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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Car Bomb and the Lure of the Feds

The mayor of Ciudad Juárez, José Reyes Ferriz said that the explosion of a car in that city was intended to attract federal forces.

In a radio interview with Jose Cardenas, the Mayor said that around 1900 hours, an armed group dropped off a person dress as a police officer, who was shot and the men drove away.

There was an immediately emergency call to report the execution of a man.

Minutes later elements of the federal police arrived and they thought that the person might still be alive. A renowned doctor, whose office is nearby, went to the person who was first believed to be a federal police officer.

Federal police began inspecting a suspicious parked car that appeared to be Ford Taurus according to the images captured on Channel 5. Inside the vehicle was an explosive device that was about ten kilograms of C-4 explosives and a cell phone that was used as a trigger.

Seconds later the vehicle exploded splitting it in half. The front of the vehicle crashed into one of the federal patrol trucks, this is why police initially though the suspicious car had hit the patrol truck before the explosion.

The doctor who was assisting the injured person was standing and was one of the first to receive the full impact of the bomb causing him to die instantly.

In addition to the doctor, the federal agent who was inspecting the vehicle died, while other police officers sustained minor injuries.

The Municipal Police was a "Lure."

Ciudad Juarez Mayor Jose Reyes Ferriz, said that they were able to prove that presumed city police who was killed in a car bomb attack did not belong to the police department, and was setup to "lure" the federal police closer to the car-bomb.

"The person they placed there to attract the federal police was a man dressed in a municipal police uniform but was not a police officer. Since yesterday when we made the initial analysis we saw that he had a normal civilian belt that is not part of the uniform, did not have any of the equipment, badge or other police insignia" he explained.

In a radio interview with Ciro Gomez Leyva, Reyes Ferriz explained that at September 16th Avenue, where the event occurred at approximately 1930 hours there was little traffic because it's a commercial area that slows down by 1700 hours.

The mayor confirmed that in the attack one federal agent who was inspecting the vehicle with the explosives was killed, along with a musician named Jose Ortiz Collazo who lives near the area and a doctor who came to the aid of alleged police officer.

Finally, he reiterated that he has established new protocols to protect the police because in recent weeks 14 officers have been killed, this also includes the state assistant Attorney General.

Of course it was not a hand grenade:


  1. Obama best not ignore this.

  2. He already has; because he has to. The State Dept came up with another "Travel Warning" on July 16th to supersede the May 6th one. Ho, hum.... So the all consular employees get another e-mail about it...

    Lets say he hadn't... ...what the heck can he do about this?

    I know...: Invade the first 50 miles into Mexico and declare a demilitarized zone? Call in the US Marines! Right? That's about what passes for suggestions around here.

    So tell me...If there's a fight among two big burly guys with knives, and it is your lone responsibility to stop the fight; what would you do? Maybe let them kick each other's butt long enough so that then you can place handcuffs on them? Is that being tried?

    How about some suggestions that don't include your fantasy Hollywood Screenwriter career? looks like the death penalty is not much of a deterrent here. So dig deep...

    What's a real policy solution to this? Doesn't matter either Domestic or Foreign executive policy; you be the POTUS for a bit.

    Is the BB up to it?

    Por la San Francisco en

  3. Helicopters. More Helicopters and trips to Merida. As long as the $$ keeps coming to the DFW Bell and Sikorsky plants, there is no problem that needs "do gooding" here.

    Move along...there's nothing to see...

  4. And keep in mind that "legalize everything" doesn't work unless it's untaxed and sold to anyone, which will never happen in a Puritan nation.

    If you think forcing the US to take over will somehow end corruption, just look at Puerto Rico or Samoa.

    More likely they'll buy robotic fruitpickers from Europe, move the last maquiladoras to China, shut the border in 2012 or 2016, and tell you it's an internal problem.

  5. Let me be the POTUS

    "If there's a fight among two big burly guys with knives, and it is your lone responsibility to stop the fight; what would you do? Maybe let them kick each other's butt long enough so that then you can place handcuffs on them? Is that being tried?

    Let's assume I have a gun, .40cal is good. I will ask them to cease fighting immediately . If they do not respect my order I will shoot one or both. Only after they have submitted to my authority either voluntarily or shot and incapacitated will I handcuff them. To let them continue fighting and do nothing is to enable a disrespect for authority.

    What's Mexico doing right now, letting the two tough guys fight it out? If it is, thats why the state isn't respected.

