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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shootouts in Downtown Monterrey Cause Panic

Nuevo Leon State Investigative Police (AEI) on a manhunt for a criminal gang specializing in the armed robbery of gas stations, ATM’s and other businesses clashed with gang members in two separate incidents in the downtown area of Monterrey on Saturday , July 10.

Both shootings caused a momentary panic among pedestrians and motorists caught in the crossfire between the police and the criminals.

A young man identified as Manuel de Jesus Saldana, 19-year-old student at the Technological Institute of Superior Studies of Monterrey (ITESM), was hit by stray bullets during the first melee, along with three other unidentified civilians.

According to initial press reports, the first clash occurred on Pino Suarez Avenue, a few meters from the IMSS Hospital at 1 PM as the state police attempted to arrest the group of armed robbers who were in a sand colored Odyssey van. The robbers fired on the police and a running shootout ensued.

Army troops arrived within minutes to aid the AEI Police and to guard the perimeter where the clash was occurring.

All the streets within blocks were closed to traffic, while dozens of people who were outside the hospital and passing through the area rushed indoors to protect themselves from the gunfire.

It was learned that two of the robbers were killed in the chase while another gang member was shot and taken to a local hospital, and one more was apprehended by the police. An unknown number of robbers fled the scene by escaping through the hospital, a nearby church and ITESM college.

Throughout the afternoon the police and the military searched the central area of Monterrey and finally traced the remainder of the gang to the Hotel Antaris located at the intersection of Constitucion and V. Carranza.

At 4:00 PM the AEI reported the remaining group of between 5 and 7 robbers began firing on the police and swat team that had surrounded the hotel before vehicular traffic through the area was blocked.

The gunfire caused motorists and bus riders stuck in traffic to abandon their vehicle and seek safety.

Through Saturday evening the hotel was still cordoned off by the police and military and vehicular traffic still blocked as police inspected hotel rooms to rule out any gang members hiding in other rooms. It was unknown if that standoff had ended.

Unofficial reports spoke of three criminals dead and four injured and in custody. An unknown number were apprehended or still on the run. No civilians were reported hurt during the clash at the hotel.

In other news this weekend in Monterrey, Mexican Army troops raided a safe house belonging to an organized crime group, arrested 8 suspects and freed 9 captives being held for ransom.

Around 8:00 PM Friday evening a heavily armed military convoy responding to an anonymous tip surrounded a house in the Colonia Topo Chico in Monterrey where they were met by gunfire from inside the building.

The occupants of the safe house attempted to escape but were quickly arrested without any reported injuries or deaths.

Once inside the dirty workshop the military found and liberated 9 captives being held for ransom by the band of 8 kidnappers. Assault weapons, side arms, ammunition and 2 vehicles were also seized. One of the vehicles was a van used to transport captives between several safe houses.

The military allowed media access to the scene. The nine hostages had bruises on their bodies and all were allegedly tortured. When interviewed with his face covered, one of the victims said that they suffered the “mummy torture” where the face is covered with tape covering with tape. Some were also attacked with stones and kicks and even baseball bats.

All the hostages, according to the military are tenants and small businessmen and most were kidnapped from their homes and places of business.

In some cases, the sum for the ransom amounted to 3 million pesos.


  1. what a damn shame ...Monterrey is the best city in the world...i used to run the streets all night long...and now it is being destroyed by this shit...the pinche Z started all this shit....greedy culeros...I hope every last one who is with the zetas is killed in a hard way

  2. As usual, the "mainstream Mexican media" and CNN Mexico didn't want to alarm or bother anyone with this story!

  3. US media is even more dismissive of the Cartel War in MX, and increasingly in Central America, than the media in MX. The MSM in both countries are frightened by this scenario, they are unable to deal with it fully, so they suppress it. But the level of violence stays high or grows even more, and it's spreading beyond the borders of MX. Soon the MSM will have to wake up to the full extent.

  4. Fox is the only station giving any coverage worth shit. I love Monterrey, I NEVER thought this would happen there, now I realize it truly can and will happen anywhere and everywhere. I closed my apt there last month, I cannot allow anyone to stay there among this violence. I understand why Mexican media can't expose this but WTF CNN and the rest must wake up...they have the responsibilty to report this so the citizens of the US can be aware just how horrific this is. Thanks for this great blog...

  5. it is strange how little attention Monterrey, and Mexico in general gets from CNN, and the rest of the worlds news is less than 100 miles from the USA and has 4 million people, but it is like it dosen't hell with the middle east, how about paying some attention to our southern neighbor,,, he Mexican people need help,,, why can't we at least make the situation there public to the world, Mexico is dying....DOES ANY ONE CARE?

  6. "Ojos que no ven corazon que no siente." Is a popular saying in Mexico. Maybe these media giants don't care or they are more interested in Lindsey Lohan and the psychic octopus. WTF? And even if they did cover these stories will things change? Who knows, what is alarming is how close the violence is to our backyard. Kinda makes you wonder who really controls our media.

  7. What I want to know is where are the balls among politicians , the military and the mainstream media? Calderon can't do all of this on his own. He needs to call in Nato or the UN to help. This would send a message to the narcos that they can't buy everyone or threaten "plata o plomo".

    Start by investigating any and all politicians. Several governors have very obvious ties to the cartels. Start at the top and work your way down.

    As long as the rewards are high and the risk of any consequences are low because of corruption or threats, NOTHING will ever change in Mexico.

    It makes me crazy that I have friends who have had family members kidnapped and they do not report it because of the corruption and fear that it will happen again if they say anything.

    Why is it that less than 5% of murders are ever investigated in Mexico? The country needs to clear out the corruption in politics and the police and military before anything will ever happen.

    And what about the people? Why are they allowing this to happen? Demand that your politicians clean up the country. Protest the cartels en masse....if you say nothing, it will not go away

  8. A destabilized Mexico could be what the U.S is waiting for. That is why they are not getting involved so soon. Could be another BILDERBERG agenda for NWO.

  9. yeap...the international bankers have made the move,,,they are taking over the crime business in mexico, like they have in the rest of the world...under the opium...under the coalition occupation ...lots of opium...they always do the first step by abusing people with such violence that they will be glad to accept any master as long as there is peace , and they can make a living...their formula always works...the USA is their private army....guess what ancient symbol is on the US marine saber...down next to the hilt...Mexico say hello to the NWO

  10. Colonia Topo Chico? Small business men? OMG this is right near my baby daddy's place of business, it can't be happening but it is. I'm horrified and deeply saddened and afraid for my family there.


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