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Monday, July 26, 2010

Four Bodies Found in Nuevo Laredo

The bodies of four men, handcuffed and tortured, appeared on Sunday morning in front of the plaza in Nuevo Laredo, where the perpetrators of the crime also left a warning for the public, a police source said.

Very early in the day, the office of public safety, received a "report of four bodies that were left on la plaza," said an official of the state agency.

The bodies were left along with a dead dog and cat in front of the "plaza de toros" bullring in Nuevo Laredo, which has a population of about 400,000 people and it's the largest commercial frontier between Mexico and the United States.

"I was the one who threw the grenade into the sports complex, I was paid $500 (dollars)," read the message written on a cardboard on one of the victims, while the other three men killed where identified as the father, brother and brother-in-law of the former.

"The Nuevo Laredo people know who helps them, this is what is going to happen to all and their family," said the written message about the victims who had not yet been identified.

Exact message in Spanish:

"Yo fui el que avente la granada en la unidad deportiva, me pagaron 500 dólares a mí y 500 a mi amigo Rubén como lo mataron a él dieron otro destino que no fue este (esto me pasa por pendejo) aquí está mi cuñado mi apa mi perro mi gato y Rubén mi amigo y mi cuñado mi mama mi hermana la hija de mi mama van al tambo porque los señores no quieren dejar tanto mugrero en la ciudad".

Another sign added:

"Esto es para toda la raza del pueblo no se crean de la gente que los quiere usar Nuevo Laredo no es de la gente de Nuevo Laredo si no pueden controlar sus terrenos menos aquí lo que están haciendo son actos de desesperación así que ya saben los neolaredenses el que les ayude esto es lo que les va a pasar con todo y familia tarde o temprano todo se sabe y nos vamos a dar cuenta como este pendejo".

On Wednesday Nuevo Laredo lived a day of fear from shootouts between gunmen and roadblocks that even left people trapped in cinemas and shops that were suddenly closed. Mexican soldiers fought late-night gunbattles with gangs who forced citizens from their cars and used the vehicles to block streets in a city across the border from Texas.

The Nuevo Laredo city government posted messages on Facebook warning citizens to stay indoors as the battles erupted at several intersections Wednesday night. Gangs used stolen cars and buses to block several main avenues in the city across from Laredo, Texas. Several residents called local newspapers to report thefts. "For your security, stay in your homes until the alert has passed," the city government wrote on Facebook

Authorities did not report any number of casualties, although it is believed that several people were killed and even more injured.

There had been reports circulating on the internet that two ranches outside of Laredo Texas were being taken over by the los Zetas:

“We have been advised to say nothing. The Webb County Sheriff is taking the lead on this and they’re advising that they can’t confirm anything either,” said the Laredo Police Department Spokesperson
"Two South Texas ranches near Laredo were seized by members of the Mexican drug cartel, Los Zetas, with American authorities engaged in an operation or “standoff” with the Mexican drug cartel." 
This information or similar version had been circulating around some of the blogs on the internet and the unconfirmed portion of this version had also been reported by some of the media outles on the US side.
We have not been able to confirm any of this information.

Tamaulipas state where Nuevo Laredo is located (on the other side of Laredo, Texas), is living bitter struggle between the Gulf cartel and its former allies Los Zetas, who are fighting for months with blood on the streets and gunfire too close to the border. Gangs have frequently blocked streets in the middle of the cities to thwart soldiers coming to the aid of colleagues under fire.

About 25,000 people were killed in Mexico since December 2006 due disputes of organized crime, which the government has responded with about 50,000 soldiers during the same period.

Evidence of the road blocks in Nuevo Laredo on July 16, 2010.


  1. Paid for 500 fucking dollars just to throw a grenade? they killed victims and animals just for a few hundred of bucks.

  2. The way I see this is that the guy and his friend that got paid 500dls for throwing the granade got killed along with his dad, brother in law, cat and dog. The mom and sister are going to jail.

    What a nice way to end your life for 500dls, and on the way you take your family with you by making stupid decisions.

  3. killers very dumbest by accepting $500, killing the lives of people and animals by throwing a grenade, and going to jail. i'd use $500 for food and petrol that would last me about 2 weeks. food and petrol prices quite not cheap in the southern hemisphere.

  4. The mom and sister not going to jail, TAMBO is kill with acid in the DRUM

  5. @anonymous 11:26 a.m- Mom and sister are not going to jail. Al tambo in this lifestyle means The Barrel and guess what its filled with? Yep these women also paid with their lives

  6. ok , good ,,,which pendejo wants to toss a grenade next

  7. i seriously doubt the Z has taken anything over inside US territory, that would be a sure way for them to die, these ragtag culeros aint ready for the American army.

  8. u have no idea what it is like to live here. its terrible and now they say that for every z killed, 5 kids will die. so u tell me whats next? how can we fight this , everything cus of drugs! legalize them, have them pay taxes. everything will end.!

  9. that is only a rumor ^

  10. Also funny how the Nuevo Laredo government used Facebook to warn people

  11. Kill em all and let god sort em out!

  12. drugs are for non productive low lives. to legalize it would be stupid. Other countries are producing better employees that are in demand globally. Compare a marijuana smoker to a non smoker and follow up on them in ten years. Their brain erodes. We don't need to legalize drugs. All that is required for evil to succeed is for good men to stand idle. In this case meaning their law enforcement, politicians, and military.

  13. Shut up, there are many successful people in many different fields who actually smoke marijuana including lawyers, doctors and other professionals. Don't get hyped up on your own propaganda, legalizing drugs is a sure way to curb the violence the same way legalizing alcohol did in the States.

  14. Oh yes let's legalize drugs to them....Then what? more killings and drug wars over screwing each other and robbing one another for the drugs...Don't you see it won't far as U S goes yes they leagalized alcohol and what has it gotten us? more deaths by drunk drivers and etc...You think U S is so much better ha...look at houston we have shootings and etc from drug and gangs wars daily...we are just so use to it that we ignore it as every day life..we have crazys that kill their own children,pregnant woman,and our suicide rate is outrageous...legalizing drugs will do nothign but feed them to pull stunts to get what they want.


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