    What are U.S. limitations? WWBHD? (what would Barak & Hillary do) Invade???? jajajaja......With what army? We have no slack left. Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, why in God's name do we still have troops in Europe? Did you hear the military option is back on for Iran? The U.S. has more advisors in Africa than in Latin America. And anyway the U.S. is bankrupt, basically.

    POTUS is short of options. That's why he doesn't push the issue and drive the news cycle on this matter. Getting re-elected is hard enough. Besides, it's bash the Mexicans in the media time. You know even the real Holywood Screenwriter does'nt care enough to write a tragic love story screenplay staring Benicio Del Toro and the latest hot telenovela english speaking actress. Maybe set in Matamoros, A.R.?

    Drug use in America is here to stay my friends. Thats a given. Just as much a given as corruption in Mexico is there to stay. A previous comment on another story really nailed it when he or she posted that there's corruption in Texas but the difference is that in Texas the state functions.

    So there, we have two endpoints: Drug use in the U.S can't be eliminated and corruption in Mexico can't be eliminated.

    Let's see, drug use legalized or decriminalized in the U.S.? Or do we impose draconian punishments like Singapores on drug users and dealers and see our taxes shoot through the roof to pay for all the many, many extra prison beds?

    The only answer I see is some form of legalization or decriminalization, maybe with some "big brother" checks and balances
    to keep the partying in line.

    A.R. que harias desde Los Pinos? La corrupcion o el trafico de drogas nunca se van a eliminar completamente. Como puedes imponer un gobierno que funcione? A donde vamos con las reformas policiacas y juridicas? Como se va resolver la desigualdad y la miseria? Se va terminar el petroleo, luego pues?

    del barrio "El Cuatro C/S"
    Laredo, Tejas

    A.R. que propones?

  6. Death penalty is a deterrant if you actually have a death penalty. Check out China they have a death penalty and almost NO!! crime. In yhe entire industrialized world Texas is the only death penalty state not a real deterrant because of the 10 yr red tape of north eastern law school projects. A U S Special force in conjuntion with Mex. Special forces Quietly remove the virus.

  7. China has no crime AND no voting rights with their 1 party system.

    The police can snatch you from your family in the middle of the night like the Gestapo for writing dissident blogs democracy. They also execute more people than any other government in the world.

    But other than small issues like human rights violations and oppressive censorship, China is a model for the rest of the world...

  8. If you want to stop this, you need to start with the banks and the money. Moving 100s of billions out of the USA and into Mexico requires the assistance of thousands of American bankers, lawyers, and cops. Killing the money flow will kill the violence.

  9. we're talkin policy...

    ...attack the cash...

    ...any bankers out there familiar with the Curreny Transaction Report requirements in Mexico? In the USA, you can't even get a used car without having to source any cash over $10k. And "I broke the piggy bank" won't cut it for too long before you get on the "Suspicious Activity Report" list. Operating in the shadows will get you only so far...

    The executive will have to get some help from the Congress in this respect and it'll likely rouse the bank's ire. But, the violence is hot and getting hotter. Political money from the bankers has diminishing returns in the face of this shit. Will the escalation make it politically untenable for the Deputies and Senators to pass up an opportunity to "hit the cartels where they really hurt?"

    "Copera o cuello" is gonna start cutting the electorate's way way at some point. Keeping controls deliberately weak is starting to not be good for ones health; even bankers.

  10. Have a party and invite Chapo, Lazca, Carillo, Tormenta and let them fight it out themselves. After all they are the ones getting a kick out of all of this. Asking the Mexican govt. to change is like asking Bill Gates to give up all his money, power, and fame. It's not gonna happen! Corruption is in their veins from birth. From the "transito" pulling you over and asking for a "mordida" to the governors asking for millions its a way of life down there. Or you can ask Obamma to stop funding Calderon's masacre.

  11. trump, bill gates, hollywood celebrities, royal families, greek shipments, richest people in the world - ask them to donate their money to support mexican federal forces... no, no they wouldn't do it, they won't do that - they're scared that the criminal thugs find them and kill the hell out of them

  12. All of the above!

  13. of the key points of the poster was to have a grounded discussion...

    ...uh... the party option is probably out because engraved invitations would be hard to deliver... and the charitable donations to the Mexican federal government idea probably wouldn't work because the donations would not tax deductable in the US. i have to think of everything?

  14. I think we can only work with the mexican navy the rest of the mexican service has been bought and paid for just like the politicians. They need to put the Gen Petraus surge plan in to affect in every major city in Mexico and the border. Why is it safe in Cancun when I go but I can no longer travel to ixtapa so security can be done in just like cancun.


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