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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Violence Rages in Juarez, 13 executed

A forensic worker examines a dead man in Ciudad Juarez June 16, 2010. Six people were gunned down and two people managed to escape unhurt during the shooting near a drug rehabilitation centre, local media reported on Wednesday

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua - Yesterday the drug violence in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua claimed the lives of 13 people, six of them in a Rehabilitation Center for addicts.

The bloody day began at noon when a commando stormed the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Clinic located in the streets Manuel J. Clouhtier and Piña in the center of this border town and the sicarios gunned down six people, four men and two women who were attending a treatment session.

The victims were identified as Adrián Rodríguez 28, Érik Sánchez 34, Sergio Soto 35, Rosa Pineda, Adrián García 35 and Luis Eduardo Medina 39.

A forensic worker takes notes near a slain man in Ciudad Juarez June 16, 2010.

In two other different incidents that occurred in the course of the day a policeman, identified by the name of Luis Fernando Flores Bocardo, was killed. Angel Pereda Fernández, assistant and bodyguard of the Chief the prison was also slain. In the last incident the commander of the Center for Social Rehabilitation, Luis Javier Rentería, was wounded from a gunshot.

A policeman walks past a slain man inside a car in Ciudad Juarez June 16, 2010. The security chief of a city jail and a guard were attacked by unknown assailants. The guard died at the scene of the crime. The security chief was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

During the afternoon, four men were killed at the intersection of Puerto de Palos and Independence Boulevard, when they were cornered by a group of gunmen in broad daylight.
Police near the body of a man inside a car in Ciudad Juarez June 16, 2010.

Minutes later, another violent incident, two men were attacked in a Chevrolet Trail Blazer outside the headquarters of the Office for the Investigation of Murders of Women. One died and was identified as Luis Fernando Flores Bocardo agent of Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM), attached to the station Aldama.

Crime scene investigators inspect the scene outside a drug rehabilitation center in the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Wednesday June 16, 2010. Four men and two women were shot to death as they left the drug rehab center, according to state authorities. Two children survived the shooting although their relation to the victims is unknown.


  1. god damn. do you have any more information about how these drug rehabilitation centers are tied into the drug trafficking organizations? and why they are becoming targets?

  2. I'm pretty sure they are targeting people that previously had some kind of ties to the organizations and either left or owe dues.

  3. Just because you leave the life doesn't mean the life leaves you.

  4. Oh the irony! Mexicans in general, and Calderon specifically, blame the entire Drug War on the demand fueled by Amercian addicts- yet Mexico has a FAR higher rate of drug addiction. The turf wars are no longer just about controlling smuggling routes- they're now also about controlling the local market. It's time Mexicans quit throwing rocks at the U.S house- there's plenty of glass on their own.

  5. Mexico needs to stop worring about how to blame the US for it's problems and start worrying about how to fix them. They can start by cracking down on corruption and develop a political system and establish a law force that actually means something. Currently the local police are only good for shaking down tourists or aiding in car jackings, extortion, and kidnapping.


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