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Friday, June 25, 2010

A Zeta Boss in Puebla is Arrested

Elements of Federal Police arrested Manuel Antele Velasco a Zeta boss in the plaza of Puebla.

According to information from the federal and state police yesterday elements of local government conducted a raid at a home in Junta Auxiliar de San Pablo Xochimehuacán.

The operation took place at the address located at street number 10 Amanalco in listed community where Antelo Manuel Velasco, 38 years old, was apprehended.

This is the same man who managed to escape in January 2009 in another operation executed by the Army, and state judicial police, was wanted on an arrest warrant for several federal offenses.

Antele Velasco was involved in kidnappings, murders, crimes against health, crime against the federal law concerning firearms and explosives, as well as being involved in organized crime.

Karam Alfredo Beltran, Secretary of State for Public Security, explained that the offender was transported to a facility where they keep dangerous prisoners called "RINO."

The official said that despite the fact that the suspect is usually armed and dangerous, there was no shots fired during the arrest.

According to the official report the alleged "zeta" was transported to Mexico City, where he will be transported by aircraft to Tamaulipas, where he will face different local criminal charges.

Beltran Karam said that during the operation they also arrested Jaime Rodríguez Hernández, who presumably was the body guard of Antel Velasco for some time.

He explained that the location of the arrest they confiscated a .38 caliber revolver, a 9mm handgun, a box of 9mm unspent rounds, a box of other ammunition and a scale.

Video follows:


  1. Tamaulipas...

    oh i wonder why he got sent there.

    he will be out in no time.

  2. which police station are the zeta's going to shoot up today?

  3. ^The one closest to your house...:p

  4. send him to Mazatlan Penitentiary

  5. death penatly for thezzze gangs. The mexican president felipe calderon is not capable of doing anything after puting all this lowlifes in jail they will scape, the mexican gangs are soo stupid too, they put mexico and the USA against them by killing innocents. The american and italian mafias are much smarter because they only deal with people that are involved not innocent people, they dont need to show how cowards they are to do great in business, these gangs in mexico of z are brainless and put themselves in a position that the entire wrold hate them. At leat the other cartels say that they dont kill innocents these cowards should die by law. I can't wait for the day that my american government will send their best marins to Mexico to exterminate the bad onezz and clean our neighboor country for once. The good thing is that all the narcos will die sooner or later once they are involved in bad business they are dead is just a question of time and they usually die slow and more painful the the innocents. Justice always show up. Always always always

  6. This shit wont end until one side or the other wins. The criminal police gang is ten times more macabre and shocking than the other, 'normal' cartels, go figure.

  7. and the next guy in line is as happy as a gringo in a table bar

  8. The cartels should stop killing innocent people.of what benefit is their bussiness to them?they die young,cannot move freely and perpetually in bondage.


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