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Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Images of the deadly Reynosa shooting

The original post of this story had the official limited SEDENA version of events and an alternate version according to witnesses at the scene including one of the deceased's relatives.

Some of the readers posting comments had valid questions concerning the official version of events, primarily the placement of weapons and a lack of shell casings.

All is conjecture as we are not there ourselves to interview civilian witnesses or police and military authorities.

What is unique about this incident is the existing photographic record of the events that occurred last Monday afternoon. SEDENA seldom posts such informative images of the scene where fatalities have occurred and almost never posts any photographic evidence where the official version of events is in dispute.

The military and police always limit the ability of civilians and the press to gather revealing photographic evidence if a coverup is underway.

The following are photographs from both the official SEDENA press release and the unofficial photograper, maybe a member of the authorities who leaked the photographs. The photographs included in the original post were from this unknown individual.

Link to the original SEDENA press release:

Photos from the official SEDENA press release.

Additional photos from the "unofficial" photographer.
(The photos on the original post are from this photographer)


  1. Amazing trigger control by the military. Let me see, the suspects shot first, and the soldiers responded, but yet the truck was never hit once, only the suspects, and the victims somehow during the middle of the fire fight leave ammo in the truck, and choose to take a radio instead, AND PICK up the expended casings. Plus youd think if you were in a shoot out, you'd get shot in the front, not in the back. I think I'll go with the witnesses on this one. The Death Squad strikes again.

  2. @12:53 - but check the blood stains in the truck's back seat; at least one of the guys was hit while inside the vehicle.

  3. the mexican army has orders from the president to kill i think thats what happened


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