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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nacho Coronel Killed in Zapopan, Jalisco

Ignacio”Nacho” Coronel Villarreal, one of the heads of the Sinaloa cartel and considered one of the most powerful kingpins in Mexico, was killed this afternoon during an armed encounter with the Mexican military in Zapopan, a suburb in the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

Sources from the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) confirmed the joint elite army/air force operation, composed of at least 150 soldiers and supported by two helicopters, also detained at least 10 men who made up Coronel’s personal bodyguard team.

The DEA considered Coronel responsible for much of the trafficking of methamphetamine into the United States and had a $5 million bounty for his capture

Troops were deployed on at least five residential streets and restricted the traffic of vehicles and people during the clash. Residents reported gunfire and detonations during the operation

The operation took place almost simultaneously as President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa was visiting Guadalajara under extremely heavy security to inaugurate the new Chivas soccer stadium.

SEDENA will hold a news conference at 7:30 PM tonight to provide further details.

Link to photogalleries of military operation in Zapopan:

Link to SEDENA press bulletin (Spanish):


  1. Say Bye Bye to Diego now..I'm guessin its too late to save him.!!..WOW..I just can't imagine what's gone happen now..Biggest low blow to the Cartel de Sinaloa..I still can't believe it..Poor Mexico, that's the last thing they needed right now..

  2. probably u are not interested to read this message sent from the southern hemisphere, but mexican military / federal authorities did a good job. congratulations.

  3. Good riddance of bad rubbish. Sooner or later
    all of these cartel/zeta basura will end up like
    this buey. They may have power and money for a while, but their deeds will catch up to them.
    Then they will be judged by a higher supreme
    being and will spend eternity in hell.

  4. Maybe this is the biginning of something good.

  5. Reality check

    Nacho was a close associate of El up-and-coming/ on the rise star drifting away to become independent ...and he posed a veritable threat to Chapo. And so did Arturo Leyva "El Barbas" killed by the Mexican Federal government back in december 2009.

    It's a bloody shame that the Mexican Federal Government is acting as "Henchman" for El Chapo.

    The Mexican Federal Government is merely clearing contenders off El Chapo.

    I bet Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada (another "close associate of Chapo) is really worried: He's next...and that charade of an interview from Julio Scherer in "Proceso" was just to sense him around.

    Chapo, more so than Osiel Cardenas (from the Zetas) a true "MataAmigos".


    Nacho was nicknamed "The Crystal King", who do you think will take over his infractructure and operation now? Right!

  6. Embalm him with METH! Then put him in a huge mound of it, to rot in one of the plazas.

  7. I was right a couple of kilometers away from where it happened and wondered why all of sudden all the Military was patrolling and helicopters flying low. Well let's hope for the best for our City and that this death is good for the Country!

  8. He was a low key old school type of leader, it is too bad that he gets gunned down and guys like Lazcanzo are still running around, I hope Sinaloa fills his shoes quickly, before his territory turns into another war zone, like after the Arturo Beltran. This really surprises me, Teo, Muletas, those guys were destined to fall, but this guy was like a legend, bigger then life, and untouchable, I guess this is kind of a lesson. I’m not sure about the validity of always the rumors about Chapo setting everyone up, and doing all this dirty shit, he seems to be the scapegoat thee days, esp. after the Forbes list. I can only see more violence coming from this, as Juarez and Beltran Leyvas try to further their position against CDS.

  9. @12:15..Agreed...I see Manuel Torres Felix aka El Ondeado,M1 movin up from sicario to a higher rank in the Sinaloa Cartel..Just like u said..I'm expectin to hear more violence coming from this..

  10. fake, where is his picture with his tongue out of his mouth ??
    They gonna change him for Diego, and they will say they are atacking cartel of sinaloa too

  11. Do you all really think he is death! I don't think so that was just an act, because people say that El Nacho Coronel plan his death, that way the US thinks that the Mexican Government is really winning the war, I am really sure that El Barbas is really dead, but El Nacho Coronel, I think that there is something really fishy about that operation.

  12. I cannot preceive this will be a huge blow to SC, someone explain? I think there will be retailiation for sure, short term, as for the operation, someone will come up to replace. Sinaloa is HUGE internationally I read yesterday they are in 40 countries, US is their biggest market, but Europe is where they prefer to invest because of corruption there. This hit had to have been with assistance from within the cartel..that person is a dead man walking. This is good of course, but not much in the big view...I so not see that anything can stop them now and that scares me to death, people in the US and elsewhere just are not getting it they think it is a Msxican problem and are so pendejo focusing on the hard working guy crawling in just trying to make a few bucks to feed his family in Mexico, ass backwards and that is what the brilliant vatos Like Chapo are counting on, our stupidity, make no mistake Chapo is brilliant same as a Bill Gates in organization and business only he is satan and the product is narco instead of computers. It is so sad and so scary, I love Mexico but probably have to close my offices there at the border and going to Chipas to build schools for the Zapatistas they say it is calm there now, anyone know...?

  13. in my opinion chapo is Not brilliant he is just well padded with aroumor and compounds. like a crazy man in a crazy cell.

  14. "I cannot preceive this will be a huge blow to SC, someone explain?"

    Coronel was third or fourth in the hierarchy of the Sinaloa Cartel. A lot of people dismiss law enforcement successes by saying "someone will replace them", but it's not as simple as that. The people in charge are generally in charge for a reason, and many criminal organizations lose power and influence after losing key members. Look at the BLO. It was probably the third most powerful cartel after the Federation and Los Zetas, and it fell apart after it's leader was killed. The Sinaloa Cartel may have much farther to fall than the other cartels, but the loss of someone as important as Nacho is not insignificant.

