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Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Narco" Mass Grave Located in Monterrey

Mass gravesite discovered in Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, a suburb of Monterrey

Six bodies found as of Wednesday evening, investigators anticipate higher number of victims

An anonymous call to a military “crime stopper” style hotline led to the discovery of a clandestine mass gravesite used by an organized crime group in the Monterrey suburb of Guadalupe. The site is located within a junkyard belonging to a business by the name of “Grullas Monterrey” (Monterrey Towing) in the La Silla Industrial Park.

According to authorities the Grullas Monterrey junkyard been used previously by a drug cartel to hide kidnapped persons.

Military and state authorities arrived on the scene in response to information from the anonymous caller and during the search of the junkyard found several 200 liter drums with human remains partially dissolved in acid and completely burned human remains in graves and on the surface.

The drums, found close to a workshop, emanated “a strong foul odor” and were filled with "bones and meat scraps in a kind of diluted acid" according to soldiers who arrest at least one individual inside the workshop.

The Nuevo Leon Attorney General’s office has confirmed that only six bodies have been recovered as of Wednesday evening. However, a total of 9 graves and 8 drums with partial human remains have been identified so far.

None of the human remains have been identified.

Agents of the State Investigative Police (AEI) are in charge of the investigation.

Unofficial sources also stated that two stolen vehicles with weapons and drugs inside, a GMC pickup and a Chrysler 300 sedan, were also secured.

Grullas Monterrey workers threatened and coerced by armed criminals

Juvencio Morales Hernández, the vehicle depot yard manager, admitted that armed men often entered the yard and went to the furthest area were junked vehicles were located. “They used threats, that if you tell your boss we will kill you," said Morales.

"No, actually we did not know what they did, they asked us not to go over, because they also threatened to literally kill us all if we investigated what they were doing," he said.

Furthermore, he added that these same people have stolen vehicles, stating that they are not those involved in road accidents but were vehicles that had been stopped and confiscated by federal authorities and stored at the site.

“A number of vehicles seized by the Federal Attorney General’s office have been stolen and the management of the company has complained to authorities about this” added Morales,“Up to 90 vehicles are missing from the depot yard inventory.”

"I had to shut up and so did those who work with me in these corrals that serve as patios for storage of wrecked vehicles or those seized by the authorities," said Morales.

He added that he is afraid of what might happen, because of the constant treats he has received.


  1. Why is this man's name being used in this article??? He clearly states that he is afraid for his life!!!!! Borderlandbeat could have at least blacked out his name!!!

  2. Anonymous 2:51 pm

    I understand your concern and that is a practice that we follow religously with no exceptions for primary sources who contact us. However in this case, and in general whenever you see a name used, the individual's identity has already been spread widely in Mexico's media and blogosphere.


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