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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mexican Marines Free 8 Captives in Tamaulipas

Mexican Marines free 8 kidnapped captives, arrest 18 drug traffickers and seize more than seven and a half tons of marijuana, high-powered weapons and vehicles in Tamaulipas

In a first operation, Marine personnel on a surveillance patrol early Monday, in the vicinity of Ciudad Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, Tamaulipas, arrested three people associated with the Gulf cartel in possession 700 kilos of marijuana.

Four vehicles were seized in the operation, one of which contained the marijuana. In another of the vehicles packed with weapons, marines seized one RPG launcher and several high explosive anti-tank rockets, eight assault rifles, three handguns, six fragmentation grenades, 113 magazines, more than 2,500 rounds of various calibers as well as communications equipment and supplies.

Persons insured in this action were identified as Jorge Armando Garcia Chavez 39 years old, Moses Chávez Valerio 19 and Marisol Rivas Ramirez 23.

Also, in a second operation carried out at noon Monday in the vicinity of Ciudad Reynosa, Tamaulipas, naval personnel on an aerial patrol aboard a Navy helicopter spotted a convoy of 5 trucks with several armed individuals on board.

After being observed by the armed individuals on the ground the naval helicopter came under attack.

Marine ground units were able to successfully intercept the convoy which surrendered without any casualties being reported.

As a result of this action the marines secured the release of eight people who were being held captive after being abducted by the criminal gang.

Marines also arrested 15 gang members and seized seven tons of marijuana, 10 assault weapons, 84 magazines, 1,863 rounds of ammunition, communications equipment as well as the 5 vehicles.

The captives were not identified but it is hoped that they include the 5 Pemex workers abducted from the Cuenca De Burgos natural gas project on May 23 of this year in Tamaulipas.


  1. Excellent job by the marines and navy. I'm glad that this time it was CDG front and center. I read other narco blogs where the general consensus has sided with CDG against los Zetas. I guess they forget los Zetas worked for CDG at one point and did their bidding. All cartels are ruthless and are only looking out for themselves. Not the average Mexican citizen.

    1. The marines and navy are the same job and part of the army

  2. Bravo!! Great work by all involved now I hope the worthless court system in Mx will hand out life sentences to these halfwit thugs.

  3. ...a que mi compadre...

    So, we pick sides like you'd pick Idol winners?

    No seas buey.

    Conventional wisdom is to side with CDG because they are the hometown boys and they (you would think) wouldn't shit the bed: they would just do what they do without fucking with the rest of us [status ante for decades, que no?]

    ...ESO SE SUPONE...

    Don't get me wrong: toda esta bola de mamones merecen el cuerno que los va a encontrar. Pero...el acuerdo no hablado (for decades) de que se espulguen CON EL MENOS CAGADERO POSIBLE; y el mundo que ruede $$$.

    Por el lago en

  4. 7 and a half tons. Someone will have to pay with their life or lives. Count on it


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