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Friday, July 16, 2010

Police Killed in Juárez Blast [Video In]

An explosive blasted Mexican federal police and rescuers when it detonated as they went to the aid of a wounded police officer in Juárez on Thursday night.

Authorities said it had not been determined if the blast was caused by a grenade or a car bomb, but the attack appeared to follow the tactics of terrorists in the Middle East.

It was unclear how many were injured, but it appeared that at least one federal and one city police were killed.

The attack occurred about 7:30 p.m. near the intersection of Bolivia and 16 de Septiembre streets in downtown Juárez. First, a municipal police officer was shot and killed, and when federal police arrived to the scene there was an explosion, an official said.

Seven people were injured, including a cameraman for Channel 5.

Footage from Channel 26-KINT (cable Channel 2) showed a street covered in debris. Something appeared to be in flames. A uniformed police officer lay dead and a man sat on the street bleeding heavily and holding his head.

The use of explosives, including the possibility of a car bomb, would be an escalation in a drug war that has bloodied Juárez for more than two years. The use of car bombs by narco-traffickers is not unprecedented since they had been used in Colombia by drug cartels in that nation.

Federal police earlier this year replaced Mexican army soldiers patrolling the city. Patrols are regularly done in groups of at least two vehicles, with several officers in each armed with assault rifles.

Bomb is believed to be retaliation in responde to the arrest of sicario leader.

It is believed that the recent attack is in response to the arrest of a leader of "La Línea." The Federal Public Security Secretariat reported that elements of the Federal Police arrested Jesus Armando Acosta Guerrero, alias "35" operational leader of the criminal group called "La Línea", the armed wing of the Juarez cartel. Intelligence reports indicate that Armando Acosta was conducting drug trafficking, executions, "levantones" abductions and various criminal activities within the organization.

Sources in the investigation suggest that Armando Acosta, alias "35", received direct orders from José Antonio Acosta Hernandez, alias "El Diego", second in the structure of "la línea" and under the direct command of Juan Pablo Ledesma, aka “el jl,” lieutenant of Vicente Carrillo Fuentes.

It has been noted that Jesús Ernesto Chávez Castillos, alias "camello", was arrested by federal police last July 2, it is said that the drug that was distributed by his cell was provided by Jesus Armando Acosta Guerrero, aka "35."

In reaction to the arrest of Chavez Castillo intelligence reports indicate that suspected members of the organization of "la línea", carried this attack against elements of the federal police.

Law enforcement officers have been increasingly targeted in Juárez. It was the second deadly attack on police on Thursday.

In the morning, an off-duty Juárez police officer was shot to death at a gas station, Chihuahua state police said.

Luis Javier Ramirez Corral, who was driving a Lincoln Towncar, pulled up to get gas when he was fired upon by a group of gunmen with AK-47s and other weapons, officials said. The shooters fired 46 rounds.

There were eight homicides Wednesday in Juárez. More than 1,500 people have been slain in Juárez this year, and more than 5,700 people have died since 2008.

The Sinaloa and Juárez drug cartels have been fighting over lucrative smuggling corridors into the United States. It is not uncommon for drug traffickers to target police claiming they are working for rival groups.


El Paso Times
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  1. Here it comes, the rise of the NarcoTerrorist in Mexico.

  2. yes, the next level, this is really bad, now what? roadside IED'S

  3. now "35" needs a blasting cap detonated up inside his ass

  4. Where is the love. The U.S. Must somehow intervene Mexico is every bit as important as Iraque Afganistan etc This must stop. Mexicos arrigance and isolationasist political line is counter productive and suspect of corruption protecting the status quo of feeding off of the U.S.. Being poor is not a licence to criminalize the entire country what about the many,many good people who work every day they suffer we sufferhow can anyone feel safe neither Bush nor Regan would have allowed this to continue. Enough!! 11

  5. You're calling for US intervention into Mexico?

    'Where is the love. The U.S. Must somehow intervene Mexico is every bit as important as Iraque Afganistan etc This must stop.'

    Good grief! It is the US intervention into Mexico's affairs that has caused this violence, same as it did in Afghanistan and Iraq. If the US had not already pushed its so-called 'Drug War' off onto Latin America a lot of grief never would have happened.


  6. Nosotros los mexicanos debemos poner un alto a esto, ya no podemos seguir con este valemadrismo, esto es un problema de educacion, de valores morales, de desintegracion familiar, de huevonada, en este momento de problemas estremos soluciones extremas para todos aquellos que han agarrado por narcos y zetas hay que pasarlos por las armas, para que los guardan un rato para que se perfeccionen, empezando con nuestros HONORABLES POLITICOS,no me digan cursi pero el pueblo unido....ya saben que mas dice.

  7. Until the mexican politicians understand that they have to think "Democracy" and not corruption, this will continue forever.

    And until the cartel members know that they will be held accountable for what they do,and mexico implemets the death penalty they will continue to do as they please, of coarse with the help of the corrupt mexican "Politicos". But of coarse the politicos would never agree with the death penalty because they would be the first ones who would qualify for it.

  8. Everybody talks trash about the US but everybody wants to be part of it..... go figure.

  9. Nobody wants to be part of the US, they just want $$$$$ and a decnet job. US 'culture' stinks and most Mexicans that have lived in the US know that already.


  10. Hell, the whole country Mexico is disintegrating before our eyes - a failed state like Haiti and still, they (the politicos) treat this narco terror like petty crime. Mexico need to implement public executions of narco terrorist. Marshall law should also be implemented in the whole country. Strict travel restrictions people within Mexico should be implemented. Something is very wrong within the ruling class in Mexico.

  11. Porque siempre culpan a Estados Unidos por todo lo que pasa en el mundo...?? Nadie nos quiere pero todo mundo quiere venir a vivir aqui, de nuestro sistema de welfare y todas las prestaciones que este pais proporciona..

  12. Culpa?

    Aqui "culpamos" a nuestro gobierno porque queremos que nuestra opinion cause tener que abordar las soluciones a nuestras necesidades sociales. Que no nos llenamos la boca de orgullo por eso? We are petitioning our government!

    ¿Prestaciones del pais? ¿Sistema de welfare?

    Ay que padre! Que rico! ¿Que hariamos sin el welfare?

    Si... ...y lo unico que este pais te pide es que trabajes, pagues tus impuestos, seas un ciudadano productivo y que les beses las pompis; ya que no se nos debe olvidar a quien les debemos agradecer tener la oportunidad de trabajar y pagar impuestos. Aparentemente tu haz aprendido esta leccion bien; tanto que hasta se te olvida la parte que dice que el trabajo y los impuestos son lo suficiente para ser respetados como iguales.

    Si a ti te dicen "arrimado," y les das las gracias, tu vives el simnificado de ser el "arrimado" a la mesa. Aqui lo que pasa es que aca TODOS SOMOS ARRIMADOS. Pero hay un punto cuando dejamos de serlo; debemos reconocer ese momento. Si aportas e inviertes, mereces acciones en la corporacion. We've all contributed to make a government that is more responsive and more more functional for the little guy than is Mexico's. We have a part in making that happen; white people aren't "just better" at it!

    ...y no... me refiero a un papel y una ceremonia. Si asi lo fuera, todos los que nacen aqui tambien tendrian que ser "arrimados" hasta que ellos pasen por la misma ceremonia y les firmen los mismos papeles; y pos... ...que papel jugaron ellos en ser tan "suertudos," aver?

    Mira compañero... ...o nos respetan por que nos necesitan tanto como los necesitamos, o nos hacemos respetar! Que chingen su madre!


  13. Make an example of this dirtbag...and give him life in prison with no parole.


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