in El Paso was probably celebratory gunfire during New Year's Day in 2000, he said.

Similar cross-border shootings have occurred in other cities. Last September, the University of Texas at Brownsville was closed for a weekend after a building and a parked car on campus were hit by bullets fired during a shootout across the border in Matamoros, Mexico.


  1. LOL! Oh no...
    No one was INTENTIONALLY shooting at a U.S. city hall. It was SEVEN accidental shots! Barf....

  2. time to mount a cannon on top of city hall and return can't stand it that you can't just strut around on the US side like you do in Mexico,...rob people ,rape our little daughters and then just kill them, and just push people around because you got guns ...over here, we ALL got guns...our police are not like your police, our army is not like your army, we wont stop looking for you culeros when it gets dark, or just let you run away..when you are breathing your last breath,your filthy heart beating it's last beat while your blood drains into the dirt, or on your knees in a hood,beaten and handcuffed it will be too late for you to stop... tu pinche madres nessisita a basta ya...but you are so arrogant you pendejos are sowing the wind, and you are gonna reap the whirlwind...

    el tiempo para montar un cañón encima de ayuntamiento y vuelta enciende .... usted no puede ponerlo que usted no puede sólo el puntal alrededor en el lado estadounidense como usted hace en México, los ... roban a la gente, violan a nuestras pequeñas hijas y luego sólo los matan, y sólo empujan a la gente alrededor porque usted consiguió armas ... aquí, conseguimos armas ... nuestra policía no parecen a su policía, nuestro ejército no parece a su ejército, nosotros parada de costumbre que le busca culeros cuando anochece, o sólo le dejó escaparse .. cuando usted respira su último aliento, su redoble de corazón asqueroso esto es el último latido mientras sus desagües de sangre en la suciedad, o en sus rodillas en una capucha, golpeada y lo esposaron será demasiado tarde para usted para parar ... you mother fuckers need to stop now... pero usted es tan arrogante usted costumbre .... usted pendejos siembran el viento, y usted va a cosechar el torbellino...

  3. Return fire 10 to one with computer accuracy

  4. wonder how many Americans would join an all volunteer force to help the Mexican people kill off these fuck face assholes ....i bet thousands ..and would bring their own equipment, and mebbe some extra stuff what a party ever party with Mexicans? .. yeeeehhaaaawwwww!!!!..epalaaaayyyy!!!!....especially in mexico....what a victory celebration it would be....carne asada...tamales....chevys frio ... musica...bailando...mucho chicas muy guapa...and the left over narcos who lived could be bueno meseros...and mebbe if they was especial good, even have one beer...and the friendship between Americans and Mexicans would solidified por siempre ...please, government of Mexico admit you need help and invite us to come over...

  5. Return fire, you are so blinded by the propaganda that you sound like a chicken running around with his head cut off. Take a look around, don't be ignorant. All this is much bigger than Nation State uprisings. This battle is for the world government. Destabilization efforts in Mexico to help us along and join the U.S. and Canada into a unified conglomerate. And while your own countries military is being shipped overseas, your own country is being invaded by foreign troops. Your looking through a straw and your reticle is pointing in the wrong direction. Soon we will all be brothers in arms fighting for our lives.

  6. el cabeza de calabasaJuly 2, 2010 at 12:28 PM

    brothers in arms with who ...coke hed killers of children, taco vendors, and innocent bystanders?... brothers in arms with the police, the militares? who? which ones?....i am all for fighting the international bankers corporate/debt credit world plan...but the narcos don't really impress me as the guys who i can get with....have you ever had any dealings with any of these boys?...i have , almost got killed over a parking space....they are really not operating on that sophisticated of a world view...don't get mad at me ....but are you still in school?...any way the fight against the international banking conspiracy cannot be won with guns...they own the factorys that make them...and will gladly sell you all the guns and ammo you has been tried before ...they call it ww2.... the only effective resistance to them is... DON'T BUY THEIR PRODUCT...DON'T LIVE IN DEBT...NO CREDIT...THEY FEED ON MONEY...SPECIFICALLY ON INTEREST INCURED BY DEBT...LEARN TO LIVE WITH LESS MATERIAL POSSESIONS...BY YOU OWNING THEIR PRODUCTS ...THEY OWN YOU...FOR THE THINGS YOU MUST BUY, PAY is a romantic idea, all us ragtag revolutionarys, storming the walls, along with us of course the beautiful women, the movie poster is sooo cool...but in reality this fight you speak of is a slow incremental fight, no glory, small victorys, lonely,and i truly do hate to say a possibly hopeless case...there are only four or five nations on earth that don't have a central bank system already in place, most notably, N.Korea, and Iran...Mozambigue?....but the good news is that on a personal level you can do a lot, like i say... STAY OUT OF DEBT...DON'T BECOME A MARTYR TO A HOPELESS CAUSE...TRY TO BE HAPPY...realize you cannot save the world, we already had jesus on the cross, people ain't that grateful...IF ENOUGH PEOPLE DO THAT WE CAN WIN WITH EVER A SHOT FIRED...IT IS REALLY THE ONLY WAY....snipers are as effective in demoralizing an enemy a a headlong charge any day...become an economic sniper...starve this beast are not the matador to get into the ring with it...steel wont kill it...only lack of sustenance...buena suerte con su batella

  7. el cabeza de calabasa, You are so right my brother. I am with you 100 percent. I think you misinterpreted my phrase "brothers in arms", English is not my primary language. I believe what I meant to say by brothers in arms is that "We are all in the same boat" fighting the same war but just under different names. America has the war against terror, as does Mexico has a war against drugs, both being used to sell us security while taking away our freedoms, and domesticating us as slaves. Its not random going ons, and there is alot of government involvement to move incremental slavery forward. Mexico sometimes in part uses cartels to move policy foward. They do the dirty work with gusto and get rich all the while. Unfortunately our culture is a Novela (soap opera) culture and we believe what we see on T.V. So if the governemnt tells us that all is well, then all is well. And if its good for us, then its good for us. But there is an awakening that is starting to happen. Its an information revolution. Thanks to sites like this, one side of the country is finding out what is happening on the other side of the country. We are no longer in the dark.

  8. Yup! @ anonymous 7;53 AM.


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