  15. "Do you all really think he is death! I don't think so that was just an act"

    Do you have any proof of that? I doubt it. While a criminal faking his death is always a possibility, it's pointless to push forth a theory without evidence.

  16. "Do you have any proof of that?"

    ( Yeah, he kind of 'does' look like The World's Most Interesting Man now that you mention it? )

  17. I hope this is true,and not just more propaganda. If it is true GOOD WORK now go get some more.

  18. where are the pictures?? why is he the only one dead?

  19. @11:52am today..U know..I'm wonderin the same thing..As much as he was tryin to keep down low..he IS a high ranked leader..and I cannot believe he only had 1 bodyguard with him..When Zetas. "El Hummer" got arrested..dozens of his guys tried to rescue him..I'm sure Nachito heard the helicopters and all kind of noise and you gone believe he didn't call anyone for backup??..mmmhhhmmmm?????...How come his bodyguard only got "arrested"..if he was his main safety person, I'm sure he had to be in the front tryin to save his boss..this sounds kinda weird..Guess we just gone have to wait for the pictures..

  20. There is something going on here that no one is talking about? A few months ago Diego Fernandez de Ceballos was kidnapped in his home located in the state of Queretaro Mex. This news was given a day after the police chief of Zapopan Jalisco Mex said that Nacho Coronel had been arrested in Zapopan. When reporters came to get an interview the Chief said he could not talk about it, that it was a federal issue. The importance of this is that he did not deny his statement. There were rumors circulating that it had been Nacho Coronel's organization who had kidnapped Ceballos as a way to negotiate the capos release. Now we hear that Nacho Coronel has been shot dead at his Zapopan home where a few months ago he had allegedly been arrested. So what is the truth? Until this moment no one has seen pictures of the deceased Capo, which leaves room for speculations and conspiracy theories to circulate.

  21. Yeah where's the evidence. He is not dead. PERIOD

  22. First captured and now dead, but with no pictures? Something just don't smell right about this.

  23. it a conspiracy theory set up by Obama and Calderon

  24. Why was he the only one killed?

    That's a pretty interesting question to ask yourself, the neighbors don't report hearing massive gunfire by all the accounts from the neighbors talking to the media.

    Something doesn't smell right about this, given the MEXICAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT recent history of FAKING POLICE OPERATIONS such as Genaro Garcia Luna did with the French Kidnapper Cassez.

    I would say doubts about whether he is really dead are far from conspiracy theory given the Federal Government's record.

  25. To surf city... i couldn't agree with you more american people are soooo worried about this stupid arizona law and not allowing ilegals do this and that and not realizing what is crawling up behind them, Chapo is really something...

  26. @ 5:45 pm Today....You are right..I read on a news report that Mr.Nacho grabbed a "gun" and fired at the Police/army and then he got shot 2-3 times on the all happen in 2 minutes according to the Army...A "Gun" really??..No AKs??.ARs?? Ms???..No krazy gunfire like when El Barbas got killed (I know u guys have seen those pics..the house was filled with bullet holes)..just few shots fired and Game over??..His Bodyguard arrested with not a single scratch??..Remember the sicario from El Barbas shootout, that when surrounded by the army he commited suicide...The body was removed and escorted out today by 2 army trucks??..Nobody tried to recover the body??..I mean, there is so much to just doesn't make any sense...

  27. Damn..And I just found this..

    Mr.Nachos nephew got killed today..someone please translate..I'm on my phone..too much to type..sooorrryyyyy...

    MUERE SOBRINO DE "NACHO CORONEL" Guadalajara, Jalisco.- El Ejército asestó un golpe más a la estructura del Cártel de Sinaloa. Militares abatieron hoy al hombre que podría haber sido el sucesor del narcotraficante Ignacio "Nacho" Coronel Villareal. Se trata de un sobrino que se resistió a la captura y se enfrentó a los uniformados Mario Carrasco Coronel, "El Gallo", fue ubicado este viernes en la colonia Rinconada de Los Novelistas, en Guadalajara, Jalisco, como parte de un operativo de inteligencia militar para desmantelar las células que tenía bajo su mando "El Coronel".

  28. US Main Stream Media suppresses almost all of the news of the narco wars in MX. They obsess over the AZ law. The level and world-wide scope of these cartels reach has already put the ability to control events beyond the capability of the US and MX governments combined.

    It can no longer even be "managed." Where would they get the military forces? They can't control their war in AfPak nor Iraq. The Wikileaks documents prove that. The US + NATO forces would have to be 10 times greater in number to even begin to put credible power into those wars.

    So they can't put anything more than Special Forces into MX at most, like AfPak, but that can only hold off disaster for a limited time in both cases. A very dark outlook.

  29. I am from the sierra Madre and the only thing that the plaza fighting to control opium buying did was lower the price from 35 peseos 3.50 dollars a gram to 15 pesos 1.5o dollars agram and the solders to brake into evry house with warrants that go against the constitution in evry house in the Municipalities of Topia, canelas, Otaez, San Dimas, Tamazula, and evey hose in the sierra of Durango taking even .22 rifles wich are not ilegal, and every jewrey piece they like, because they have federal orders they say. and who ever refuse to allow them into their house gets beaten,and doors they brake they dont fix like the new laww that calderon passed demands. so these capos have done nothing good for the local people only to use their remote regions to hide
    People like this are not wanted in the sierra, nether on the coast so I hope its true

  30. Within ten years the truth will come out as it did for Pablo Escobar. Namely,
    It was a "hit" from a Special Forces sniper team
    on a "shoot and scoot" mission. They had to hunt around for a Colombian Army type to shoot Escobar as they did a Mexican Army type for "Nacho". That's why there was so little shooting. "Che" Guevara had a similar end.

  31. i bet the worlds most interesting man don't drink them chevys con el doble x's en publico


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