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Friday, July 30, 2010

Drug War Slaughter Continues in Northern Mexico

15 People executed in Tamaulipas

Tamaulipas was the scene of yet another harvest of death as the bodies of 15 more execution-style murder victims were found abandoned by their killers on the highway between Matamoros and San Fernando Thursday afternoon, July 29.

The 13 men and 2 women were found with their hands bound with plastic cable ties, faces bandaged and with visible marks of torture and beatings. All had been executed with a shot to the head.

Most of the bodies were dressed in white t-shirts with a "Z" painted in black. The crime scene was reminiscent of the July,12 executions of twelve people outside of Matamoros on the road to Las Yescas.

It is believed that the murders occurred at noon Thursday as passing motorists began reporting the carnage at that time to authorities in Matamoros.

The scene was secured shortly thereafter by military officials and federal policemen and agents from the Tamaulipas State Attorney General’s office began their investigation.

Practically no murders involving drug cartels are solved in Tamaulipas.

Fighting erupts again on Sonora-Arizona border

Heavy gunfire was reported on the outskirts of Saric during the late evening hours of Thursday, July 29, approximately 30 miles from the Arizona border crossing at Sasabe.

Unconfirmed reports from locals speak of a death toll of between 25 to 40 gunmen from rival organized criminal gangs. Paramilitary forces from the Sinaloa and Beltran Leyva cartels are currently fighting for control of this lucrative drug and human trafficking “plaza” into Arizona.

The volume of fire was so heavy that the municipal and state police in Saric and Nogales chose to take shelter according to sources. Saric residents said the shootout began at 7:00 pm and continued into the late night hours. People took shelter in their homes and businesses until early Friday morning.

A large force of state and various municipal police forces sealed off the area Friday morning and began a reconnaissance of the area.

The Sonora Governor’s office released a statement saying it had not received any official reports from the field as of Friday afternoon. “Nothing is confirmed, all we know is what we have learned from the media. It is presumed there are armed groups out there”

However, officials from the Sonora State Attorney General’s office have confirmed an initial count of 3 deaths and 2 arrests as the search of the area began.

Earlier this month on July 1, fighting between rival groups of gunmen in the same area resulted in an official death toll of 21 men, almost all belonging to the Sinaloa cartel. Unofficial sources reported a much higher death toll.


  1. It appears that the Zetas are displaying their results in bunches instead of individual operations. Have the opposing groups used the same tactics to show the number of people they are terminating. The reporting is not clear.

  2. The guys close to the picture look fresh, the other guys look old chief.

  3. That means that you are trying to use numbers to catch people numbers. When you are reaching it means you are doing it for a reason. Think about it chief. Don't bS yourself. Giev them n== more help. If you failed to BS me, you are not fooloing alot a people Pendejo.

  4. the dead people are zetas and they were dumped threre at 8 am thursday not 12pm. The women were killed because they were housing the men who were slowing arriving from other cities and trying to increase their number of sicos in san german. They failed miserably and paid dearly. San German is a hornets nest of CDG and at any given time there are 50 vehicle convoys in that tiny city ready to exterminate the opposition. Next on the menu is cd. victoria and cd. mante. Citizens of those cities must prepare for a full scale assault.

  5. Are the dead zetas or zetas killed another cartel?

  6. mmmmmm goooood!!!! ...send more ...more Z muerte

  7. This has become one big mess.

  8. I'm assuming the Zetas are the ones marked with the Z's, and they were the victims in this case. I'm not sure though, what is the general opinion of people here? Are they marked as Zetas, or marked by Zetas?

  9. what a crazy world!!!
    Just legalize pot...problem solved

  10. I always thought the Zs were tagged on the dead because they were killed by the Zeta's but in another blog when it was discussed everyone said no it is because the dead were Zeta. I am still uncertain and tried to research it and discovered the answer both way....The only other Cartel that I have heard of tagging the dead is one that uses X...

  11. Pot is not the problem, and here in California you can legally get it for "medical purposes" Under the Compassionate Use Act. They hyped it for cancer, aids, Glaucoma etc you can gert an RX & take to the "coffee shop" or Head Shop for dispensary..and the choices are hundreds of types in cases displayed like candy would be in the movie theater. Quickly people learned they could get an RX for anything...anorexia, back pain, depression, ADHD whatever ails you. My friends 15 yr old dieted and faked anorexia to get an RX...haha pretty creative but didn't fool mom. 60% of citizens now say pot should be legalized, but as for meth etc it makes pragmatic sense to control the violence but I am not in that camp yet, too many issues that would make things worse

  12. Do any of you leagalize people remember when the US and the world was NOT suffering with alcoholism drug dependency legal or illegal rampant crime. I have a problem with it all.There was a time not long ago when the large majority of people did not drink or use drugs. Legalization of another recreatioinal intoxicant?? I have my doubts as to how this is going to enhance our society. The lower the class of people the higher the dependency, the people who have the least to work with impair themselves the most.WTF happened ? Are we going uphill or downhill.

  13. The Bible says that in the last days the people of the earth would not repent of their "thefts,murders,fornications or sorceries" The Greek word for sorceries is "pharmakaie" or somthing close to that...pharmakai is witchcraft and we also get the word "pharmacy"...where we get drugs from! Isn't that interesting? A whole segment of the world's population will get "left behind" because their taste in drugs trumps their love for the Lord!The Bible says taste and see that the Lord is Good! In the next World you're on your own! Toodles

  14. these people that are killing others believe they are strong and immortal, they cannot escape death you are only just bringing it fast upon others. Those that fear death are cowards, those that bring death to others that are weak or just harmless are cowards. There have been woman children old people throughout the history of humanity that have faced death, why i should hold my place in line with honor. Those that wish to kill others are themselves cowards because they believe they are bringing the ultimate fear to their victims when it is them that fear death you fucking cowards hahahahahhaaaaa


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